April Quiz Answers

Answers to Quiz in April Newsletter

Here are the answers to the quiz submitted by Paul Ettridge in the April Newsletter, I have repeated the questions in case you have forgotten them. Thanks to Paul for creating the quiz.


  1. Maximus and Revenge are varieties of what?
  2. What type of plant is a “harts tongue”?
  3. Who was the first British monarch to deliver a Christmas speech on the radio?
  4. Who was the first Prime Minister of Great Britian?
  5. In which year did Heinz beans come on to the market?
  6. What is the most popular colour of toilet paper sold in France?
  7. What is the longest river in Cornwall?
  8. How far is it from John o Groats to Lands End?
  9. In 2001 a 95 mile stretch of coastline became the 1st   Nature World Heritage Site in  the U.K. what is it called?
  10. What is the longest bone in the human body called?
  11. Arthralgia is a pain where?
  12. What navy tradition ended on 31st July 1970?
  13. When was the battle of Trafalgar
  14. The Simpsons is the longest running family cartoon. What did it supersede?
  15. How many James Bond films featured Sean Connery in the lead role?
  16. The bird known as a Merle, Woofell and Bowler Hat is more commonly called a     what?
  17. Liechtenstein is the world’s leading manufacturer of what?
  18. Which Britian has won the largest total of Olympic medals?
  19. In which country are there 6 villages called Silly, 12 called Billy and 2 called Pratt?
  20. Who entered a contest to find his own look-a-like and finished 3rd?



  1. Brussel sprouts.
  2. Fern
  3. George V (in 1932).
  4. Robert Walpole.
  5. 1869
  6. Pink
  7. Tamar (61 miles).
  8. 874 miles.
  9. The Jurassic Coast.
  10. The Femure (thigh bone).
  11. In the joints.
  12. Issuing the daily rum tot.
  13. 1805
  14. The Flintstones.
  15. 7
  16. The Blackbird.
  17. False teeth.
  18. Sir Bradley Wiggins.
  19. France
  20. Charlie Chaplin.
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