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Wednesday 1st February

Angela plans to lead the ride at 10am from the bridge in Jameson Bridge Street (Market Rasen). The ride is steady and can be modified on the day to take account of cyclist who may need a slower pace or are back in the saddle after a break.

The route will use local smaller “quieter” roads, go through local villages and pass chosen beauty spots. There will be a comfort break stop and an option to be refreshed.

Friday 3rd February

Gordon plans to lead the usual group ride from Middle Rasen PO or from elsewhere starting at 10am. Wherever possible we will use minor roads but may cross or use A roads briefly.

Recent Cycling Reports 

January 2023

Wednesday 4th January

Very strong winds made cycling impossible …… it was otherwise a bright warm day so Gordon and Bob went for a 90 minute walk around Middle Rasen. Gary walked with others in Humberside.

Friday 6th January

A number of the group have been laid low over the holiday and others are busy, leaving Gary and Gordon to ride from Middle Rasen to the Airfield Cafe (Wickenby). We met other riders there including Tim, Chris cycling friend from Louth, and Mike who is a friend of Vic’s from Lincoln. We returned via the Torringtons, Legby and Market Rasen.

Wednesday 11th January

Angela writes ….. Yesterday, Gary, Slyvia, and I rode from Rasen to Walesby and along Catskin Lane to Tealby. There was a ford halfway down Catskin Lane which we carefully splashed through. Then to the golf club for coffee. Return via Dog Kennel wood. A lovely ride. Ax

Friday 13th January

Gordon led the usual group ride from Middle Rasen PO with Paul, Angela and Gary. There was a steady X wind from the west which troubled the group coming from Rasen to the start but was not a problem on the predominantly south ride beyond Wickenby and Snelland to Rand. Sandra at Thornes asked where we had been since Xmas … Apologies were tendered and Gordon and Gary admitted a visit the the Airfield Cafe. Angela was silent concerning Wednesday’s visit to the Golf Club!

Rain threatened on our return but held off until later in the day, so we enjoyed a wind assisted ride back to Market Rasen via the Torringtons and Legsby. Gordon then had the pleasure of a head wind back to Middle Rasen.

Wednesday 18th January

Chris and Ying are cycling in Thailand this morning, but Angela cancels the ride …. “It is too cold”

Friday 20th January

Gordon led from Middle Rasen at 10am after a sharp overnight frost. Although there were frozen puddles in many fields, the roads were clear of ice and we rode into the sun down to Lissington and across to Wickenby. Paul and Gary decided to ride on through Snelland and then to Scothern. But Wilf, Gordon and Angela wanted to say hello to Sandra and went down to Rand (Buzz Stop), since we had not been for a while.

Sandra made it clear that the two who were absent, and getting their refreshments in Scothern, were now banned. The rumore is ….. Gordon dobbed them in and it could be true!

We had a steady run back without any of the recent strong winds giving trouble.

Wednesday 25th January

Well the weather was more gentle than we expected with a touch of sun and no real breeze to make the cool temperature unpleaseant. Gordon met with Gary, Bob, Wilf and Sylvia on Jameson Bridge and went to Rand on the back roads via Legsby, Bleasby and Holton-cum-Beckering.

The main group stayed together for refreshments at Thorne’s Buzz Stop, but Gordon left early to return across the Wickenby Airfield to Wickenby and then Middle Rasen. It was raining lightly as he arrived in the village ….. guiltily having left the rest of the group to get wet!

Friday 27th January

Angela writes …. A wind free ride today. Gordon, Paul, Wilf and me cycled to Wickenby and met up with Shirley. Gordon and Paul then turned back for home, leaving the three of us to carry on to Rand. Excellent cheese scones. Ax

Wilf adds ……And steak pasties warmed up ! Very good , followed by a fruit scone with lots of butter . Nice ride good company , and continuous chat all the way to Rand , and back . Thank’s . 👍 😎   Wilf 

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