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Falling in love again: Forming new relationships in later life

Would you like to take part in research about the experience of older people who re-partner?

The aim of this research is to explore the experiences of older people who enter a second or subsequent relationship in later life.  Taking part would involve a single interview lasting about an hour.

We would like to speak to people if:

  1. You are an older man or woman who has recently re-partnered, OR
  2. You are an older man or woman actively looking to re-partner or develop a meaningful, romantic relationship, OR
  3. You are an older man or woman considering the possibility of looking for a new partner or meaningful, romantic relationship 

You would be invited to take part in an interview, where you will be asked to share your experiences and thoughts with a researcher.

For more information, or if you think you would like to take part, please contact one of the researchers:

Dr Michael Toze                     Prof. Mo Ray                           Mr Tom George

Tel:  01522 835443                 Tel:  01522 886289                 Tel: 01522 837496

Email:   Email:     Email:

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