Quiz Time


We are trying something new.

Starting on 15th May at 10.30am a new quiz will be put on the website. If you want to enter you will need to email your answers to quiz@westwoldsu3a.org by 11.30am (just put the section, question number and answer). You only have 60 minutes!!!

You don’t have to complete all the answers because it is a speed test.

Please do not use Reference Books or the Internet – this is taken on trust because there are no prizes.

The first quiz has been produced as a bit of fun and as a personal teaser. Compiled by David Oliver & Jo Vitoria. If you would like to write a quiz then send it with the answers to quiz@westwoldsu3a.org

The quiz with answers will be posted on the Website on Friday 22nd May.

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2 Responses to Quiz Time

  1. westwolds says:

    Sadly only one person has submitted their answers – thank you Terry and Julia Frances.
    Answers will be posted on Monday to give everyone to try to finish using whatever means they choose.
    Best wishes

  2. Linda Brighton says:

    Thank you David and Jo for a great quiz. I definitely need to read and listen more as too embarrassed by my lack of knowledge to send my answers in ha ha!! But I will definitely have a go at the next one and good luck to everyone “having a go”!
    Thank you once again Quiz Masters.
    Linda Brighton

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