Funeral Arrangements

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Cynthia Bunch last Monday. She was a long standing member of West Wolds U3A. She was always positive and had a wonderful smile.

The funeral is on Thursday 6th June at St. Peter and St. Paul , Middle Rasen at 2.30 pm with refreshments afterwards.

No flowers please

Sarah Tripp

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Lincolnshire Police HQ Visit

On May 21st a group of U3A members visited Lincolnshire Police HQ.

We were met on the coach by John Horton our host for the day. After being given name badges we went to a conference room where the tour agenda was explained.

Our first stop was a brief talk by Special Sergeant Kevin Taylor on the use of drones. He explained how drones have been used over the last few years and the life-saving events that have occured. It costs around £16,000 to introduce a drone however the running costs are negligible whereas a police helicopter costs £3,000 an hour to run.

We then split into smaller groups and toured the building. We stopped by the TV editing suite where Wendy from our group had the chance to introduce a programme using an autocue machine. We were all very impressed by the sophistication and professionalism achieved. To see the videos click here…

After a quick replay of the recording we were off again to the stores where there was an opportunity to inspect the stab vests worn by all police officers. The body armour and other equipment makes for a very heavy load to be constantly carried during their 12 hour shift. The modern police officer needs to be fitter than ever.

Onwards from the stores and outside to take a look at the various vehicles used in Lincolnshire from the All Terrain Vehicle to the Vauxhall Astra estate car. Here we had a chance to try the “blues and twos”. Some people were all set to go out on a “shout” however this wasn’t an opportunity open to us on this occasion.

The Command and Control Unit was in a very secure building well away from public access and we were privileged to witness incoming 999 and 101 calls and how they are dealt with by a very experienced team of police officers and civilian staff.

Our group completed the tour with a chance to talk to a firearms team. These highly trained officers volunteer for the role and undergo rigorous training. They don’t receive additional payments for the job but do it because they believe it to be an important function.

After lunch in the canteen  (when the Chief Constable dropped by for a chat with us), we had a Q&A session with the Assistant Chief Constable and a member of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office. We learned a great deal about Lincolnshire Police and the challenges they face in a world where they are fighting crimes from pickpocketing to cyber crime.

The visit was well worthwhile and as always a big thank you to Brian Ward for making it such a great day.

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The Market Rasen and District Small Bore Rifle Club – Tuesday May 14th

The Rifle Shooting morning at Market Rasen Rifle Club at Lammas Leas Road was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Initially there was a brief talk on the history of Shooting clubs which were popular after the Boer War and also the history of the Market Rasen Club, which was established in 1907, following government sponsorship of gun clubs to improve skills started in the Boer War. The Clubhouse was initially built for the Home Guard dating back to 1939 which was initially at De Aston and later relocated at Market Rasen in 1946, now with a fully functional shooting range purposely built at the rear of the premises.

The club boasts as one of its members Daniel Richardson who holds the title of Lightweight Sporting Rifle Champion and for a small club of 16 members, has won many championships

All joined in to try different rifles and later  small arms under expert tuition from two experienced Rifle Club Secretary Tom Murtagh assisted by another member called Keith.

Weapons included .22 calibre Rifle cartridge shooting, .22 calibre P.S.P … A High Pressure Pneumatic Air Rifle running at circa 3000 psi. , shooting at targets at the range on a semi competitive nature all interspersed with Biscuits, cakes and refreshments in the clubhouse; they use a variety of ammo e.g.  .22 cartridge; 4.5mm steel ball bearings etc. and many telescopic sights including laser. There is plenty to try out on a visit here.

Later on there were opportunities to try firing BB replica guns such as the M40 semi-automatic Machine gun, a Luger Pistol and a Beretta Pistol.

Other replica guns were also on display such as a Webley Pistol and Colt 45 revolver.

All in all a good friendly atmosphere and visit, arranged by Sharon Rupp.

The Rifle Club is open Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm to members and visitors for a small charge.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Article by Alan James

Photos by Terry Francis and Sharon Rupp

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Visit to Police HQ, Nettleham. Tuesday 21 May 2019

There have been two cancellations for this event from members already booked to join the visit.  One place has already been taken up, so just one place is available to anyone who wanted to go but missed the initial booking period, which sold out within two weeks.  Cost only £16.00 pp.  Travel by coach from Tesco, Market Rasen, or join it at Middle Rasen.

Contact me on:   for further details and/or to book this last minute place.  First come, first served!  

Brian Ward.

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The Lincolnshire Co-op – some historical perspectives by Dr Andrew Jackson

In 2011, the Lincolnshire Co-operative Society celebrated its 150th anniversary and, to mark the occasion, it asked Bishop Grosseteste University to make digital copies of all its original paperwork dating back to its inception. The job of doing this fell to Dr Jackson (history lecturer) and henceforth, ignited his interest in all things pertaining to the Lincolnshire Co-operative Society.

Dr Jackson realised that as a child growing up in Devon, the Co-op was unknown to him however, whilst going through the Lincolnshire Co-operative Society’s archives in its HQ in Tentercroft Street in Lincoln, he soon understood its significance in Lincolnshire. As he examined balance sheets dating back to the mid-19th century, he became very aware of what a fabulous insight they gave into the LCS’s early trading activities as well as society in general.

A co-operative is owned and democratically controlled by its members and, when the Lincolnshire Co-operative Society first began trading at 1 Napoleon Place in Lincoln in 1861, there were 74 members. By 1895, membership had grown considerably and the store in Silver Street had been built. Today, the Lincolnshire Co-operative has over 215 outlets and is owned by around 280,000 members, all of whom get to share its profits which includes paying dividends and a dividend bonus at the end of the year. LCS continues to invest in new and improved services and, in addition to its food stores, it also operates a mill, three farms and libraries, funeral homes, travel agencies, florists, post offices, filling stations and pharmacies as well as having a large property portfolio.

Dr Jackson was really only able to touch on the amazing rise and history of the Lincolnshire Co-operative Society in the time available nevertheless, he gave us a taster of how the LCS has fostered political and social enrichment over the years in its mission to improve working people’s lives. Whilst it no longer provides many of the services we now expect and receive from our local authority, it still continues its commitment to support the community by giving grants and making donations to numerous choirs, gyms and sports clubs, community groups, local charities and schools throughout Lincolnshire.

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Survey Results 2019

A big thank you to all those people who took the time to complete the survey. It is important that we gather information about you so we can understand better your needs and wants. We would possibly know more if we had more respondents – out of 350 members we received 95 completed surveys.

For all the facts and figures click here…


Summary of Results

The survey suggests that our membership consists of three quarters women however when we examine the actual membership list we find that it’s only two-thirds women. Maybe men don’t fill in survey forms. Nearly two thirds of you are between the ages of 55 and 74

Most people join for social reasons and learning is a secondary element. The majority have been members for less than 5 years and most learned about us by word of mouth.

It appears you find information from a number of places – monthly meetings, newsletter, website and group convenors; therefore we will continue to keep you informed in these various ways and we’ve now added the monthly “Mailchimp” email so hopefully we’ve got all the bases covered.

Friendship and Learning were the main features and nearly 60% enjoy new experiences.

Our speakers were well received with nearly 80% giving positive feedback and attendance of monthly meetings indicates that nearly half have attended eight or more times.

Nearly 97% thought we offered an excellent or good range of activities. We had a number of suggestions for new groups: Architecture; Accordion; Creative dancing using classical music; Drawing/painting; Nature/wildlife study; Polish language; Politics; Saxophone/Clarinet playing; Science, Technology and Mathematics; cooking/baking- trying new foods/ improving skills; Learning Russian; Painting; GCSE Maths; Bird Watching; Philosophy; Languages for less experienced; Whist; Archaeology; Country dancing; Table tennis; Quilting; and Understanding which stars and planets can easily be seen without a telescope. All we need now is the volunteers to run the groups – let the Groups Coordinator know if you’d like to set up any of the above.

We will undertake another survey in two years time so please participate – it will enable the committee to understand you better and meet your needs.

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Science Talks in Lincoln

Quench your thirst for knowledge
3 venues – 3 nights – 18 talks
May 20 – 22 May • 7.30 – 9.30 pm

To see the official brochure click here…

Caffè Portico, The Terrace, Grantham St, Lincoln
Science and the media, and you before birth
Our society: insights into environmental law & politics
Wonders of art

The Pessimist Gin & Wine Bar, Mint Ln, Lincoln
New technologies
The agri-revolution is here: from roots to robots
Floods of the past, new worlds of the future

Lion & Snake, 79 Bailgate, Lincoln
Health first!
Health of the future
From mind games to the Black Death

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Louth Riverhead Theatre ‘Oklahoma’

We are going as a group to see this show on Wednesday 15th May.  Due to illness, there is now one ticket available as a result of cancellation.  There have been requests for tickets from members after we sold out the initial quota, so if you are interested please contact me.


Brian. 01472 852273

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Lincoln University Request

In one of our 2nd year modules in 2020 we will be thinking about women’s health. As such I want to connect with some women who have lived experiences of any issues such as (but not limited to); hysterectomy, termination, miscarriage, menopause, body image, eating disorders.

We would like for some women to come and talk with our students, but equally would be delighted to do a small video to collect their views and experiences.

For further information contact:

Lucy Picksley | Participation Worker
School of Health and Social Care
University of Lincoln. Brayford Pool, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. LN6 7TS
tel: +44 (0)1522 886251

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New experience event – Ceramics Painting

Due to demand following the success of the recent event at Top Farm, near Lissington, Sharon has added a sequel event for those who want to repeat the experience, and for those who did not manage to attend the first event this week.  The additional date is: MONDAY 17 JUNE, 09.30 – 12.20.  £4.00pp + the cost of the items you decorate.

Contact Sharon Rupp for more details:; 01673 857390.

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20th Anniversary Afternoon Tea

The 20th Anniversary Afternoon Tea is on Friday 24th May. Tickets will be available at the May meeting and cost £8 pp. The event will be limited to 96 people (60+ tickets already sold) so if you would like to attend please make sure you purchase early. There will be a glass of prosecco and orange juice with a selection of sandwiches, pastries and cakes on each table. A table magician will be circulating.

To purchase tickets please contact Linda Brighton ( for further information.

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Louth U3A Holiday in Liverpool.

There are just a few places available on the above trip, from 27 – 30th September 2019.  Cost £279.00 pp + £10.00 per night single room supplement.  Staying at Best Western Lancashire Manor Hotel at Upholland.  Contact Hilary Ashman on 01507 654398 for details, last date for bookings May 10th.

Visits include guided city centre tour; Albert Dock; newly opened Royal Liver Building tower; Metropolitan Cathedral; Walker Art Gallery; World Museum.

We have always looked to work more closely with other Lincolnshire U3As, so this may be an opportunity to support them.

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The Mikado at Louth Riverhead Theatre

A new theatre visit has been added to the previously published programme of visits.

Thursday 27 June

The Mikado, by Gilbert & Sullivan

Performed by the  New London Opera Group

Tickets cost £15.50 each

Half the tickets which I reserved have been sold at the April Meeting; if you are interested please contact me to reserve a place:


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Tales of the Tower of London by Keith Hanson

It’s been a while since we’ve had such an informative, engaging and entertaining speaker with such a blithe manner. Keith certainly captivated the members who became wholly engrossed in his Tales of the Tower.

After an army career lasting 30 years, in 1997, Keith signed up to become a Yeoman Warder (often referred to as a Beefeater) at the Tower of London. Just three years later he was promoted to Chief Exhibitor of the Tower with prime responsibility for the security and presentation of the Crown Jewels; he also became a member of the Queen’s Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard.

In his slide presentation, Keith explained that the Tower is in fact a complex of several buildings set within two concentric curtain walls 20’’ thick surrounded by a 120’ wide moat. Founded by William the Conqueror as part of his Norman conquest of England, it was initially a wooden castle however, this was soon replaced by a giant stone keep which later became known as the White Tower. During the 12th and 13th centuries, there were several phases of expansion which included enlarging the moat and building defensive walls with a series of towers from where the reigning monarch could better defend and control.

As the most secure castle in the land, the Tower was not only a luxurious palace, but it guarded royal possessions and the royal family. It also embraced another function when, in 1279, Edward I relocated the Mint there so he could keep the production of coins under closer control. This move was so successful that it remained in the Tower until the late 18th century.

With its reputation as a place of torture and death, Keith disclosed anecdotes and legends of some of the gruesome and dramatic events which occurred in the building  including those involving the finding of the remains of the princes in the tower, the torture of Guy Fawkes and the numerous royal or eminent prisoners held during the Tudor period who entered the building via the notorious ‘traitor’s gate’. It wasn’t all bad though as high-status prisoners such as Sir Walter Raleigh could expect to live in conditions comparable to those they might expect outside.

The Tower has also been the stronghold where monarchs locked away their valuables and jewels and even today, the Crown Jewels are protected by a garrison of soldiers. In Tudor times, the Yeoman Warders were the Royal Bodyguard but, by the 16th century, their main duty was to look after the prisoners. In 1845, the Duke of Wellington laid the foundation stone of the Waterloo Barracks which would eventually accommodate 1,000 men and is now the headquarters of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers; the Crown Jewels are on display in the Jewel House in the Waterloo Block.

In recognition of their duties, Henry VIII granted the Yeoman Warders the right to wear a red ‘dress uniform’ which is still worn today on state occasions and for gun salutes. The more durable dark blue uniform was introduced in the 19th century and is worn for every day duties which now include providing guided tours for the public, undertaking the ancient Ceremony of the Keys and caring for the seven ravens which must stay within the bounds of the fortress or legend has it that the monarchy will fall. 

The Tower of London is one of the most iconic historic sites in the world and, although Keith only had time to touch on its many secrets and show us its wealth of buildings and chapels, he still gave us a wonderful insight into the daily running of this living fortress and its centuries of tradition.


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Date Changes

Please note the following date changes in your diaries:

West Wolds Warblers – no May meeting due to elections.

Keep Fit – sessions will not be running on 18th April or 2nd May however the session after Easter (25th April) will take place as usual.

Additional Visit – Louth Theatre visit 27th June, The Mikado by Gilbert & Sullivan. Contact Brian Ward if you would like a ticket.

IT Workshop – Tuesday 30th April. Please email if you intend coming.

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