Visit to Newby Hall & Gardens

On Wednesday 10th July a group of garden enthusiasts and lovers of stately homes combined their loves with a full day at Newby Hall & Gardens, near Ripon, North Yorkshire.  The day was thoroughly enjoyed and there was too much to see on this one visit, so another is very likely to take place next year!

Take a look at the photographs of the day on the Gallery page, Visits & Trips 2019, along with others this year to date.

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The Lincolnshire dialect by Loretta Rivett

We enjoyed a very entertaining hour listening to Loretta Rivett, the acclaimed doyen of the Lincolnshire accent and dialect. As she explained, the Lincolnshire dialect is full of weird and wonderful words and phrases which she uses with great aplomb, but which left most of us ‘frimfoak’ (non yellowbellies) feeling completely flummoxed.

A true ‘yellowbelly’, Loretta was brought up in North Kelsey and spoke the broad Lincolnshire dialect just like everyone else there did however, when she went to the Grammar School in Caistor, she was ridiculed for her strong, local accent and her use of dialect words. Dialect, by the way, are the words used in language, whereas accent is the way people pronounce those words; they are related, but it is possible to have a strong local accent yet use few dialect words.

Lincolnshire has always been a county with strong links to agriculture. Farming and its associated trades were the predominant occupations, so sons inevitably inherited their father’s land or carried on in their father’s professions. As a consequence, for countless generations, people rarely strayed from their home village and their dialect and accent were perpetuated however, when farming became mechanised and the tractor replaced the horse, one man and his machine could do the work of twelve men; the death knell for conversation between farmers, tradesmen and field workers rang and many associated words and terms became redundant. As people moved away to take up jobs elsewhere, this mobile population brought people from all over together and, whilst some may have retained their accent, their use of dialect was further diluted and often lost altogether.

Although Loretta had to endure the initial scorn of her classmates and teachers at Grammar School, when she was introduced to the works of Chaucer, she soon went up in their estimation as she found she could easily translate his Old English verse as it was very similar to her Lincolnshire dialect. Her interpreting skills were eventually acknowledged as she also found no difficulty deciphering Robbie Burns’ Scottish dialect and the lesser known works of Lincolnshire’s very own poet laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Loretta’s interest in keeping the Lincolnshire dialect alive and kicking has involved her in many years of study and she can confirm that it is derived mainly from a blend of Chaucerian (or Old English), mixed with Scandinavian (Viking) and Anglo Saxon following their invasion and settlement in the area. In south Lincolnshire however, many words have a Dutch influence which was probably introduced when they came over to drain the fens.

All in all, this was not only a humorous talk but one which was particularly unique in its delivery. Although many of us struggled to comprehend Loretta’s very own Lincolnshire accent and dialect, it was nevertheless, a most interesting revelation to hear about the origins of many Lincolnshire words and she is to be applauded for keeping it in the public eye. It may frit Frim Foak or even give them a meagrim but Linkisheere’s traditional dialect is more than just chitter n’ jabber – it’s proud heritage.

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Tealby Bowls Taster Session

Jim Reid and 6 or 7 of the Tealby Bowls Club welcomed us on a lovely sunny July morning for our Taster session.

Despite the road closures at Tealby, we all managed to arrive safely, and after a welcome cuppa we got down to a practise session. After selecting our woods according to size and weight, we were shown (in small groups) how to bowl, and exploit the natural bias of the wood to best advantage.

After about an hour’s practising and after another tea break, we split into 6 teams and had a competition. Bill Roberts, Betty Burton and Ann (from the Bowls Club) won. The morning was great fun, we all had a laugh and could not have been made more welcome by the friendly members of Tealby Bowls Club. All are welcome to their Saturday afternoon ‘roll ups’ from 1.30pm onwards.

Sharon Rupp

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A Night at the (Light) Opera

‘House Full’ boards are out at Louth Riverhead Theatre, for the sell out performances of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado, or The Town of Titipu.  Our group of just ten members (surely from a membership of 365 there must be more than that who enjoy a night out at the live theatre?) enjoyed a magnificent production from the New London Opera Group. This was their first performance of this production at Louth, and what a performance they gave to an enthusiastic audience!

The machinations of the story line and the lyrics we know so well, were enlivened by updating of the script and the stage set, but the story was not lost.  We enjoyed strong singing, tasteful terpsichorean moves, colourful costumes; the bloodthirsty Katisha, the love struck couple (Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum), a Pooh-Bah in bright red onesie, and a Lord High Executioner who couldn’t face having to perform an execution, all gave great performances which received deserved applause.  A great night out was enjoyed by a crowded theatre.

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Lincoln University Request

University of Lincoln is looking for assistance with a couple of initiatives as follows:

COPD/ Lung Disease patients sought for University study sessions

The University of Lincoln are always looking at ways that service users can be involved in sharing their real life stories to enhance the student learning experience.

This participation activity is something that is done in a variety of ways across the School of Health and Social Care. As part of the Paramedic Study programme the university is asking for patients that live with COPD / lung disease to come to the campus and participate in a simulation day. This activity would involve patients performing very simple tasks that will enable the student to make a patient assessment.

The University is desperately in need of people that have suffered a stroke to come and talk about their experiences with our Physiotherapy Masters students. Do any of our members feel they could relate and be willing to help at all?

If you are interested in either of these initiatives please contact Lucy Picksley Participation worker via email

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Cruising Down the River on a Wednesday Afternoon …

Forty members enjoyed a three hour cruise on the River Trent, from Colwick, Nottingham, up river to Wilford then back down river to Holme Pierrepoint, and finally back to base.  Lunch and wine helped to enliven the proceedings, whilst an interesting commentary from the skipper told us much about the city and its landmarks as we journeyed along.  Here are some images from the day.

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Baumber Walled Garden visit

On June 5th a group of members visited Baumber Walled Gardens. How did I not know about this magical idyll before? This is truly a wonderful garden with a surprise round every corner.


It has been created from completely overgrown scrubland by Sonia Elton with husband, David. The garden is a calming, restful place where anyone can come and just be. There are a huge number of stunningly different areas in which to sit throughout the garden.
Sonia explained the history of the garden, telling us that it is extremely unusual in that it has a double wall. Sonia is continually experimenting and, consequently, learning as she goes along.

There are flower borders in colour coordinating drifts arranged in the centre of the garden and wooded areas between the walls.

There are also numerous small, ‘dwellings’, including a tiny summer house, complete with its own solar panel which helps to run the lake filters; a larger, all glass summer house, complete with an array of deckchairs; a tepee; a marquee in which numerous craft courses are run; a dwelling resembling a large shepherd’s hut and a huge Oriental structure. There is even a driftwood life guard high chair!

Throughout the garden there are numerous fascinating sculptures and treasures that Sonia has collected. There is a place for everything. It all fits in. The large lake abuts the ‘beach’, complete with beach huts, boats, grasses, sand dunes, and a crocodile…….

There is disabled access, which is being extended, accessible parking and a toilet for the disabled.

Many of our members made good use of the very well-stocked plant stall.
Special mention of the patios, the glass bottle walls, the false windows in the high wall, the fantastically decorated tropical house and the cakes!








It was so good to meet such a very successful gardener who has had no formal training but who is willing to try new things and, therefore, accept failures but continue onwards.
Sonia opens her garden for free, although a contribution to named charities is welcomed.
Sonia especially encourages people who feel lonely to visit, meet others and enjoy the garden.

The garden is dog and child friendly and hosts various events and concerts.
Thanks to Sharon for organising our trip. I will be visiting again very soon, preferably when all the puppies have gone, so I’m not tempted…….again….

Chrissie Larkin

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Car Enthusiasts Group

The Car Enthusiasts Group are planning a run out to the Bubble Car Museum at Langrick. on Saturday, August 17th.

If you wish to take part please contact Chrissie Larkin ( as soon as possible for further details.

All details will be confirmed as soon as the numbers have been finalised.
Chrissie Larkin.

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Staying Safe by Stuart Gibbon

With his background as a senior police detective, who better to advise us of ways to avoid being scammed than Stuart.

After his introduction, Stuart showed us a video about ‘distraction burglary’. This is where criminals, often referred to as ‘bogus callers,’ call at someone’s house posing as an official from a company or similar and try to trick the owner into letting them (and often an accomplice via the back door) into your home. Once inside, they distract you, whilst their accomplice rifles through your possessions looking for any small items worth stealing including credit cards, jewellery and money. They generally target older people so, his advice is to deny them entry unless you have specifically called them to your home and, ensure you always keep all your doors and windows locked.

Stuart’s next topic was about ‘ rogue traders’. These are people who call at your door unexpectedly offering to sell unwanted products or services, make repairs or carry out work on your house, garden or driveway. They are cunning, creative, persuasive and very convincing and, they charge inflated prices for shoddy or unnecessary work. They may tell you the work is urgent, and they will normally ask for payment up front; they may even offer to accompany you to the bank if you have insufficient cash to hand. If you need a job doing, Stuart’s advice is never buy or agree to buy anything at the door, but find a reputable company which advertises their services or comes recommended by friends or family.


Hopefully, very few of us will have been affected by ‘rogue traders’ or ‘bogus callers’ however, I doubt if there was anyone in the room who has not at some time or other, received ‘scam’ mail, phone calls or e mails all of which are designed to trick the recipient into giving out their bank details, sending cash or making money transfers. Mail and e mail scammers have invented scams for all manner of products and services so, unless you’re actually expecting a letter or email specifically about them, Stuart’s advice is “Don’t respond to them”.

Phone scams are a common way for criminals to con people out of money using various tricks to get your personal or financial information. They often sound professional and convincing however, no reputable company, bank or building society will ever ask you to disclose your personal or financial information over the phone so don’t do it. If you feel harassed or intimidated, end the call. If you’re unsure whether the caller is genuine, you can always ring the company or bank but, make sure you find the number yourself and don’t use the one provided by the caller.

Stuart’s final subject matter was about personal safety and what you can do to help keep yourself safe to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Whenever you use your card, enter your PIN in such a way that no one can easily memorize your keystrokes or look over your shoulder and, never give your credit-card number over the telephone unless you initiated the call. Avoid carrying a wallet in your back pocket and never leave your bag or purse unattended because a new breed of digital pickpocket has been discovered lurking in stations and shopping centres. They are armed with technology that can effortlessly steal credit and debit card details without so much as touching your wallet so, if you have a contactless credit card, make sure you keep it in a wallet or purse designed to block the radio waves.

Every year, 3.2 million adults in the UK fall victim to a scam involving deceptive mail, phone calls or e-mails- don’t be one of them.

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We Need You

West Wolds U3A works on the principles “by the members for the members“. For an outline of the U3A principles click here…
We have introduced a new page to the website where we are advertising vacancies on the committee and other roles within the organisation.

We have two committee vacancies (Group’s Coordinator and Meeting Organiser) and we are always looking for volunteers to help with greeting and refreshments at the monthly meetings. With so few people undertaking key roles if anything was to happen to them the organisation would soon start to fail. Please think about how you can help us and reap the rewards from volunteering.

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Hog Roast Event

West Wolds U3A 20th Anniversary
Hog Roast & Disco
Saturday 10th August 2019
7:30 – Midnight

Photo for illustration purposes only

The County Bar, Market Rasen Racecourse
Legsby Road. Market Rasen, LN8 3EA

WW U3A members: £12.00 + Guests £16.00
Hog Roast Rolls with Stuffing & Apple Sauce, Salad. Vegetarian option available.
Dancing to Soundsalive Disco
Tickets on sale at June & July General Meetings
contact Linda Brighton on 01673 843925 or 07762385929

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See Around Britain

This week is National Volunteer week. As you know West Wolds U3A depends on many volunteers to make it successful. Here’s another opportunity to volunteer and be involved in something worthwhile.

See Around Britain

We are a registered charity which has set up a website,  with the intention to provide photographic and detailed written information regarding a large variety of public venues throughout the UK. The information we provide gives a brief description, along with contact details, transport information and accessibility information so that potential visitors, including those with disabilities, can decide whether or not a venue is suitable for their particular needs.
The charity currently has a number of exciting volunteering opportunities available and we feel they could be of potential interest to your members. In particular, we are looking for volunteers to write venue descriptions to accompany the backlog of photographs of various venues and/or submit photos or videos of new venues themselves, all of which can be done from home and online via our website. There are online video tutorials available to help volunteers, but we can also provide additional support via email if needed.

If you feel this would be of interest to you, we would be really grateful to hear from you (contact email address: or Alternatively, you can register their interest and join directly via the website’s volunteer section at the bottom of the About Us page,

Please direct all enquiries to the above contacts and not to West Wolds U3A committee members.

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Chair Yoga Group

Chair Yoga is a new group being offered.

Gentle chair yoga for strength and flexible joints and muscles.

It meets for the first time on Monday 17th June 10 to 11 am  in the Festival Hall committee room. It will run for six weeks until the summer.

No experience necessary

For further details email Sue Normandale –

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Visits Update for remainder of 2019

Here is an update of the remaining Programme of visits for this year, following requests for more detail from those who have not been able to read the relevant flyers; contact Sharon for the up-to date position on her Unique Experiences.

Wednesday 19 June: lunchtime cruise on River Trent from Colwick, Nottingham.  £44.00 pp even includes driver gratuity (as on all our coach trips) and wine with your meal!  Only 10 places left.

Thursday 27 June: Louth Theatre: The Mikado performed by New London Opera Group.  £15.50 per ticket (5 available).

Wednesday 10 July: Newby Hall & Gardens, near Ripon.  Beautiful house and grounds, with conducted tours of House and Gardens.  Full day with spare time to enjoy a beautiful property, for garden lovers and all to savour.  £42.00 pp.

Saturday 31 August/Sunday 01 September: our only overnight trip this year, to tour Ushaw Hall, designed by Augustus Pugin (the son), near Durham, then evening performance of the outdoor 90 minute spectacular which is ‘Kynren, an Epic Tale of England.’  Highly rated by all who have seen it previously, it tells the history of England in one go!  On Sunday a day at Beamish Living Museum, which must be visited every few years to see the developments which take place.  Deposit £75.00 pp, final cost dependent on numbers.

Wednesday 18 September: Yorkshire industrial and social history at Elsecar Heritage Centre, to see how the Fitzwilliam family developed their mineral rights (shades of Gentleman Jack!), with the 1795 Newcomen beam engine in operation solely for us, and an exclusive train on the Elsecar Heritage Railway.  Spare time to explore.  Move on to the fantastic home of the Fitzwilliams at Wentworth Woodhouse, with the widest frontage of any house in the UK, and now being brought back to life by a Preservation Trust.  £50.00 pp for a very comprehensive day.

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20th Anniversary Afternoon Tea

On Friday May 24th, over 60 members came to the Festival Hall to be entertained with an Afternoon Tea laid on by the 20th Anniversary sub committee led by Linda Brighton.

As guests arrived they were treated to a glass of Prosecco or Orange Juice and fifties/sixties music was played in the background.

Tables were laid with plentiful delicious sandwiches, mini pork pies, quiches and other treats supplied by M&S, followed by plates of wonderful mini cakes, and unlimited tea & coffee was available, served by the tireless volunteers.

A table Magician moved around the room delighting all who took part in his tricks, and a quiz identifying different cakes was on each table giving people something to think about whilst they were nibbling. On each table one plate had a ticket underneath which entitled the owner to win the table flower decoration.

The music was changed to Strictly Ballroom Dance Tempo and guests were invited to dance along in front of the stage.

Once everyone had eaten their fill, the winners of the quiz and table decoration were announced.

Many thanks to Linda, and her very hard working committee and volunteer helpers, who aided with the decoration of the tables and hall and the serving of the refreshments all afternoon, plus providing the music to entertain the guests.

A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

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