West Wolds U3A Cycling and Coronavirus

Cycling, walking, or running outside the home once a day for exercise is now the only permitted outside recreational activity.

The cycle group is suspended during the current emergency BUT…..

Cycling is a good form of exercise when other options have been removed and especially when we are social distancing and warned to avoid person to person contact on public transport. If your bike is a bit tired and not as safe or as comfortable as you would wish, why not get it fixed now, so it can be used. There are specialist cycle fitters in Halfords and  Louth Cycles who can do the job, but Mick Stamp in Waterloo Street, Market Rasen, has done a good job maintaining many of the cycle group’s bikes. Although cycle shops are allowed to open, you may need to make phone contact and leave your bike by appointment.

If you want to get some exercise going shopping by bike, please remember to cycle safely. Wear the right clothing, use lights if when light is reduced and lock up your bike when you go in the to food shops, chemists or the doctors. Cycling together defeats the idea of social distancing and may increase infection transmission.

Riding /walking / running alone or with a member of the same household is the current rule and statutory direction. If it happens riders /walkers / runners come together, then it is essential they keep a 2 metre distance and cycle off alone.

Click through, if you want to try one of our shorter  local ride or something more challenging 

Until regulations change, cycling, walking, or running once a day for exercise is now the only recreational activity outside the home.

Safe Cycling

When things return to normal ……………………….

How to join the West Wolds U3A cycling group
Come to the next meeting and make yourself known to one of the Greeters. He or she will explain what the U3A is about and introduce you to a member of the cycling group.

The cycling group is there for you to enjoy a leisurely ride locally and, on occasions, journey further for a day out.

All riders are expected to ride with safety in mind,  wear a helmet and an appropriate “high vis” jacket, top garment or a reflective sash. We use lights when appropriate.

Cycle Group rides are currently coordinated by Gordon Jennings. Please call  01673 844222 / 07948881121 or click  to go on the regular mailing list.

Friday Rides  are planned to be of 3 and 4 hours duration, with a comfort break at mid point. Rides are a mixture of distance v terrain, depending on weather and other factors. They normally start at 10am and are led by an identified member of the cycling group.

Wednesday Rides are local to Market Rasen meeting at 10am on the Jamerson Bridge in Market Rasen. They are easier (10 mph) local rides, lasting from 1 to 3 hours, with a comfort break and refreshments.

“Over the Hill” are local bike rides which offer a more energetic route for those who don’t mind a few hills. Rides are arranged ad-hoc without clashing with the regular Friday rides. To be put on the mailing list for these rides, click to tell Gary (Group Lead).

Try one of our easier local ride or something more challenging

Please visit our current month’s reports  & see our earlier reports page.



Please visit our 2020 reports 0r see the earlier reports page.

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