Ideas for local rides

Thinking about where you would like to ride?

Then the Cycling Group have some pre planned cycle routes  for you to consider. Simply scroll down  to help you choose where to ride.

For example, if riding from Market Rasen try a ride across Wickenby Airfield (see photo) to Rand ; North Willingham ; Kingerby and South Kelsey or Ten Acres and Claxby

The  Redundant Churches ride is not too long but very interesting, but for longer rides with a local start try the flat route to Goltho and Wragby . For more challenging rides look for those on the Wolds, through Claxby, Sixhills or those in  East Lindsey with Chris

Gordon welcomes suggestions for future rides and is happy to answer questions from U3A members. Please call  01673 844222 / 07948881121 or click here to send an email

We start below with some Local and Woodland Rides and gradually move on to longer or more distant rides at the bottom of the page.

Market Rasen circular (9/10 km) a shorter ride of about 7 miles

The ride is circular from the Market Place in Rasen.

Ride on the cycle path along the A631  to the Post Office in Middle Rasen.  Turn right into Low Church Road and north through Middle Rasen. At the edge of the village take the Low Lane (a green lane / bridleway if dry) or stay on the road up to Prospect Farm then take Skinners Lane down to the main A46  where we turn north using the narrow cycle path.

At the top of the rise and some 200 meters beyond the road side milestone, we cross and enter the Middle Rasen plantation (forestry commission) 1st gateway . Using the firm paths and the forest road we pass through the wooded area over Nova Scotia Bridge and on to the Walesby Road. The ride continues into Market Rasen on the Walesby Road, turning right at Waterloo Road toward Queen Street and the town centre.

Why not stop at Jossels for a cuppa before dispersing!


Woodland Ride from Market Rasen 16 km / 10 miles

Meeting at Tesco Market Rasen, we ride out through the Ridings, down to the south end of Dog Kennel Wood on Legsby Road. Then cross up through the Dog Kennel Wood to the picnic ground and on through that wood to the Tealby Road, stopping at “Sunnyside” a farm shop and tea room for refreshment (optional).

Continue on the woodland track beside the tea room, passing the Walesby Road caravan site on the forest road and on into Canada Wood. After Nova Scotia Bridge turn west (first gate left) through the wood on track to the A46 main road. Cross the A46 and use the cycle path to ride back into Market Rasen.  On entering Rasen the group can return to Tesco or disperse as appropriate.

10 Acres Cafe circuit via Claxby 19 km / 13 miles

Meet at 10 Acres Cafe at 10 am (or 9.40 for cup of tea /coffee first). Cycling west on Osgodby Top Road, cross north through the Osgodby Wood (or by Sand Lane) to Osgodby Low Road. Continue west through Osgodby to Kirkby and then Kingerby turning right at the Gospel Tree  to South Gullum, then right on the Gullum Road to North Owersby.

At North Owersby and take the Moor Road to the A46. Turn left and cycle north on the A46 to the fork right for Pelham Road into Claxby. Cycle through the village leaving Claxby on the Park Road to the A46 at Usselby Moor. Take the A46 south and cross onto the footpath until  turning right at Osgodby Top Road and back the 10 Acre Cafe (19 km)

Disperse / refresh at Ten Acres Cafe

Summer ride from Middle Rasen to Claxby Leisure Park ( 30 or 25 km)

This ride needs an early summer start. Going from Middle Rasen cross to Osgodby Low Road on Sand Lane then west to Kirkby before turning north to N. Owersby and east on the Owersby Moor Road. At the A46 we turn north on a short section before cutting off to the right and taking the Pelham Road to the Leisure Park Cafe for our breakfast break. (open from 7.30 – 10.30 only)

The return takes us into Claxby and out on the Park Road to just south of Usselby. Again we have about 200 meters on the main road before we can use the A46  foot  / cycle path to Gipsy Lane and then cross through Canada Wood and Nova Scotia bridge, then into Market Rasen on the Walesby Road, before returning to Middle Rasen.

Alternatively, if we have road bikes in the group, avoid the woodland roads by riding back to Middle Rasen west on the Osgodby Top Road and south on Sand Lane. This gives a shorter ride of around 25 km.

Market Rasen to North Willingham ~ 9 miles

Setting off from Tesco Market Rasen  cycle out through The Ridings onto Legsby Road and continue east passing the Racecourse and Linwood Warren From just before Little London turn toward Sixhills.

As the road gets steep, after the site of St Marys BenedictinePriory on the left, turn left  and then drop down into North Willingham. The “A” road has a cycle path option all the way to the edge of  Market Rasen.

On this road you have 2 refreshment opportunities viz  the  Chocolate Drop at Willingham Hall is open until 3.15pm  or, if you prefer, the picnic ground has a conveniences and refreshment area with outside seating on the edge of Willingham Woods.

Ride straight back to Market Rasen on the cycle path.

To extend this into a Woodland Ride ride, see below.

Local Ride of up to 13miles taking refreshments at Sunnyside.

Cycling from Tesco, via the Ridings onto Legsby Road, pass the racecourse and drop down to Little London where we take a left turn heading in the direction of Sixhills on the minor road.

Before Sixhills, at the site of St Marys Priory, there is a very short climb before turning sharp left. It is then a quick ride into North Willingham where we cross the A631 and use the cycle/footpath toward Market Rasen.

Option 1 ……… from the picnic ground, cross the forest on metalled roads to the Tealby Road. Again, turn left and stop at “Sunnyside”. Ride back due south from Sunnyside to the start at Tesco in Market Rasen … 8 1/2 miles

Option 2 ….. before the picnic ground turn right off the A631 cycle path on to  Sand Lane toward Tealby. Turn left off Sand Lane for Tealby Thorpe and cycle through the shallow ford to the far bank, then on to the Tealby Road. Turn left toward Market Rasen and stop at the Sunnyside tea room for your break. Ride back due south from Sunnyside to the start at Tesco in Market Rasen ….10 miles.

Option 3  ….. Extend your ride further from Sunnyside…. and drop down to the Walesby Road on the green lane, then cross onto the forest road adjacent to the caravan park. The forest road goes over Nova Scotia bridge and continues on to the level crossing at Gipsy Lane. However, around 300 meters after the Nova Scotia bridge, turn left into the wood at the log barrier and follow the track through the forest to the west and the plantation boundary at the A46. Cross the A46 and take the narrow cycle path directly back into the Market Rasen built up area and your start point. …. 13 miles plus

Longer Rides

Please note the Airfield Cafe is being revamped and currently CLOSED

Wickenby Airfield Café and Aviation Museum ~ 18 miles or 29 km 

Meet at Tesco, in Mk Rasen with parking at the rear if necessary

From Tesco we cut through the Ridings down to Little London ride out via Legsby, Bleasby toward E. Torrington and then near Callow take the road to Holton-cum-Beckering. From Holton use the  Clay Bridge Road (finger post to Lincoln) then turn right at the sign for the airfield memorial.

Refresh at the Airfield Cafe before continuing over the airfield to Westlaby and into Wickenby. Take Station Road and then over the level crossing, passing Wickenby Wood on the left. Turn right at old telephone exchange toward the Lissingley crossing. After Lissingley turn left then right across the Lissington Road and on toward Linwood.

From Linwood use the cycle path back to Mk Rasen and disperse at Tesco.

Alternative routes from Chris Owen

A 20 miles ride to Wickenby Airfield Café, with an option to join / leave in Faldingworth, for a shorter 12 mile ride. 

The Route – Tesco to Linwood on cycle path, then cross to Lissingley Lane and take the Buslingthorpe road into Faldingworth. Meet with those who join on the corner of  Spridlington Road and continue on the road to turn left for Snarford. After the crossroads take the first to Swinethorpe, then to Snelland and Westlaby before the break at the Airfield Cafe.

Return through Wickenby and the Station Crossing to the old telephone exchange where those who joined later will take the (left) Friesthorpe Road back into Faldingworth. The others continue (right) toward the Lissingley . The ride back  then returns on the outbound route on Lissingley Lane via Linwood and to Tesco.

Market Rasen to …….. Thornes Beehive Cafe ……..or Rand Farm Park

The route here is 23 miles on minor roads out of Market Rasen through Legsby and south toward East Torrington then turn for West Torrington and Holton cum Beckering. Take the Clay Bridge Road down to Rand with a stop for refreshments and comfort break at the Beehive Works or Rand Farm Park.

Return will be via Fulnetby to skirt the old airfield runways  to Westlaby and in to Wickenby. From Wickenby take Station Road to the old telephone exchange and turn off for the Lissingley Crossing to continue on minor roads east toward Linwood and then north back to Market Rasen.

This route and precise destination can be altered  to shorten the distance cycled.

Middle Rasen or Kirkby to Hall Farm Park ~ 29 km (or 17km ).

We start at 10am from Middle Rasen PO for a 29km ride or 10.25 am from Kirk House in Kirkby cum Osgodby for a shorter, 17 km, return ride. Starting from Middle Rasen, cycle north on Low Church Road, passing God’s Acre by Parrys Bridge. Then cycle out through the back of the village onto Sand Lane crossing Osgodby Top Road. At the Low Road turn left and through Osgodby, to meet up with others starting at 10.25 from Kirkby-cum-Osgodby.

The  route then goes west from Kirkby passing the moated manor house and the church at Kingerby. Continue until the “Gospel Tree” where we turn right for South Gullam. At the top of the rise we turn right again towards North Owersby, passing Kingerby Beck Meadow, an ssi on our right.

At the Owersby crossroads we turn left to travel north through Thornton le Moor and on to South Kelsey where we turn right and east toward Moortown. We take a comfort break at the Hall Farm Park cafe / restaurant on our right and discuss April’s events over refreshments (phone 01652 678822 before arrival)

Leaving the cafe continue east on the same road but turn right at Gipsy Lane making a circuit onto Carter Lane until it rejoins the Owersby Road. Ride back through North Owersby, South Owersby and on into Kirkby. Disperse from Kirkby or travel on to Middle Rasen, or your the own start point.

Claxby  & Nettleton  Circuit. 

This is not a long ride (18 km),  but it has a mix of short steep and some long gentle climbs.  On occasions I shall walk, but the ride enjoys exceptional west views from elevated positions for a number of miles on the way back to Claxby.

Starting at the Church in Claxby we ride out on the Pelham Road to Holton le Moor and the Moortown Cross Roads. That’s where we turn right (east) and at Nettleton its a left and right as we cross the A46. In the village we climb passing the Church to stop at the Dunn Deal tea rooms.

There is a steep then steady climb out of Nettleton with views to the west along the Viking Way. At Normanby le Wold we drop down the steep hill into Claxby.

Middle Rasen to Spridlington and Normanby 14 miles

Leave Middle Rasen post office at 10.30 am to refresh at midday.

We go south from Middle toward Lissington but turn off right after the rail bridge through Buslingthorpe and on into Faldingworth. From Faldingworth we take the Spridlington Road, this offers a comfortable ride toward the villages nearer the A15. The road north out of Spridlington passes East Firsby, Saxby, Owmby-by-Spital and turns left and right as it enters Normanby.

In Normanby we have the option to stop at the Bottle and Glass PH (open from midday.)

Leaving the pub turn back toward Owmby and turn left (east) at Highgate Lane toward Toft next Newton. This pretty country lane is long, narrow and little used, passing between farm buildings in Toft. The same road then continues to the edge of West Rasen  and the A631. There is a cycle path on the A631 between West and Middle Rasen, but it becomes a footpath on entering Middle Rasen proper.

About 22 km

Faldingworth, Wickenby, Snarford circuit, 11 miles (17.5 km)

Take picnic refreshments. Meet in Faldingworth near the corner of Spridlington Road.

Cycle the short hop through the village on the main road and take the lane east to Buslingthorpe to visit St Michael’s, a redundant church where Sir John de Buslingthorpe is portrayed as a knight recumbent in stone.

Continue along the narrow lane passing over the level crossing and turn right on the Lissington road.  Then immediately right again, taking us over the Lissinglea level crossing and on to Wickenby. At the edge of Wickenby turn right at the Broadbent Theatre on the way to Snarford.

The church at Snarford, St Lawrences, is a quite spot to take refreshments. This church is also redundant, maintained by charity. It has a number of recumbent and other interesting carved figures, but these are in alabaster rather than stone.

From Snarford ride north to the Spridlington Road and turn right (east) back to Faldingworth.
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Middle Rasen  to Scothern. Estimated 22 miles – all road. With a 10am start at Middle Rasen , that is 10.30am from Faldingworth

Leave Middle Rasen at 10 am and ride south and over the Buslingthorpe Bridge. Take the first turning right which passes through Buslinthorpe into Faldingworth. Meet with anyone waiting on the green at 10.30, then take the Spridlington Road to turn left for Snarford. Cross the A46 at Snarford and continue to the top of the rise where you follow signs to Snelland. Before the level Xing turn right through Reasby to Stainton by Langworth. There are two Xings to pass over here, take the road into Scothern. Refs may be taken at Scothern Nursery or the PH.

Return as you arrived except this time, at Snelland, branch off and ride into Wickenby. Pass the church and follow Station Rd north from Wickenby over the level Xing at Wickenby Wood  and turn off at the old telephone exchange toward the Lissingley Xing. (the old telephone exchange is where anyone coming from Faldingworth will leave you to return through Friesthorpe) After Lissingley Xing it’s a left turn and back on the Middle Rasen road again.

Bardney <or reverse> Lincoln return on The Water Rail Way – 18 miles

The Map  shows The Water Rail Way, a flat cycle ride of 9 miles on National Cycle Route 1 along the Withern between Lincoln and Bardney.

This is a return ride from Bardney to Lincoln (or reverse), commencing opposite the Bardney Heritage Centre LN3 5UF (or from Waterside South). The route runs along the banks of the River Withern on the Water Rail Way with a stop in Lincoln at Oak House Cafe   on Waterside South or the Heritage Centre, if starting from Lincoln. The return journey is cycling back along the same track to our starting point.

The Bardney Heritage Centre has its own cafe diner called “The Bardney Fryer”. This  is a modified railway carriage on Platform 1, where they prepare meals for centre visitors between 12noon and 2pm. Those keen to eat at lunch time should arive before they stop cooking. Please note, to avoid disappointment, Fish and Chip meals are best be pre-ordered.

Parking is available off Waterside South or on Station Road in Bardney. If parking at The Heritage Centre, please ask at the centre.

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Market Rasen to East Barkwith – 17 1/2 miles
This ride starts in or near Market Rasen is around 29 km but has some steep and other long slow climbs.  Starting at Tesco Mk Rasen at 10.30 ride through the Ridings to Legsby Road and beside the Race Track and Golf Course beyond Dog Kennel Woods to Little London (10.45)

Take the gentle to steep climb up to Sixhills and a long ride down to the next gentle climb into Hainton. The road drops and rises into South Willingham and drops again on the way to a last up hill section into East Barkwith. Break for a pub lunch at 12 noon.

Return on the faster and easier ride through East Torrington, Bleasby, Legsby and Little London. Those who started in Market Rasen will ride back on the same road to the Ridings and the Tesco Store.
Please note:- Those wishing to avoid the more strenuous climb at Sixhills should take the track at Holtham Garrs, passing Croppersgoss and then on into Hainton

Goltho and Wragby  from Middle Rasen Post Office (26 miles)

We cycle south from Middle Rasen to Wickenby, continuing on to Snelland , Reasby and Stainton by Langworth. From Newball we circuit Hardy Gang Wood. and turn left for Apley and again for Goltho. Follow signs for Wragby to the B1202 and turn left (north), to ride into Wragby.

Take refreshments at the Corn Dolly, the public house  or other café.

Leave Wragby on the A157 for 1km and turn left for West Torrington and bare left out of the village . At the staggered junction at Bleasby Moor turn left for Lissington and right on the B1202. At the White Hart PH turn left and take the right turn for the last 4 miles into Middle Rasen

Gill’s 30 mile circular ride to the west of Market Rasen

Start and finish anywhere en route! 

For example:- Start at Middle Rasen PO, ride south on the Lissington road turning west for Buslingthorpe, Faldingworth and Spridlington. Turn north toward Glentham, riding through East Firsby, Owmby, Normanby and Caenby.

From Glentham continue north moving east via  Atterby and Snitterby to Brandy Wharf . Cross the Ancholme then continue to South Kelsey. Turn south through N & S Owersby to Kirkby before cycling through Osgodby. Turn right at Sand Lane to pass Horse World onto Skinners Lane and into Middle Rasen.


Rutland Waters ~ TBA

Please liaise within others in the group re vehicles (+ cycle carriers) so, where possible, we pair up to travel the A46/A1. Journey time is about 1hr 20mins

Meet 11am, at arrowed public car park, Whitwell LE15 8BL. Car parking charges are £6/ day.

Cycles, tandems and power assist cycles are available for hire from shop adjacent to the car park.

Rutland Water’s outer circuit is about 17 mile with an option for our more keen riders to extend their ride where the land juts into the reservoir. The route offers a number of locations where cyclist can stop, refresh and use facilities. It is a fairly gentle and safe route with some undulations, mainly using the track shared by walkers.

Commence ride anticlockwise from the Crafty Fox Café at 11.30 am.

Family / U3A members may wish to accompany the cycle group to walk or enjoy the nearby water park or other attractions separately.

Plan to commence journey back by a specific time, say 4 pm – subject to amendment.