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March 2020

February 2020

February 5th … was a bright cool day for our usual Wednesday ride. Sylvia, Helen, Gill, Gary, Chris and Gordon started from Jameson Bridge Road and dropped down to Linwood, then crossed over to the Lissington Road before turning right for Wickenby and then Westlaby and the Airfield Café.

After a break we rode on to West then East Torrington and turned for home through Bleasby, Legsby and Little London. It was a comfortable ride of a little under 20 miles.

Friday 7th … We (John, Glary, Shirley, Paul, Ted, Chris and Gordon) started with a cuppa at the Heritage Centre in Bardney. Shortly after 10am we were off to a pretty chilly ride on the Water Rail Way to Lincoln. We saw Cormorants, Swans, Herons, Little Egrets, and the usual ducks plus a Merganser; all busy feeding or searching the banks of the Withern and the adjacent navigation canal. The sun was promised for 10am but the very cool damp mist was with us until we stopped at Bridge House Café on Waterside South. After the break we had a warm sun but the wind was steady against us all the way back to Bardney. John and Heather were waiting for us at the Heritage Centre, so a few of us spent a pleasant half hour chatting before making our way home.

Wednesday 12th was bright but breezy. We were a small group of 4, Sylvia, Angela, Gordon and Gary. The route took us as far south as Bleasby Moor and then back through Bleasby and Legsby to the Golf Club for a break. We retraced our route back a mile to take the track into Dog Kennel Wood and over to Willingham Road before crossing Willingham Woods to the Tealby Road and our start point, Jamerson Bridge.

Friday 14th was a challenge for all 7 of us (Gary, Angela, Ted, Paul, Wilf, Martin and Gordon). we rode south from Middle Rasen to Lissington against an unrelenting head wind. I think its fair to say we were not sorry to turn west toward Wickenby after those first 4 gruelling miles. The rest of the ride was fairly steady. We went down through Sainton by Langworth and off to Scothern before taking the road to Nettleham.

Gordons confusion on where to stop led us to take a local lady’s advice and use The Tea Cosy, a little café on The Green, with a variety of choice including soup, fresh cooked food and what appeared to be exotic home baked cakes.

Our route back gave us the benefit of a wind assisted passage, taking us up to Scothern, on to Welton and back through Faldingworth.

Wednesday 19th had five riders (Angela, Gary, Sylvia, Chris and Gordon) and was less windy than the forecast suggested. Never the less we took the easier route south via Legsby to Holton-cum-Beckering and on to the Airfield Café. After our stop it seamed cooler; possibly explained by the arrival of light rain which stayed with us from Wickenby all the way back to Market Rasen (via Middle Rasen).

Friday 21st was a pretty windy affair. We were 7 in total, Chris, Martin, Angela, Gary, Wilf, Ted and Gordon. By common consensus we decided to avoid the westerly by riding south from Middle and over Buslingthorpe Bridge before turning west and crossing to Wickenby and Snelland. We then took advantage of the breeze and crossed east to Wickenby Airfield Café. The ride home was via the two Torringtons and Bleasby Moor. Just before Linwood the group split with those from Market Rasen going on whilst the way back to Middle took us back via Buss Bridge.

On Wednesday 26th Angela had six cycling. Angela M, Chris, John, Sylvia, Gordon and a new rider Bob. Being creatures of habit we did a 10 mile ride to the Wickenby Airfield Café and came back via Wickenby and Linwood. The weather was much improved on the forecast and we even had some sun.

Friday 28th …. with poorer weather forecast, Chris changed the planned ride over the Humber Bridge to a local ride from Market Rasen. We had 6 riders (Chris, Paul, Ted, Angela, Gary and Gordon) setting off into a brisk southerly wind with rather cool rain in our faces. It was a push all the way through Linwood and on to West Torrington and then it was more comfortable crossing east toward Hainton. Thankfully the climb up to Sixhills was wind assisted and at the top we turned west …. on the decent to Little London we speeded up considerably. We were pleased to shed our wet outer clothing at the Golf Club …… order teas, coffee and lite bites. The run home was no less wet, but quick!

January 2020

2020 started well with a trip to the Secret Garden Café on Friday 3rd January. Five (Angela, Wilf, Gary, Chris and Gordon)of us set off from Middle Rasen and joined two more (Ted and Mike) at Faldingworth. The forecast was for fine weather, but the reality was that although we coud see clear sky in front of us all the way out to Spridlington we failed to get the benefit. However, the cloudless sky emerged as we entered Welton and we enjoyed the warmth of a bright sun on our return trip through Cold Hanworth. Never the less it was a splendid day with 22 miles ridden and we all enjoyed the opportunity for a blow after the Xmas / New Year break.

Wednesday 8th January Angela took 5 of us (Angela, Sylvia, John, Gary and Gordon) on a 20 mile ride down past Legsby to the site of Collow Abbey, East and West Torrington then Holton-cum-Beckering and the Café on Wickenby Airfield. A number of other cyclists were using the Airfield as a stopover. Our route back took us to Wickenby and Lissingley before crossing to Linwood and back to the start in Market Rasen. We enjoyed a moderate 11 deg and bright skys.

Friday 10th January was cool but thankfully, because we were making for the Humber Bank, where exposure can test the best, it was bright sun. We parked up in the Leisure Centre (Grimsby) and rode off, largely on cycle paths to Healing, Stallingborough and then along the Humber Bank to the fish Docks. We saw a fair amount of bird life as well as some spectacular scenic colours before arriving after a 16 mile ride at the Jubilee Café.


Its not that Wilf was on his own, but with just 5 riders, Gary, Paul, Chris, Wilf and Gordon, we just couldn’t get everyone in the one picture!


Thanks to a hearty meal at the Jubilee Café, our return to the start had the benefit of some full tummies. The day’s ride was perhaps a touch over 22 miles, but we took a few detours to enjoy our excursion look at our industrial heritage as well as the wildlife.

Chris, who was leading, tells us that at a point on the Humber Bank near Stallingbourough where we saw people fishing,  it is believed to be the point where the Pilgrims left to sail to Holland from England in around 1608 .

Wednesday 15 th January  was a steady ride out for five regulars, Gary, Angela, Sylvia, John and Gordon. From Market Rasen we passed the racecourse where we were able to greet Michael, a resting member of the group. We continued south via Legsby to East Torrington before turning toward our destination, Holton-cum-Beckering and the Airfield Café. As we turned toward West Torrington we could see that the cloud would break soon, but it was delayed and we didn’t get the benefit of full sun and blue sky until later, when we left the café. We had an easy ride home, via Westlaby and Lissingley, with bright sun and an light following breeze.

Thursday 16th January … we have a report from Geoff and Lynne .. You’ll be pleased to hear that we have today had our first bike ride in Portugal, see attached pic.

Doesn’t really compare to England as you can see. We did have to endure some sand and mud (yes I got lost! Found the beach and a riverbed I wasn’t looking for!) as well as the usual hills and potholes. Consolation was two beers and toasties for 4 euros afterwards

Friday 17th January … Chris reports “Five cyclists turned out for the ride..Paul..Wilf..Gary ..Angela and Chris..We rode to Sixhills onto Ludford and had an excellent 25 mph descent down to Binbrook.. The B17 cafe we went to  had a very good menu and vegetarian breakfasts, bacon buns and a panini with brie and cranberry were ordered.. The service was quick and cheery..and prices were good..

We stayed about an hour and then took the same route back to Rasen.. Near Ludford it started raining and became a lot colder…temp of only 5c..The descent down to Rasen was into the rain and a strong headwind..and progress was slow..

On Wednesday 24th Jan Angela had the company of Sylvia, Shirley and Gordon for the usual ride to Wickenby Airfield. It was an enjoyable ride which was a little misty before our stop, but brightened as we made our way home.

The Friday 26th Jan ride, from Middle Rasen to Rand with Gordon, was joined by Wilf, Gary, John, Paul, Angela, Chris. Shirley met us on Spridlington Road, that was after West Rasen and before Snarford.  We crossed the A46 to Snelland and dropped down to Fulnetby on the Clay Bridge Road.

Our stop was at the Thorne beehive factory in Rand. Their restaurant/café served full meals, plus some grand 3/2/1 snacks as well as soups, sandwiches and other less calorific options. The photo shows us leaving Thorne’s in brilliant sunshine to return to Middle via Holton-cum-Beckering, Bleasby Moor, White House Corner and Linwood.

Wednesday 29th  Angela led Sylvia, Gary, and Gordon on a fairly short pedal out to Tealby and across to Walesby before heading into the breeze on the Moor Road to Ten Acre Café. After teacakes and tea we crossed into Osgodby Wood and spied out our future off road options. From the Low Road we returned to our start using the back roads into and through Middle Rasen

On Friday 31st January  Gordon rode out for the first mile, but Paul, the day’s group leader, continued with the remaining four cyclists and completed an enjoyable ride, despite predictions of rain and tempest!

Setting off into a stiff breeze up Linwood road, we bowled gently through Bleasby and Legsby on quiet lanes before crossing the A631 at North Willingham and taking the cycle path down to Willingham Woods. Since we were all riding hybrid bikes it was no problem to explore the new landscaping around the Willingham Ponds and cross over to Tealby Road via Forest Tracks. A welcome tea and scone awaited us at Sunnyside Up where we admired the new fishing lakes and bird life before taking the sandy track across to Woodlands Caravan Park and Nova Scotia Bridge. It was pleasant riding through the woods and return via Middle Rasen to our starting point at Tescos.

Our rides through 2019 and earlier.

Friday 27th December was a cycling fix after some 10 days out of the saddle. We were eight in total with a guest rider from the Louth Cycle group. Our route was Out from Tesco and down to Little London and on to Legsby. As we turned for W. Torrington at Callow Chris has the dreaded puncture. What with a tight tyre and gunk in the tube it took a bit of fixing before we could move on to Holton-cum-Beckering and the Airfield Café . Our return was via Westlaby and Lissingley with some breaking company at the Buslingthorpe Bridge to go back to Middle Rasen.

Wednesday 18th December, was a comfortable ride out to Wickenby through Legsby for the usual faire. We were 3 riders enjoying a clear bright day. Return was via Westlaby and Lissingley then Middle Rasen. Unfortunately the planned ride for Friday 20th was cancelled due to persistant heavy rain.

Wednesday 11th was a direct run down to Wickenby from Jamerson Bridge. It was a steady ride for the 3 of us, out and back. On Friday 13th December. we had our U3A Xmas dinner at the Market Rasen Golf Club. Scrumptious, but no cycling. Sorry.

Wednesday 4th December was a very cold but bright day. Four of us set off from town along Willingham Road on the cycle path and cut off south through Dog Kennel Woods to the Legsby Road. We had an ice free road ride all the way to West Torrington before turning to Holton-cum-Beckering and the Airfield Café.  Home was through Wickenby and along a churned road to Lissingley before separating at Bus Bridge.

Friday 6th was significantly 10 degrees warmer and a few of us shed a layer of clothing before the 6 set off. We touched the Low Road near Osgodby, Claxby, Owersby Moor, South Gullam, Kingerby and Kirkby before getting to breakfast at the Ten Acre Café. Rain was forecast for 1 pm so we agreed to disperse from 10 Acres, either back to Middle Rasen or via Gipsy Lane to Walesby or through Canada Wood back to Rasen.

Wednesday 27th November was damp but reasonably warm with just 3 riders making the straight forward direct hop from Market Rasen to Wickenby Airfield Café. With the light rain well forecast there were no other customers and staff were busy putting up the Xmas decs. By the time we got back, its fair to say we were wet where our rainwear did not cover. However, it was very mild and a pleasant ride.

Friday 29th November we were 10 riders leaving Middle Rasen and although it was pretty cool, the ground was not frozen and there was no wind, plus the weak sun was kind to us. We took a northern route to avoid mud on minor roads to the south. After Osgodby we did a loop at Kingerby and another after North Owersby to refresh at Hall Farm. The ride home in the sun took us back through South Owersby to Osgodby and Middle Rasen. All in all, it was a good group ride on a familiar circuit.

Wednesday 20th November was a fine day, but the 9 mile walkers had depleted numbers, so we had just three today. We decided to scope part of the Friday ride, the bit avoiding Sixhills. We took a longer route out to West Torrington before turning toward East Torrington and Hainton. The unclassified country road, skirting Clump Hill to Haltham Garrs, was in really poor repair for cars but, by meandering between potholes, was just ok with care. We finished our ride out at the Golf Club with refreshments, then returned into Market Rasen.

Friday 22nd’s ride was lead by Paul Hiley who writes……. “What a fine body of men and women set off on Friday from Tescos to Hainton via Legsby! The weather stayed dry, the views were wide and the lanes were relatively free from traffic.

Some of the group took a slightly lower route via Holtham Garrs but we all met up at Tealby Tea Rooms for quiche, cake or coffee -in some cases all three- then set off for Walesby along Catskin Lane. We chose a range of routes home with the longest being just over 23 miles including the delightful bridleway over the romantically named Nova Scotia Bridge.”

Wednesday 13th November did not start so well with Sylvia finding a large thorn had punctured her tyre as she joined us on Jamerson Bridge. Unfortunately the tyre was damaged and that ended her days ride. The remaining 4 rode south into the sun intending to stop at Wickenby Airfield, as per usual. As we approached, we got another puncture and did a roadside repair. By the time we arrived at the Airfield Café that had re-deflated, and we were just pleased to arrive in the warm. The tube was changed over coffee. However, setting off from the Airfield we had another puncture. It was John this time, and was fortunately soon repaired. By the time we got back we were all studying the road surface for fresh thorns. I did not find I had a puncture too, until the next day!

Friday 15th was an excursion to join Chris at Cleethorpes Country Park and cycle through the Fitties to the coastal cycleway and down through Cleethorpes to Grimsby Docks.

Chris has discovered the new Jubilee Café on the docks, we found it very clean and welcoming, after the bracing  breeze off the sea wall. Some of us had the regular breakfast and others a variety of options. The return was largely on the same route but this time with the wind assisting travel.

Wednesday 6th November was a day offering a welcome break in the recent rain. We were 5 riders, 2 gents and 3 ladies, and we wanted to be back before 1pm, so had plenty of time to ride out. We took the longer route through Little London, Legsby and Bleasby to Holton and our usual Wednesday stop at Wickenby. The way back through Westlaby and Lissingley made a round trip of just under 20 comfortable miles.

On the Friday (8th) we had planned to do the Bardney to Lincon run on the WRW, but it was not clear if the ride was viable given the recent heavy rain and potential river levels. As it turned out, 5 of us set off from Middle Rasen intending to head north, but the village was too badly flooded to let us pass through, so we turned around as the water got deeper and did our southern trip via the Buslingthorpe Bridge in unexpected and very bright sunlight. Crossing down to Wickenby we changed our route to pass the Broadbent Theatre and out toward the Snarford – Snelland Road. We cut back to the Snelland Crossing and up to the back of Westlaby before dropping in to the Airport Café. After such good clear weather out, we had a brief shower as we left riding into the northerly from Holton-cum-Beckering up toward Bleasby Moor and then White House Corner before we spit the group at Linwood. We arrived back as planned and safely before the return of heavy rain at 1pm.

Wednesday 30th October was a very bright day with 9 riders leaving Jamerson Bridge for the Wickenby Airfield Café via Legsby and West Torrington. Unfortunately one of the group couldn’t locate their mobile, it having apparently dropped from an open jacket pocket as we rode out. See if you can recognise the worried face!

As luck would have it, a call to the number was answered by the chap that found it and, despite a little early confusion, the phone was reunited with its owner later in the day!

Friday 1st October we had a damp ride after earlier rain. With the high level of humidity, when riding into the breeze, you felt like it was raining. We were just 3 today and so we went to Wickenby to stretch our legs and enjoy some of their warm ambiance.

Wednesday 23rd and Friday 25th October. Wednesday was bright sun and ideal for cycling. We had a couple of riders with early afternoon appointments, so we went south beyond White House Corner to Bleasby Moor and on to Bleasby where we met a traditional traveller a the roadside preparing to shoe his horse.
We made our stop at the Golf Course (Mk Rsn) and then to the Lindsey Trail up through Dog Kennel Wood to the picnic ground and through Willingham Woods to the Tealby Road.

Tuesday 15th and Friday 18th October With riders having other commitments on the morning of Wednesday 16th, we did our usual ride without rain on Tuesday! Starting at 1145am we rode out about 10 miles on minor roads to arrive at Wickenby Airfield for lunch. With so much water on the ground we had decided to avoid all “off road” options and, with raised feet, cruised through some fairly deep pools which stretched from verge to verge in places. On the Friday we met at Middle Rasen and went via Kirkby and South Gullum to Hall Farm Park, South Kelsey. Martin, who rode out from Howsham originally, left us at Kelsey, Ted dropped off at Kirkby and Gill at Osgodby. The remaining riders returned to Middle Rasen before dispersing.

Wednesday 9th and Friday 11th October Angela reports Slyvia and I had a lovely ride around Little London and towards Hainton on the Wednesday. We stopped at the Golf Club for refreshments – toasted tea cakes are less than half the price of the Tealby tearooms! We then biked through Willingham woods and home via the Tealby road. Unfortunately, we had rain and wind forecast for the Friday and, we took a rain check, perhaps unnecessarily because the morning was rain free until midday.

Wednesday 2nd and Friday 5th October On the Wednesday Angela reported that she and John biked past the golf course, turned left towards Sixhills, and down the slope to North Willingham. Then onto Tealby and Walesby, then home. Angela describes it as cold but bright. On the Friday Gary led the ride from Tesco, Market Rasen at 10.00am . Out through Middle Rasen to Lissington, Bleasby Moor, Legsby Dog Kennel Farm and crossing to the Tealby tea room, Walesby, Nova Scotia bridge.
19 miles. Paul writes that the four of us just called on Ted as we cycled through Tealby. He looked well and was moving well. Paul

Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th September. Rain on the Wednesday led to a late cancelled ride. However, on the Friday we expected the rain to hold off until the afternoon so Gordon, Gary, Wilf and John did a ride down to Wickenby for our obligatory feeding fix. As we left the Airfield, taking a return through Holton cum Beckering, we met Geoff testing his brand new bike. Swish! Our progress home having been interrupted by the unscheduled meeting  …. that in turn was cut short when rain made an early threat.

Wednesday 18th and Friday 20th September were excellent cycling days in a week of sunshine. On the Wednesday we were just 4 riders and we went to Wickenby Airfield by way of a change. As on another occasion, we emerged from the Café to find one of us had acquired a puncture from hedge cuttings prior to our arrival. On balance this was lucky …. only one puncture. The two ladys needed to get back and although we fixed the puncture quite quickly, us two me never caught up despite trying to!

Friday was a long ride, and planned so because of the favourable weather. It must have been about 30 miles with 6 riding out of Middle Rasen and through to North Kelsey where we went over to the Ancholme on the Carr Road. The Hibaldstow Bridge was still burnt through from an arson attack some months back, but were busy making good the river banks toward Brigg.

Our photo shows a repaired a navigable section of the damaged bridge just wide enough for bikes and walkers. We refreshed at the skydive centre before riding south to Waddingham then east to Brandy Wharf and South Kelsey. We were tired as we cycled the last leg back to Middle Rasen.

Wednesday 11th September we were 3 riders, Angela, Gill and myself. With a good local weather forecast we set of for the Wickenby Airfield Café. It was a good ride out in warm weather with a fairly strong westerly as we turned from West Torrington toward Holton cum Beckering. That meant we were a little puffed out by the time we had passed a farmer trimming his hedges along the narrow lane. After a welcome cuppa we found that one of us had a puncture to repair. Having made good the tube and removed a small thorn, we set off in a light rain which became heavy and soaked us by the time we cleared Westlaby for Wickenby. Later, as we rode back nearer to Rasen, we could see our local forecast  was correct …….. we were then on bone dry roads!

Friday 13th September was a beautiful day for cycling. We had a clear blue sky and no breeze. That was important because, having cycled from Middle to Faldingworth, the road west is open, flat and unprotected from any westerly wind. So the seven of us had a great ride to the Secret Garden and back, that was 36km or 23 miles if riding from Middle Rasen.

The piece of video shows exactly why we cycle and what we actually do on arrival at any given destination!

Tuesday 3rd September Sylvia and Angela went for a ride in good weather, but on the Wednesday there was a little rain which meant Angela cycled alone.

On the Friday 6th  Angela, Wilf and Chris went to Wickenby in the end rather than the Secret Garden. They were entertained by the Wing Walkers.

Wednesday 27th Angela tells us it was an all ladies ride today ( myself, Angela D, Sylvia, Helen and Shirley). We biked past the golf course, turned left at Little London, and left again at the bottom of Sixhills. Towards Willingham woods and into Tealby. We stopped for a cuppa and scones ect at Sunnyside. From there it was back through Dog Kennel woods, and back into Rasen past the golf course. Plus the weather was lovely.

On Friday 29th Chris reports “Martin, Gary, Wilf and I set off from Tescos and headed towards Faldingworth to meet with Shirley on Friday. The weather was sunny with a brisk SW wind. We continued through to Snarford and headed to Wickenby airport cafe. After the usual excellent food and chatter we headed back to Friesthorpe and Faldingworth with Shirley and then headed back to Tescos via Linwood…..We all enjoyed Shirley’s infectious laughter throughout the journey”

Wednesday 21st Angela reports “Shirley and I had a lovely ride and catch up today. We both had sausage sandwiches (on Brown) at Wickenby. We biked about 18 miles in total – we went a long way round. And for Friday 23rd August Chris lead the ride to Hall Farm Park. He tells us that apologies were received from Wilf and Shirley who had planned to ride but were unable to do so on the day…….. 7 cyclists set off from Middle..Chris,Angela M,Gary ,Paul, and a welcome return to Geoff and Lynne and their friend David.
We had planned to meet up with Mike at Osgodby..we waited but after some time we carried on to Hall Farm Park..We cycled in a clockwise route to South Kelsey and then to Hall Park Farm..Suitably refreshed we went on quiet back roads  to Thornton , North Owersby ,Osgodby and Middle..Weather was perfect ..temp in the middle 20s C..with a southerly wind.

Wednesday 14th August ……. Angela Davis led ….. I thought you might like to know that Gill, Sylvia and I had a gentle ride out to Linwood, Bleasby Moor, Bleasby, Legsby, North Willingham and over to Tealby tearooms this morning. We cut short the original plan to go via Hainton and Sixhills because of the forecast heavy rain, and in fact Sylvia and I got back just as it started. It was 15.6 miles – for the record!

Friday 16th August …. the weather was not great but Angela and Wilf ignored some gentle rain to ride to the Wickenby Airfield Café for the small breakfast. After they got back it the rain poured down and was still going strong some hours later!

Wednesday 7th there was no ride, Friday 9th August Paul reports…..There were just three of us starting on a beautiful morning at Tescos. Mike had already cycled in from Stainton and Chris met us at the Golf Ball. I hope the word “challenging” did not put people off! It was just the Walesby Hill really that got the pulse rates up and the ride to The Dunn Deal was delightful with splendid views. Gary and I cycled back the quiet lanes via Moortown and the Owersbys and Mike and Chris made their own ways back to Stainton and Cleethorpes respectively.

Friday 2nd August 4 intrepid riders followed Chris   through  Faldingworth , Spridlington Road, Cold Hanworth, on to Hackthorn, then cross the A15 and on to Brattleby and Thorpe le Fallows  arriving at Bransby Horse visitor centre for lunch.

On the way we were treated to an amazing display by the Red Arrows at Scampton

We even missed the worst of the rain at lunch. 36 mile round trip. Great ride – thanks Chris.

Wednesday 30th July Angela tells us “Just got back from our ride to Wickenby. Angela, Gill, Sylvia and I biked, but it rained heavily on the way there, and we got soaked down to, and including, our underwear! We still had a nice time. And on Friday 2nd August Chris is riding to the Bransby Horse Centre.

Friday 26thJuly Chris tells us he had 6 riders, Chris, Paul, Gary and Wilf who rode from South Ferriby and met with Angela and Ted at Barton.

They continued over the Humber Bridge to North Ferriby where the café is very close to being the best we have visited, with excellent breakfast rolls  …….consisting of egg, bacon and sausage in a large roll. ……and very pleasant waitress service.
This was  21 miles  on what is probably our most picturesque route.

Wednesday 17th  Angela had no riders with her, so it was a solo ride. However, Friday 19thJuly ….. Chris tells us …… Despite predictions of heavy showers, 5 cyclist, Chris, Wilf, Mike, Gill and John met at Tescos at 10am. We decided to go via Legsby Rd to Sixhills and were due to meet Ted in Ludford.
Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at Sixhills we had managed to lose Wilf. We phoned him a few times, but there was no answer from his mobile. What happened was we managed to become quite spread out going up Sixhills and Wilf had ridden straight on towards Hainton rather that turning left for Ludford. In future rides, it might be sensible to say that any rider in front of the main group should stop when they come to any road junction and then cyclists will not go the wrong way!

We headed downhill towards the B17 cafe in Binbrook and we were all surprised how reasonable the food and drinks were. £3.50 for a breakfast. Good service also. Instead of returning the same way we headed out of Binbrook towards Rothwell and then turned left towards Caistor High St. We crossed over that road and rode up to Walesby Top. Gill left us there to return home via Walesby. After descending into Tealby John headed home while Ted and I carried on down Sandy Lane to Willingham Woods and so to Tescos.
Ted says … It was a good ride yesterday, I joined the group at Ludford and afterwards rode back to Rasen with Chris, still managing to do over 17 miles, luckily despite a bad weather forecast rain only troubled us for the last couple of miles.

Wednesday 3rd July  was a circular route out from the Tealby Road through Willingham Woods with the 3 of us continued on the Lindsey Way out of Dog Kennel Wood  on to Legsby Road to our stop at Wickenby Airfield.

Friday 5th had 7 riders meeting at Martin’s house. The more adventurous 2 had ridden to Howsham, but the rest arrived by car!
It was a warmly comfortable day and we made steady progress from busy roads to tracks and then on through forest on NCR1.
Martin points out the subterranean secret bunker and explains how it was fitted for war time occupation by a sabotage team …. if and when the invasion came.

We emerged from the forest at Grasby Bottom and continued by road to our refreshment stop in Caistor. After refreshments 2 of our group made their way home but the remainder continued from Nettleton to Owmby, Searby and back to Howsham.

Wednesday 26th and Friday 28th June … While the rest of the country had a heat wave, contrary to the prevailing forecast, we were under cool cloud with breeze from the north. Despite the contrast our temperature was in the mid teens and it was good for cycling. We were 4 on the Wednesday ride and chose the bumpy road toward Hainton and then turned west toward the Torringtons. At Holton cum Beckering  Angela decided to lead across country on a track which she believed went direct to the Airfield. Gordon took the road, only to find that Angela’s track did cut out a chunk of fast road and arrived late behind the others and at the back of the cue for refreshments. On the Friday 8 set off from Middle Rasen and picked up a further 3 riders as we made our way to Hall Farm Park.  The sun made its presence felt and we were reduced to 10 riders when Paul (who stopped to remove an outer garment) missed a right turn off the road near Thornton le Moor. We did all meet up at Hall Farm for refreshments though. The ride back was more direct and Gordon snapped a picture as we neared Vic’s place at Kirkby.

On Wednesday 19th June the ride had no takers. However, on the Friday, 21st June, Gary led 4 riders from the Heritage Centre, Station Road, Bardney LN3 5UF via Horsington to Woodhall Spa by road. After lunch at the Tea House in the Woods they return on the Water Rail Way beside the river Withern.

Wednesdday 12th and Friday 14th June

Wednesday 5th and Friday 7th June had less riders than normal. Just two ladies on the Wednesday went to the Airfield Café and on the Friday it was a small group of 4 riding from the Ropewalk in Barton. On Friday Chris led them over the Humber Bridge to take the north shore towpath along the Humber Bank to North Ferriby. The return trip was a 15 mile ride, with lunch at what Chris said was a “posh café”.

In summery Angela says …The bacon/sausage butties at the café were very nice, and the views were really lovely”

Wednesday 29th May and Friday 1st June was a week comfortable rides and varied routes. Wednesday there were just 3 of us with a shortish ride in mind, but in the end we rode over 23 miles on small lanes, because it was a good day to cycle.

On the Friday we were a group of 7 and went off from Brigg along the Ancholme Valley turning off midway to use road into South Ferriby for lunch. We tried to ride back on the riverbank but struggled from the off, with the planned route blocked. First we did an excursion through the shipyard and were further obstructed when we got to the Horkstow Bridge. That said, we had a good ride, mostly off road and in fair weather.

Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th May has been a week of aerial displays. On the Wednesday we rode down to Wickenby Airfield and saw an aerobatics display team in the middle of a 3 day practice session. Quit exhilarating to see their climbs, loops, twists and turns and at the same moment hear ground crew sending messages to altering the timings etc whilst the planes performed spectacular manovers.

On Friday we went down the Ancholme track from Brigg to the Skydive centre at Hibaldstow. It turned out to be the biggest drop we have ever witnessed. Spectators watched as the sky was filled with descending multi coloured shutes.

Like the planes performing at Wickenby, the skydivers look like tiny insects as they descend from 10,000 or 15,000 feet and are difficult to capture on a simple camera installed on a mobile phone.

Wednesday 15th  and Friday 17th May were two longish rides, each with an alternative start/finish in Faldingworth . On the Wednesday we had 4 start in Middle and two join later as we made our way to Spridlington and the Secret Garden in Welton. We had the usual cooked fare, but it made a lovey change to sit outside in garden enjoying brilliant sunshine. From Middle Rasen and back was about 23 miles.

On Friday we were again 6 riders but with two swops. It took us out to Scothern via the quieter lanes through Snarford, Snelland and Reasby, but the return through Dunholme to Welton meant we had some better road surfaces. Again we stopped for refreshments, this time at the garden centre, but tested cakes and sweet-stuff rather than our old standby , the bacon roll etc. etc.

As with the Wednesday ride we came back to Faldingworth through Cold Hanworth and then the 4 who started from Middle Rasen made their way back through Buslingthorpe. A 26 mile ride.

Wednesday 8th May was a washout and the ride has been rescheduled for the 15th. However, despite light rain at the start on Friday 10th May we rode to East Barkwith , some going over Six Hills and others crossing through Holtham Garrs and Croppersgorse to Hainton where the 7 riders joined again.

We got to East Barkwith via South Willingham but were too early fr the pub so continued via the Torringtons to Holton cum Beckerinbg and The Café on Wickenby Airfield. It was a cooler day and we were the only customers.

Return was up to Westlaby and the Station Rd to Lissingley and the Buslingthorpe Bridge. A couple of us went direct to Middle and the rest crossed to Linwood before taking the cycle path back to Tesco.

I havent ridden with the group for over a month so it was a good 24 miles and a great return to the group.

Wednesday 24th April …….It was an all ladies ride today, Angela D, Helen,   Sylvia, Shirley and myself Angela M.

We went to Walesby,Tealby, through Dog Kennel wood and onto the golf course for tea and tea cakes. We biked back to Rasen through the woods. I think we biked approximately 14 miles.

Weather was fantastic.

Friday 19th April  …… Well, there there have been some interesting ride since the end of March. Angela has kindly sent a summary of the Good Friday ride led by Gary.

The weather was glorious today for our ride …… Martin, John, Shirley, Gary and I biked for 25 miles, taking in Hainton, South Willingham, Benniworth and East Barkworth, ending up at Wickenby.

We met up with Chris and Ying at Wickenby and they biked back to Rasen with us. Thanks to Gary for the route planning……. Angela

In a week when both the 27th and 29th of March enjoyed absolutely perfect cycling weather, we had seven riders on the Wednesday and another eight on the Friday ride.

On the Wednesday we went from Market Rasen to the track / road through Holtham Garrs toward Hainton before turning toward the two Torringtons, East and West. From there we went on to Holton cum Beckering before stopping at the Airfield Cafe. And we arrived there just in time to get served, behind eight other riders who had ridden further than us. Had we been a little later a further 30+ customers arrived, but by then assistance came to the aid of the sole cook and counter service lady!

Refreshed we continued on back through Wickenby to Lissingley Lane and across to Linwood before returning to Rasen, a 20 mile ride.

On the Friday, John took us from Middle Rasen to West Rasen and then on to the Toft Newton Reservoir where the group were joined overhead by a display by the Red Arrows, just as the group took a ride around the reservoir’s elevated bank. The site manager was busy renting boats for a days fly fishing and offered to take orders for fresh trout, providing he was given a couple of days to catch them.

Leaving Toft we continued to enjoy  the Red Arrows display. We headed west for Normanby by Spittal  and then south for Spridlington before turning back east toward our intended refreshment stop on the Airfield Cafe.  Four of the group stopped off at St Lawrence’s Church,  Snarford, to look at the medieval internal decoration and  marble tombs. By the time we arrived at the Café we had joined up again . On the airfield we could see 7 or 8 new looking small planes. The pilots were waiting for service as we arrived at the cafe. We sat outside for a longish break, with a mix of snacks and several more teas and coffee than was usual.

The ride back through Wickenby and Lissingley Lane had some wind assist, but we so enjoyed the day, I think we would have been happy to have ridden into the wind. I measure almost 27  miles by the time we got back to Middle Rasen. Martin came from Howsham and Chris cycled from North Owersby, so I can only guess how fard they rode, but those who started from Market Rasen will have done 29+ miles.

Friday 22nd March we explored the Ancholme Valley from Brigg to South Ferriby with Martin. After a cuppa at the leisure centre we left a little later than expected. Martin had arranged our lunch stop at the Post Box Café in South Ferriby for 11.30. However, despite being wind assisted on the ride out, we stopped occasionally along the river and that lost us a little time. Of course, it was worth a delayed arrival to enjoy the view. At around 7 miles out the cycle track stops, so we turned into Saxby All Saints to ride the B1204 the rest of the way into South Ferriby.

Turning toward Ferriby Sluice we had our planned stop at the Post Box Café. We would all recommend the food and service in the little café, where the two ladies made us very welcome.

Returning from Ferriby Sluice along the Ancholme, there are steps to a footpath passing the boat yard and leading to the cycleway. At Horkstow (suspension) Bridge, built 1836 by Sir John Rennie , Martin and Chris checked other route options before deciding to re-ride the road between Horkstow and Saxby-All-Saints.

From Saxby we returned to the Ancholme’s bank  to ride the 7 miles of cinder cycle track along the valley and back into Brigg. With the wind against us on the return, it certainly was exhilarating!

Wednesday 20th March saw an improvement in the weather with sun and blue skys crossed by vapour trails. Four of the cycle group took off to made the best of it. Our route was a mixed terrain with a straight run south out of Rasen toward White House Corner on the B1204. By way of a change we rode through Bleasby Moor and then across to East Torrington. However, we were so warm by the time we got to Collow Abbey Farm, we stopped to remove a layer of clothing. No,  there was no explicit scene, just a jumper or four off and onto the back of the bikes.

We looked at E. Torrington Church with its open bell tower from the road but could find no  road or track to visit. So, that’s a challenge for another day. On the way to Hainton we turned off on the Beck House road over to Croppers Gorse and Holtham Garrs. Its a rough old road running down into a picturesque valley before reaching the shaded wooded area. Apart from us cyclists, and some exceptionally noisy sheep, there was nothing to disturb a variety of interesting bird life.

We stopped at the Golf Course for our break before returning to Mkt Rasen around midday.

Wednesday 13th March and on Friday 15th March, despite bright dry weather, the planned rides were cancelled due to forecasted high winds of 24 mph with strong gusts. However, on the Friday Chris, John and Paul cycled decided to cycle locally.

They went out through the woods to Nova Scotia bridge and then over the level crossing to Walesby and Tealby. They stopped in the tea rooms in Tealby.. …..very nice in there. It was very sheltered in the woods and the wind was following into Walesby..bit windy to Tealby and to the Willingham road