Next IT Workshops

social-mediaThe next IT Workshops will be held on 12th and 26th September 2017. If anyone is interested in covering any IT topic please let me know using the contact form on the  IT Workshops Interest Group page. Once registered details of the venue will be emailed to you.

You can call me on 07540 302603 or Text or WhatsApp me on the same number. If you don’t know what WhatsApp is then maybe you might like to sign up for one of the workshops.

Workshops will be on Tuesday mornings 10:00 – 12:00 on request…

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IAM RoadSmart Talk

Confident Driving by Roger Hicks & Ashley Behan representing Lincoln IAM RoadSmart
Roger began his presentation by telling us that since passing his driving test in 1963, he has never had to officially demonstrate his driving aptitude. He then produced an old type driving licence and a very old copy of The Highway Code and asked when was the last time any of us had consulted this bible of legal requirements, laws and legislation. The show of hands was barely visible and prompted a nervous titter from the audience however, Roger told us that he is on a mission to help everyone to become better drivers. As a member of an independent road safety charity affiliated to RoadSmart, he and his fellow volunteers aim to prepare drivers to eventually reach the standard which will enable them to become an ‘advanced driver’.
He went on to explain that since the day most of us took our driving test, not only has the number of vehicles on the road increased considerably but, the laws have changed dramatically and cars have been revolutionised. Whilst most of us think we have taken this in our stride, it is fair to say that as we age, we might not acknowledge that our reactions inevitably become slower and health issues may affect our driving competencies. The driver retraining team intend to teach us ways in which we can develop our skills so we use the road and our vehicles more safely, effectively and economically. Based on the police driving system, the course helps drivers cultivate a positive but courteous attitude and boosts their confidence, driving competence, concentration and effective all-round observation and anticipation. Self-analysis is encouraged and drivers are asked to evaluate their performance.
Ashley’s presentation was accompanied by photographs of everyday situations which drivers might encounter; he then invited the audience to identify the hazards presented. Although the audience seemed to excel at this, it nevertheless highlighted the fact that we are a more vulnerable age group and should be aspiring to improve our road safety skills and thereby lower the risk of accidents. Participation in the scheme ensures the driver receives an objective appraisal of his or her driving standards, irons out bad habits and possibly gains a better insurance deal. What’s not to like? There was quite a crowd of interested parties around the speakers at the end of their talk, so a good number were maybe inspired enough to sign up.

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Car Enthusiast Group

Are you interested in or do you own an interesting car?

The first meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th September, 2pm at The Blacksmith’s Arms, Rothwell, LN7 6AZ. If you haven’t already contacted me please complete the form below.

A chance to talk, sit in, run out or whatever takes your fancy… Complete the form below if you haven’t already.

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Louth Riverhead Theatre Visits

Two new shows have been booked for October and November this year.  See details on the Visits page.  Booking Forms will be available from the August Meeting.

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Rocking Lads and Lassies

Calling all those old rocking lads & lassies
I’m looking for anyone who would enjoy the nostalgia of going to see tribute bands. There is an excellent, friendly venue – Yardbirds in Grimsby which hosts many tribute bands eg The Rollin’ Stoned, HRH Queen, Blondied, Bon Giovi to name a few which I would like to see. I can give a lift to anyone who would fancy joining me for a good night out.

If anyone is interested please contact Phyl on 07960 222105

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Terry Wogan’s Hair Weave

Terry Wogan’s Hair Weave and other stories by Graeme Keal
This was Graeme’s second visit and, as with his first, his talk was based on interviews he had held with celebrities whilst he was a show biz reporter. His amusing encounters included those with Eric Morecombe, Frank Muir and Terry Wogan; this was followed by some anecdotes about soap stars from well-known programmes such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and the one that flopped, namely Eldorado. He owned up to being totally unfamiliar with all of the ‘soaps’ however, their main characters fared better as he was conversant with the likes of Pat Phoenix, Jeff Hordley, Beverley Callard and Wendy Richards and was able to relay one or two yarns about them.
Graeme is an amiable raconteur but his talk lacked lustre and vigour; he even lost his trail of thought at one point and had to check his notes however, he did manage to raise the odd smile and giggle once in a while. Cynics would say his links were somewhat tenuous and, it’s pretty obvious he’s been giving this talk for a few years now so it’s a bit stale nevertheless, he managed to fill the hour revealing much niff-naff and trivia about a few of his 4000 famous interviewees which might be of interest to some.

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The National Survey 2017

The National Research sub-Committee, with the regional research project advisers, has been looking at ways of encouraging research as an activity for new, or existing, groups within individual U3As.   We have come up with the idea of a national survey, on a topic of current interest, which will  provide a basis on which a number of other research projects can be run.

The survey, in the form of a short questionnaire, asks “What are the factors that should determine your right to retain your driving licence?”.   The hundreds of thousands of U3A members are potentially affected by this issue and the survey is a unique opportunity for you to provide your views. To complete the survey click the ‘Take the survey’ line below.  Your response will, of course, be completely anonymous. Please forward this to any of your members who may be interested in completing the survey.

An initial analysis of the results will be published, but the idea is to provide the full results and the underlying data to U3As with ideas and suggestions of what kind of further research may be undertaken, though we expect there will be a great deal of local initiative.

Research is an interesting and rewarding way of working with others, learning new skills, developing ideas, coming up with questions and finding answers – and usually more questions!  Assistance will be available to help where research is an unfamiliar activity.

We hope that this survey will stimulate interest in research and provide yet another way for you to learn, laugh and live.

Your help in making this survey a success is very much appreciate.

Tony Randall and Robert Hodge
National Research sub-Committee

Take the survey

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Humberside Airport Visit – 3rd July

Our visit to Humberside Airport started with a select group of U3A members taking their seats on a rather squeaky mini coach. On arrival we were shepherded into two groups (herding cats comes to mind) of eight with half of us going for a coffee in the airport lounge (I’ve never seen a quieter international airport) and the other half heading for the control tower and the radar room. The coffee interlude enabled everyone the chance to get to know members we may never have met before.

The control tower gave a view across the airfield where not a lot was happening but there were two air traffic controllers talking to light aircraft and a small executive jet preparing to taxi prior to take off. The radar room was fascinating with all large aircraft in the area showing up as small markers on the screen. Our host explained that some of the larger wind turbine blades can appear on the screen intermittently as they spin around. Interestingly regional private airfields have to purchase their radar data from NATS (National Air Traffic Service). Everything these days seems to be run as a commercial concern, even the safety of our skies.

We then visited the airport fire service… They were in the middle of a training session so we had first hand experience of the crews fighting an aircraft fire. The large yellow fire-engine will soon require replacing at a cost of approximately £800,000. The tyres only last 100 miles and each one costs £1,900.

After an extended lunch waiting for the Coastguard to have a shift changeover we travelled out and round the airfield to the Coastguard base. Once through security we were lucky to get an interesting introduction by the on duty co-pilot. If we’d visited in the morning we wouldn’t have seen anything because the crew had been called to an emergency in the North Sea where they were required to airlift a sick traveller from a cruise ship off the coast of Norwich. Surprisingly HM Coastguard is now run by a private company, Bristows, because they could deliver the service cheaper than the armed services.

The staff were very enthusiastic and the co-pilot demonstrated his love of flying and particularly the Sikorsky S92 which is stationed at Humberside Airport.

It was a memorable day out; superbly organised as always by Brian; and for those who missed it – these visits sell out very quickly so get in quick.

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Age UK Summer Festival

Some members may be interested in this event but it is not officially supported by West Wolds U3A – Tuesday 11th July, Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa.

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The Chocolate Drop Visit – Tuesday 20th June 2017

After the mini-heatwave in the days leading up to our visit, we were happy that our day for making Truffles was cooler. After a warm welcome from Andy & Roseanne we changed into our attractive protective wear and trooped into the chocolate-making room. After an interesting demonstration on mould and truffle-making, we got to work to fashion our own creations from Strawberry, Tia Maria, Baileys and Mint flavoured ganache, which had been pre-made and cooled overnight by Pauline.
Despite the demonstration making it look so easy, we soon realised there was more skill to this than at first thought and after redecorating the room and ourselves in cocoa powder and melted chocolate, we ended up with 6 delicious tasting but slightly odd looking chocolates apiece.
Whilst they cooled prior to being boxed up, we enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate and fascinating talk of how cocoa beans are grown and processed all the while being fed samples of a variety of flavoured chocolate finishing with a professionally made truffle of our choice. All in all this experience was very good value for the money.
Did you know that cocoa started out as a medicine and has been proved in several recent trials to fight dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure and dissolves cholesterol? Just a mug of good quality cocoa or approx. 60g of high quality 72% – 80% chocolate a day can bring these health benefits. Needless to say, we will start on this healthy regime immediately!
Sharon Rupp

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Ballroom Dancing Tuition

Image result for ballroom dancing lessons londonWould you be interested in Ballroom dance lessons?

The course is run at Market Rasen Festival Hall by IDTA qualified tutors Heather & Peter Davis.
Thursday 22nd June & Thursday 13th July 7pm to 8.30pm.
Tuition in Ballroom, Latin & general Sequence Dancing for all abilities.
£6 per person per class.
Register your interest by emailing

Please note this is not a U3A sponsored event

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Researchers Required

The University of Lincoln School of Health and Social Care is looking for more U3A members to participate in their research into the ethics of self funding for elderly care.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how a research project develops and the statistical techniques involved. There will also be a chance to undertake interviews with service users, service providers, commissioning authorities and Care Quality Commission.

Nobody would be expected to undertake roles they wouldn’t feel comfortable with and training will be provided where required. Payment of £10 per hour for time spent and all expenses are paid.

This opportunity is no longer available because we had a significant number of members showing an interest. As we work with different schools within University of Lincoln I’m sure there will be further chances to get involved so please keep and eye on the website.

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Lincoln University Update

The University of Lincoln
Friday 29th September 2017

An illuminating day exploring interactive laboratory tours, demonstrations, seminars, films and much, much more, all putting the spotlight on science and bringing learning to life.
For more information click here… or here for the website…

You can also email or call 01522 837 180 for further information.
Places are limited and based on last year’s event, it expects to be busy.

To subscribe to Lincoln University events including free public lectures then click here…

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Greeters needed!

West Wolds U3A is growing and each month we have more and more new visitors at our meetings.  We, at West Wolds are very lucky to have an amazing team of volunteer Greeters already taking care of any new visitors who come to see us but we can always use more of you. So, if  there’s anyone who would like to help The Greeter Team by volunteering we would be very happy to hear from you. It isn’t a monthly commitment; once a year, twice a year, whatever time you can spare; and of course our potential members will be very happy to see a friendly face Greeting them at the door!

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Gardening Club @ Hemswell

The Gardening Group had a fantastic and fun afternoon visit to Margaret’s lovely garden at Hemswell yesterday – Wednesday 17 May 17. Margaret is to be congratulated and thanked for the effort she put into hosting and preparing her garden (and house) for some rather soggy visitors. As you will have realised the weather was a tad unkind to us, but it did not spoil the event. The plant sale went well but unfortunately there were still rather a lot of plants left unsold at close of play.

Thank you Margaret and the Gardening Group too.

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