Coup de Théâtre

Yesterday after the AGM and during the splendid Turkish Delight Belly Dancers performance there was a piece of pure theatre.

Also a misunderstanding! I was expecting the contents [theatrical sausages on a string] to be thrown towards the audience i.e. me. I did not expect the bucket to come hurtling through the air  as well.

As an old Matelot I should have clearly agreed the modus operandi with a civvy.

All is well with Brian and I, but it did come sharp.

Talk about a pregnant pause during the morning !!!


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3 Responses to Coup de Théâtre

  1. Gillian says:

    My apologies to David, this part of the act was not in our repertoire.

  2. westwolds says:

    Hi David – glad to hear all is well and you didn’t suffer any lasting damage. I was asked to sit in the front row and catch the bucket however I could see this could easily go awry so refused to participate. As an experienced matelot I would have thought the adage “never volunteer” would be upper most in your thinking. Steve

  3. sheila says:

    Sorry I missed this entertaining episode. Having seen a splendid Turkish Dancing rehearsal I don’t recall seeing any sausages in a bucket so you were highly honoured, David!

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