Mailing and Survey

Our monthly emails seem to be proving to be a big hit with most people. It is a process that is undergoing refinement and requires a few tweaks here and there to make it even more successful. This month the email was delivered to 238 addresses and opened by 197 people – 82.8% success rate. Don’t you just love statistics, I know I do. Why some are not being opened remains a mystery; it might be because the email address “” is being blocked by your system so if you can, please look in your spam folder just in case.
If  there’s anything you would like included in the email, maybe something about your group activities, then please let me know.

And here comes the downside… Of the 197 of you who opened the email only 54 (27%) completed the survey. A few people have contacted me to say they have had a problem with some of the questions however 54 people have had no problems at all. To say I’m heartbroken would be a gross exaggeration however it is a little disappointing because the committee took several hours to put the survey together and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete it. We value your input and the survey is for the benefit of us all so if you haven’t completed it already please click here and do it now. There will be hard copies available at the February general meeting and the results of the survey will be published by the end of February.

Many thanks – Steve McCarthy, Chairman

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2019 Visits Update!

Louth Riverhead Theatre – Wednesday 13th February.

Due to a cancellation, there is a ticket available to see the performance of ‘Alfie,’ the well known story of swinging 60s London.  Ticket cost is £9.50. The original play became a hit film with Michael Caine.  Meet at the theatre around 7.0pm.

Burton Constable Hall – a behind the scenes look at winter conservation work.  Wednesday 20th March.

As this first day out of the year is not far away, and the February General Meeting is the next time we will realistically all meet up to make bookings, I am putting out this reminder for those who have not yet put down their names to go, and paid the cost of £46.pp.  This includes the coach, driver gratuity, exclusive behind the scenes tour, ending with afternoon tea included.

For more information on either trip, email me at:

If you have the visit flyer for Burton Constable, and just need to book and pay, let me know if you will do so at the February Meeting: if you cannot be there, you can send payment to me at: 9 Redhills Close, Caistor, Market Rasen. LN7 6NE.

Time is of the essence!


PS: Visit to Police HQ, Nettleham.  Tuesday 21 May.

Only two places remain available!

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A Personal Approach to Adult Social Care

Cheryl Holdship began her talk by explaining that she started her career as a Social Worker, working for a local authority. As a consequence of an accident to her husband she had to become a carer for him and then became an independent Social Worker. She found working for a local authority very unsatisfying because she often had to pull back from clients who still needed her support whereas now she’s independent and funded by her clients she can be committed to their care needs.
She proceeded to outline two case studies but changing names and some of the details to preserve anonymity.
Case Study One was Anna who had Parkinson’s disease, living at home and receiving 24 hour care. Her care was funded by the NHS Continuing Health Care budget. At one point she went into hospital and when she was back at home she needed two full-time carers. Eventually she went into a care home as part of a relocation so she could be closer to her family. Cheryl took on the role of monitoring the care provision by visiting the home every two weeks. This meant that when the family visited they could dedicate their time to their mother and didn’t have to worry about the management of the care she was receiving. Cheryl referred to this as “Monitoring Support”.
Case Study Two was Jane and Paul where Paul had a stroke and was initially cared for in hospital. On being discharged his care was paid for by the NHS Continuing Health Care but this was withdrawn. It seems the NHS in their efforts to control their budgets are cutting back on Continuing Health Care funding and the administrators are making decisions based on cost rather than need. Cheryl’s role in this instance was to assist Jane to put together an appeal and to prepare her for the appeals process. Jane won the case and all funding was restored. Cheryl referred to this as Task Support where here involvement was concluded once the appeal had been successful.

Cheryl explained that the definition of “Continuing Health Care” is unclear with the courts having defined it in one way and the NHS National Framework describing it differently.


There followed a question and answer session that clearly indicated this is a complicated area, particularly if someone is self-funded and needs to procure the right care package for themselves or a loved one. There is a legal obligation on Local Authorities to undertake an assessment of all people requiring support however the first part is a financial assessment. If someone has assets of over £23,250 (which include their house if they are a homeowner) then some Local Authorities will charge for the assessment.
The difficulty of finding carers for home care in a rural location can be especially difficult because some care agencies do not pay their staff for the travel time between clients. Cheryl pointed out this practice was reducing because most carers will not work in this way.
Several questions regarded paying for care homes which varied in price from £450 to over £1,000 per week and the cost alone wasn’t a guarantee that the more you paid the better care you received.
It was a lot of information to take in and at the end of the talk the only clear thing about Adult Social Care is that it is a minefield for those of us who have to navigate it on behalf of our loved ones.

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Season’s Greetings

The Committee wish all our members

A Very Merry Christmas


A Happy, Healthy New Year

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Life of a Tudor Musician in a Royal Court

Standing before us were two members of de Mowbray’s Musicke band; the couple were dressed in costumes characteristic of the Tudor period and surrounded by a variety of reproduction musical instruments typical of that time. The couple explained that music was an important part of Tudor life with the landed gentry employing musicians to play in their fine houses, whilst travelling musicians entertained those in the towns and villages. Interestingly, early 16th century musical instruments were quite loud and often played outside every evening as a signal for people to ‘cuevrefeu’ ie, put out their fires and retire; from this French word we get our word curfew.

After playing their first tune, each member then explained in detail what clothes a typical Tudor musician might wear whilst slowly disrobing in front of us. Society at that time was strictly stratified even to the point whereby there were laws which dictated what could and couldn’t be worn; this ensured that everyone ‘knew their place’. One law even specified that on Sundays, all men except noblemen must wear a woollen cap. Whilst the rich wore satin, silk and velvet decorated with jewels and embroidery, the poor wore more simple clothes made mostly from coarse woollen cloth.

A woman’s dress was made of two parts, a bodice or corset-like garment and a skirt; sleeves were tied on with leather laces and could be detached and, under their dresses, they either wore silk or wool stockings depending on their status, a nightie-like garment called a shift made of linen and no knickers. Tudor men wore short trouser-like garments called breeches and tight fitting jackets called doublets. A jerkin was worn over the doublet however, many workingmen wore a loose woollen tunic rather than a doublet (which was easier to work in) and a leather jerkin on top. Men also wore stockings or woollen socks called hose. All Tudors wore hats of some kind although poor women wore a linen cap called a coif and, everyone wore a ruff, the quality of which signalled the wearer’s importance.

The presentation was interspersed with a number of musical interludes as the couple played tunes which flaunted the sounds and atmosphere of Tudor England. Their instruments included a selection from the easily recognised recorder family, the very curiously curved crumhorn, some extremely loud shawms and culminated with the English bagpipes.

The couple justly pride themselves on their authentic portrayal of Tudor musicians and the historical accuracy of their music, instruments and costumes.

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West Wolds Warblers


Come & join us for a singalong to 50s/60s/70s popular songs as we exercise our lungs & brains.

1st Wednesday of the month 2pm – 4pm
The committee room Festival hall
Starting on weds 6th February 2019

£1.00 per person to include refreshments

Contact: linda brighton

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IT Workshop

The next session will be Tuesday 29th January at 10 am. If you wish to attend please contact me with details of any issue you would like help with. (

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Harrogate & RHS Harlow Carr Gardens. 23 November 2018.

Over 40 members enjoyed an afternoon exploring and shopping in Harrogate, then an evening at the GLOW illuminations at Harlow Carr.  Here are some images which just I captured.  Other members of our digital photography group also enjoyed the challenges encountered!  The December Quarterly will give you another taste of what you missed.


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Lincoln University – Help Wanted

Have you helped to organise care for an older person?

We are researchers trying to find out how easy or difficult it is to find the right kind of help for older people who have to pay for their own care.

If you care for, or have arranged care, for an older person (over 65) who funds their own care would you be interested in taking part in an interview to discuss your experiences?
In our research project we will also be talking to older people who pay for their care but this will be a separate interview and we will not contact the older person for whom you have arranged care. We are interested in your experiences.
After we have collected people’s experiences and views we will produce a report which local agencies can use to gain a better understanding of the challenges and benefits of arranging care for people who self-fund their care.
To find out more please get in touch:
The researchers in your area Claire Markham and Mo Ray

If you would like to talk to Claire or Mo
Telephone: Claire – 01522 886121
Mo – 01522 886289
Or email: or
Project funded by The Wellcome Trust

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Russian State Ballet. 21 February 2019.


Following our enjoyment of their performance of Swan Lake at Halifax earlier this year, I have booked 25 tickets to see a matinee performance of Nutcracker at the Hull New Theatre, on Thursday 21 February.  Coach departs Tesco Filling Station at 11.45.  Total cost £40.00 pp for coach, driver gratuity, good circle tickets.

Flyer will be available at December Monthly Meeting, but the January Meeting is closing date when tickets have to be paid for, so it will be a case of ‘first come, first served.’  Cheques payable to West Wolds U3A of course.  You can post to me at: 9 Redhills Close, Caistor, LN7 6NE, if you wish to make sure of a place.



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Ukulele Band Up and Coming Gigs

Our Ukulele Band have a number of gigs coming up before Christmas – see below. If you wish to attend any of the public events please contact one of the group members on the Group web page for more details.

23rd Nov Howson’s Care & Residential Home Willingham By Stow DN21 5JU
24th Nov  Auction Shed Market Rasen  Christmas Market
1st Dec  Wragby Town Hall   Variety Show
5th Dec  Ludford Village Hall  Private W.I. party
9th Dec  Wragby Methodist Chapel  Christmas Theme
10th Dec  Waterloo House Care Home
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2018 AGM

An AGM is ostensibly a formal meeting and, whilst it may not be the most exciting way to spend a morning, it is a constitutional requirement. It was therefore pleasing to note that a fair proportion of the membership had made the effort to attend however, for those of you who presumably couldn’t be bothered, it was your loss because, our Chairman and his committee made a huge effort to ‘spice’ things up for us this year. Whilst the main business on the agenda is a necessary chore, it was undertaken with relative speed and bonhomie so no, it wasn’t boring and tedious but informative and affable.

We are extremely lucky to have a Chair who takes his role very seriously yet conducts our monthly meetings with wit and humour so, this AGM was also relaxed, light-hearted and uncomplicated. His report was informative without going too deeply into detail and gave an optimistic look at organisational activities and initiatives which included examples of our successes and achievements over the year. This was followed by the treasurer’s report which confirmed the accounts are in order and meet all necessary requirements. The members voted to agree to retain our existing object clause and the election of the committee was accepted. Steve singled out a number of members for special praise and presented gifts to the three retiring committee members; and so the official business was concluded swiftly and professionally.

Under the leadership of our competent Chair Steve McCarthy, we have a lively, effective and motivated committee with a good sense of humour and, to reward us for sitting through the obligatory AGM agenda, they organised a communal activity afterwards. This proved to be an excellent way for members to widen their social circle and get the ‘old grey matter’ working as tables of six or less put their heads together to work out a picture puzzle and answer a general knowledge quiz. Unbelievably, three teams recorded identical scores so, to decide the winner, a tie breaking question revealed the victorious table who were each given a gift voucher. This was an extremely novel way to close an AGM and a most enjoyable one so well done everybody.

Although by necessity, Annual General Meetings are formal affairs where Is need to be dotted and Ts crossed, our meeting today was friendly, relaxed and actually fun so, for those of you who failed to attend your U3A AGM this year because you thought it would be ‘boring, dull and/or a waste of time, think again and support your branch by turning up next year.


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Members Escape Blood Feeding Flower

Tuesday 6th November saw a dozen members at Louth Riverhead Theatre, to sit through an evening in the Little Shop of Horrors .. the story of a Skid Row florist’s shop where a new cross breed of plant becomes a source of fortune for the owner, Mr Mushnik.  But at what a price!  It grew and it grew and it wanted BLOOD!  Eventually the stream of victims caused the distraught florist’s assistant to accept the fact that he had no future in flowers, except as a victim of his voracious offspring.

Well acted by Louth Playgoers, and with a live orchestra and all the performers singing as well as speaking, it was a great evening’s entertainment, and we were glad to escape from not just the theatre, but also the bloody maw of the dreaded plant. Ugh ..!

Future shows at this lovely theatre, and for which we have tickets on hold, are as shown in the Visits Programme for 2019:

February 13          Alfie (by Bill Naughton)

March 13               Diary of Anne Frank (adapted from the famous book)

April 10                  Loot (by Joe Orton)

May 15                    Oklahoma (by Rodgers & Hammerstein)

Come and join us!

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U3A Calendar for 2019

Our very own 2019 Calendar produced by the Digital Photography group is now available to view, and for you to order copies for friends at home and abroad, as well as for yourself. The layout is now larger and has more space for your notes and appointments.  The next General Meeting on Thursday 8th November is the last date for orders to be taken, for December delivery.  At a bargain price of just £5.00 each, this is a work of art not to be missed, with a range of choice photographs guaranteed to delight you!

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Festive Foto Fun For All

For a little light festive relief, our December issue of your Newsletter will carry a special selection of photographs of some of our members – taken when they were considerably younger than now!  See if you can identify your fellow members, as you doze after your Christmas pudding.

Email the photo of your choice to:

And don’t forget to include the name of this person in your message!

Thank you from your Editors.  We hope you enjoy the gallery of ‘wanted’ faces.

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