This month’s Cycling Reports

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June’s Cycling Reports

Wednesday 3rd June ….We are back on our bikes today as a group after Lockdown. 

We had 7 on our first group ride, so split up as a 3 and a 4 to keep within the 6 max and 2 metre social distance. Angela led off  3 others, John, Gary and Bob, while Gordon acted as lead for the other 2, Ted and Sylvia.

We went from Jamerson Bridge by road and bridleway to our first break at Woldview Fishing Lakes (Claxby Crossing) for coffee “al fresco”. After the stop we rode off the A46 and on to North Owersby and Oasgodby before returning to our start.

On Friday 5th June, the ride was from Middle Rasen and mostly a repeat of the 3rd, but  in reverse. On the Friday we were just 4, Wilf, Angela, Gary and Gordon so we rode as pairs.

Closure of a chunk of the A46 meant we were often affected by more traffic than normal on the quiet Roads. All in All both days rides were enjoyable.

Wednesday 10th June could only be described   as wet, but earlier heavy rain turned lighter and then stopped after a few miles riding. Having had 3 cancellations, Angela  still had 4 riders …….. Bob, Sylvia, Gordon and herself.

We rode out from Rasen to Little London on the Legsby Road and then, before Sixhills, we turned left for North Willingham. There was no scheduled stop as we continued toward Tealby and the ford crossing. Taking Catskin Lane we went through Walesby onto the moor road and at the level crossing we entered the woods to ride back into Rasen.

Friday 12th June a couple dropped out due to a poor forecast, but the five that remained (Ted, Angela, Gary, Paul and Gordon) left Middle Rasen a few minutes after 10am. We rode south to the Buslingthorpe Bridge and the on through Faldingworth to Snarford. The very quiet road from There through Swinthorpe and on the Snelland was a real pleasure until the headwind built up, needless to say. Against the wind we went east and beyond the Airfield to West and East Torrington.

On the way north, we had a brief patch of challenging wind after Legsby but, thereafter, it was wind assisted all the way home for a 12.30pm finish. See map for route.

On 12th June we were notified that the U3A is not supporting outdoor group activity.

LOCKDOWN ACTIVITY …… March, April & May

~ The U3A Cycling Challenges from March to end of May  ~

~ A Treasure Hunt ~

Devised for  solo cyclists from Market Rasen by Mike Glendining ……………           Look for the answers on route or on this page

  1. Riding West

Head West out of Market Rasen (on the A631 towards Caenby Corner). -1.   After passing the Italian flag with no red or white take the next right. – 2. Continuing for several miles you will know the correct time to turn right. – 3. When you come across a slaughter man with no torso or legs, turn right. –   Follow this road to Osgodby from where you make your own way home.

2. A European tour from Market Rasen – 14 miles on minor roads but includes a climb up the wolds.

Leave Market Rasen on Legsby Rd …………… If you have an aversion to large fonts look for a small capital (1)………..Just before this place take the road to the site of ancient Rome (almost) (2)…………..In the centre of this place turn left towards Ludford and then left on Caistor High St. ……………..Turn left at the next junction and look carefully on your right for a small piece of agricultural France (3)………. Descend through N. Willingham then take a right (Sand Lane) towards Tealby……………Take the lane on your left signed for one of Norway’s major attractions (but misspelt) (4)…………. ..Continue to the end of the Lane then left back to Market Rasen.

Geoff takes the Euro Tour …….. I think I managed to get the route right. I couldn’t work out your clue ‘the site of ancient Rome (almost)’ but fortunately your road directions from ‘small capital’ were clear.
The ride was lovely, particularly the road from North Willingham, along Sandy Lane and Thorpe Lane, to Tealby.- This was new to me and quite spectacular on a nice sunny day.
Many thanks


Find That Bench

~ A challenge devised for  solo cyclists  by Geoff Leng

This took a little longer to create than I expected. Googles Collage didn’t come out quite how I wanted so I have attached the photos separately. I hope it has worked. So, I have been out cycling and found some beautiful benches. The quiz is to identify the location of the following 5:



The Railway Station Challenge

Devised for solo cyclists by Mike Glendining

This ride is a circular 30km mostly on minor roads. (It can also be done from the Lincoln area at about 40kms). The theme is ‘abandoned railway stations’
Most of us know the water rail route out of Lincoln to Bardney and beyond
There are several old stations along that route, but there is another abandoned
railway, closer to Market Rasen where the old stations can be sought out if you
know where to look. This was the Louth to Bardney branch. Closed in 1960
it never became a bridleway, probably because it passes through several tunnels
under the wolds.
Leave Market Rasen on the Legsby Rd, just before Little London turn left towards Sixhills. Turn right after a few hundred metres onto unsigned lane. After a km the tarmac ends, but the lane has a hard mud/gravel surface, fine to cycle on. At the T junction turn left, after a km the tarmac reappears. Continue to the end (T junction) and left to Hainton. In Hainton follow the signs to S. Willingham (dogleg across the A157). * Continue through S. Willingham onto Station Rd.
After less than 1km you approach the bottom of a valley. Look to your right for an old
Drive with a dilapidated  gate pushed to the left. The pedestrian gate on the other side of the drive is in much better condition but overgrown. This is the approach to
S. Willingham station. Just beyond the gate is a small brick building, this was the
Ground frame for the points in the station yard. Beyond this is private property
and not accessible without permission The station is now a private residence, but the platforms still exist. The station yard is now occupied by commercial buildings
A few metres beyond the station approach look carefully on both sides of the road to see very overgrown embankments which carried the line over a bridge on the road you’re on.
Return to S. Willingham and take a left on Barkwith Rd. An easy 3km brings you to
The centre of E. Barkwith where you turn left, and less than 1km brings you to Barkwith station on your left, A fine Victorian building fully visible from the road it is overgrown in parts.
Return to E. Barkwith  and turn left on the A157 for 5km to Wragby (the only main Rd on this route) as you enter Wragby turn left on Silver St. and left at the next main Rd. In less than 100m you will see Wragby station on your left (it is difficult to miss
as it still carries the station sign on its end wall)
Return to Wragby centre and follow the B1202 back to Market Rasen via
Holton C. B. and Lissington. (alternative, longer, but quieter roads through W. Torrington and Legsby)
* for the energetic completists you can go up over the wolds to Donington on Bain where the station lies about 2km South of the village on the Right of the road next to an overbridge (over nothing as the line has gone!) and is very well preserved as a private residence. But this adds  12km and involves climbing over the wolds twice!


UPDATE……. The cycle group is suspended during the current emergency BUT…..

Cycling is a good form of exercise when other options have been removed and especially when we are social distancing and warned to avoid person to person contact on public transport. If your bike is a bit tired and not as safe or as comfortable as you would wish, why not get it fixed now, so it can be used. There are specialist cycle fitters in Halfords and  Louth Cycles who can do the job, but Mick Stamp in Waterloo Street, Market Rasen, has done a good job maintaining many of the cycle group’s bikes. Although cycle shops are allowed to open, you may need to make phone contact and leave your bike by appointment.

If you want to get some exercise going shopping by bike, please remember to cycle safely. Wear the right clothing, use lights if when light is reduced and lock up your bike when you go in the to food shops, chemists or the doctors. Cycling together defeats the idea of social distancing and may increase infection transmission.

Riding /walking / running alone or with a member of the same household is the current rule and statutory direction. If it happens riders /walkers / runners come together, then it is essential they keep a 2 metre distance and cycle off alone.

Click through, if you want to try one of our shorter  local ride or something more challenging

Until regulations change, cycling, walking, or running once a day for exercise is now the only recreational activity outside the home.

Treasure Hunt ……………….. THE ANSWERS

Riding West…………….. Answer to clues

1.-  The Italian flag with no red or white is a green stripe (garden machinery)

2.- The correct time to turn right is the Clock House (so called, and with a large built in clock)

3.- The slaughter man with no torso or legs is the Butcher’s Arms at S. Kelsey

On a European Tour …………. Answer to clues

  1. The small capital is Little London
  2. The site of ancient Rome (almost) is Sixhills  (Rome was famously built on seven hills
  3. The piece of agricultural France is Boucherett Lodge and farm   (The Boucheretts were prominent Lincs landowners most famous of whom was Jessie     1825-1905, the last of the line. She was a prominent feminist and activist for women’s suffrage)
  4. Norway’s major attractions are the fjords. The sign is to the ford at Tealby Thorpe


February Cycling 

3/4/20 Gordon writes “Is it Friday already?”…….I now cycle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, to break the week, otherwise I’d not really know what day it was. I hear Angela M is riding daily and that’s largely because dancing and all her regular group activities have ceased. There have been the occasional sightings of others out on their bikes from the group, but not by me.
I’ve been doing a woodland ride on the Monday , but on the other 2 days it’s a road ride in a large circuit around the two Rasens. That is mainly so that if I have a disaster “en route” I can walk, even if it means reluctantly wheeling my velocipede the 6 miles home to Middle Rasen.
I’ve taken to carrying a small pair of binoculars that have been used from time to time on the local wildlife. On balance, the bins have been unnecessary ….. with the quiet roads away from Rasen, the birds and other critters has been unconcerned by my passing. Today I stopped to watch a field mouse (very small and round mouse, with tiny kangaroo like legs, darker fur and shorter tail than the harvest mouse) searching for grains along the road side verge. No wonder they get eaten so easily, it made no effort to conceal itself. Never noticed me. Rather than walk it bounced along and over tufts of grass until it came to me and my size 10’s … then went back into the grass and down a hole. Sniffed my trainers, can’t but sympathise!

Angela writes …..I may be getting fitter biking 5 days a week, but without company it is DULL, DULL, DULL!!
I also really miss sausage and bacon sandwiches. I have been ‘off road’ on my mountain bike on the bridle paths around Sixhills. Seen bunnies and lots of tree rats.
I passed John Slack today. He was out walking with his wife. Both are fine.

Gary writes …..I’m back to full health now – not sure if it was the C19 , but certainly had all the symptoms, but very mild –  including losing my taste buds…
Anyway I’m getting out on my bike too. Today’s trip was down to Hainton, Sth Willingham, E. Barkwith, Legsby and Tealby.
Hoping to ride or walk most days. Have come across Ted and Angela on separate occasions whilst biking. As Gordon says the wildlife is pretty abundant everywhere.
Today’s highlight was a very close encounter with a male yellowhammer -small bird with very yellow head.
This bird is on the RSPB red list – so was lucky to see it. The other day I came across a Muntjac deer in the woods – not resorted to the binoculars yet but that could be a good idea.
Anyway getting pretty fed up with the isolation so if anyone fancies a chat on the phone or video then let me know.
OK hoping you guys are all well

Geoff writes ……
I’ve done a couple of rides in the last week. Both from Nettleham in the direction of Sixhills.
On the first one, I chickened out at the sight of the hill in front of me so I turned right on the ‘escape road’ as I approached from Little London. I forgot how bumpy it is and five minutes later had a puncture. Justice I suppose.
Backtracked and found a bench in Little London for a picnic lunch – coffee from a flask and a sandwich from a Tupperware box. Not bad, but not quite like the bacon sandwiches at Wickenby or the fish and chips at the Bottle and glass.
The second ride was again to Sixhills and this time I made it, up and over! The reward was another picnic lunch, this time on a rather nice bench, with view, at the crossroads near East Torrington.
I don’t much like sitting on grass, it is usually wet, and when you are 6 feet tall it is a long way down and back up again!
So if anyone has suggestions for good benches, South of Market Rasen preferably, I will give them a try.
So, I’m on a bench hunt!  (nothing else much to do!) Geoff

Gill writes ….Great hearing about your rides guys.. I’m lucky that I can go out with my husband but look forward to being able to go out as a group again! ..
we have a couple of very local routes if we want a quick ride ( 6 miles or 13) buy last week have also gone via Market Rasen – Sixhills ( just made it up) Ludford  – Binbrook and then across the High St and home via Walesby
Stay well and may see you out there!

Mike writes …..Hi Gordon, this is a bit like facebook which I abhor and don’t use but needs must, for social contact in extraordinary times!
So far so good, I have a daily routine
house chores/garden to 10.00,
teach Linda bridge 10.00 to 11.00 (she’s a complete beginner)
11.00 out on my bike for 1 to 3 hours (depending on wind and my energy!)
late lunch, collapse in front of TV!
So far I have managed a different route every day. I see lots of wildlife and roadkill (deer, badgers, rats, squirrels, the odd owl and buzzard)
But very few humans, maybe 3 cyclists and 4 walkers in a couple of hours!
Looking forward (6 months?) to re-joining cycling group

Paul writes …..Hi there cycling buddies
I never thought I would thank God for email and social media but it has been a pleasure to share Gordon’s nature notebook, Geoff’s piece on picnic benches I have known and loved, Gary’s bird watching without “bins” and Gill’s conjugal ascent up Walesby Hill.  As you can see, Katy is enjoying e-sailing past me labouring on the way up to Hainton.
If you could hear the sound track to our daughters it goes something like this: “Ahh, leaving Dad in the dust as we soar comfortably uphill.”
However, I have assured her that next time we go out I am taking my super light weight, Chris- modified, alloy framed Claude Butler 21 gear superbike and there will be no contest. Unfortunately I have taken to using my Garmin gadget with it which tells me every detail of my ride (speed, average speed, calories, height ascended, what I had for breakfast and likelihood of being spotted by a police drone checking on whether this is the only piece of exercise that day.) It feeds my competitive streak and I arrive home suitably exhausted-no time for bird, mouse or picnic bench spotting.
Seriously missing our camaraderie, philosophical conversation and the odd tea cake.  I wonder how many of our tea shop stops will still be in business when this is all over.   Also missing swimming (the sea is a step too far, Chris) and  will we ever get back to speaking quietly to each other?  Thank God Spring has not been cancelled, birdsong has not been cancelled, creativity and courage have not been cancelled and we continue to cheer our NHS and key workers every Thursday.
Stay well and keep in touch. I will look out for that field mouse, Gordon.

4/4/20 Chris writes “Saturday Evening Already” ……… Since the lockdown we have been walking quite a lot together around Cleethorpes .The longest walk we have done so far  is 4 miles. Not a lot  but we were carrying a good bit of shopping back from Tescos which made it much harder work than a stroll. Last week I cycled 40 miles . My longest ride was 22 miles out to Tetney Lock,Tetney and Holton Le Clay and home. I am using  a camping mattress  as a gym mat and have managed a few keep fit sessions also..Martin ..I have reached 41 press ups now! Maybe the magical 100 is not out of reach in a few months?
Chris writes…. Hi There..It’s been great to hear all your news of about cycle rides ,nature stories, and looking for benches..Geoff there are 2 benches in Faldingworth,2 more in Ludford,1 in Stixwold, plenty in Skellingthorpe..and 1 in North Owersby.plenty in Willingham Woods .and a lovely one in Southrey overlooking the river.
So far this week I have cycled 48 miles. I am pleased to say Ying has come out with me twice now. This morning she cycled 10 miles. Yesterday I went from home through the docks all the way along the Humber Bank to Immingham docks where a few of us went recently. Hardly saw a soul. I may try getting into the Wolds tomorrow.
There are some high tides coming soon and with a warm spell coming I am sorely tempted to have a 5 minute swim in my wet suit . Trouble is I should really  have to walk to the beach  rather than drive and walking back might be too much if I am  cold..The sea temp is about 7.5c..
The Louth group that I cycle with are all connected through Messenger , so one message goes to everyone. I thought it was a really good idea to start with but the constant pinging of your phone all day is rather wearing..Luckily you can mute it.
So..please keep in touch

Helen writes …..I’ve been following the news from all you cyclists with great interest. At the moment I’m walking and running but hope to fit in a cycle ride soon, especially now my bike has been re-furbished.
Ideas for benches . There’s a new one in Normanby-le-Wold for any brave cyclists who has attempted Normanby Hill. You’ve all forgotten the many seats in churchyards- if not a wooden bench they are likely to have gravestones. Walesby old church has benches with marvellous views – as does Tealby church. Claxby church has a bench. Churches may be locked but the graveyards are still open.
Bw Helen

6/4/20 Martin writes ….Morning everyone, I’ve only managed one ride (very bad) of 30 miles since the last U3A ride, a route that took me past my sons house where I paused to wave to the grandkids though the window. I think your all doing really well, Chris has become bionic with his press ups (demonstration required on the grass at the airfield cafe next time we are all together). Keep well everyone, all the best Martin.
PS I will give you all some energy gells you will sale past these benches.

7/4/20 Bob writes ….. Hi out this fabulous morning finally made it to waterbagsby, a hamlet near A15 and Wadingham. My first visit no park bench  marina even declined my invitation! Visit my home village Spridlington we have 3 benches as you pass my bungalow on the faldingworth road. You may notice we have one of our very own which you are very welcome to use
Yours BobJ

Gary’s NW passage to the Air Field Cafe

Ever wondered what it’s like to bike along the Bridleway that runs adjacent to the Wickenby airfield?

Well the answer is that it’s open, not too rutted, not too muddy, BUT very bumpy…..
If you’d like to see a video then drop me a line and will send it …..Gary

8th April ……….. Gill writes What a beautiful morning to be out – lots of dog walkers , runners and cyclists.. ! Bumped into 2 Angelas- 1 biking in the opposite direction and one in the same direction! Also spotted Paul sans cyclo!

Spotted a few likely benches too .. more on those another time… Gill


March Cycling Reports

Wednesday 4th March and Friday 6th were both brilliant cycling days.

On the Wednesday we were 5 riders ….. Angela, Gary, John, Bob and Gordon …. and we chose to ride south from Market Rasen to West then East Barkwith. As we rode north toward East Torrington we met two other member, Angela and Gill, who were cycling to South Willingham. Our group popped into Mk Rsn Golf Club for a break then went back to Jamerson Bridge via Dog Kennel Wood and the Willingham Woods which was very waterlogged for a short stretch on the Lindsey Way.

On the Friday we were 7 ( Ted, Chris, Wilf, Martin, Angela, Geoff and Gordon). The ride 25 miles from Middle Rasen went to Faldingworth, then to Cold Hanworth and the Hackthorne crossroads before heading north thru Spridlington to our break at Normanby by Spittal.  The route back to Middle Rasen took us to Buslingthorpe via Toft Newton and Faldingworth.

Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th March were fair weather cycling days. On the Wednesday it was a bit windy and four riders (Angela, Gary, Sylvia and Gordon) went up the Willingham Road to the Lindsey Way and crossed to Legsby through the woods before heading south to Holton cum Beckering and on to the Airfield Café. We came back via Wickenby, Lissingley and Middle Rasen. On the Friday we had a NW wind which offered some resistance for short stretches as we rode in to it. There were 7 riders ( Wilf, Ted, Gary, Paul, Martin, Geoff and Gordon) and the route we took was mostly south from Middle Rasen. We passed through Lissington, Wickenby, Snelland, Reasby, Stainton by Langworth, Newball, Apley and Goltho to Wragby. We stopped for aour break at the Corn Dolly Café. The trip home went out on the A157 and off north to West Torrington and Linwood before we turned across to the Lissington / Middle Rasen Road at Buslingthorpe Bridge. About 25 miles.

Unfortunately, we now have a viral pandemic and from Monday 15th March it is no longer advisable for the group to cycle together. Please continue to take exercise and keep in touch with group members while we have the current emergency.

February Cycling Reports

On Wednesday 26th Angela had six cycling. Angela M, Chris, John, Sylvia, Gordon and a new rider Bob. Being creatures of habit we did a 10 mile ride to the Wickenby Airfield Café and came back via Wickenby and Linwood. The weather was much improved on the forecast and we even had some sun.

Friday 28th …. with poorer weather forecast, Chris changed the planned ride over the Humber Bridge to a local ride from Market Rasen. We had 6 riders (Chris, Paul, Ted, Angela, Gary and Gordon) setting off into a brisk southerly wind with rather cool rain in our faces. It was a push all the way through Linwood and on to West Torrington and then it was more comfortable crossing east toward Hainton. Thankfully the climb up to Sixhills was wind assisted and at the top we turned west …. on the decent to Little London we speeded up considerably. We were pleased to shed our wet outer clothing at the Golf Club …… order teas, coffee and lite bites. The run home was no less wet, but quick!

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