Membership Renewal

This is a reminder that membership of West Wolds U3A is due for renewal. If you haven’t already renewed and would like to continue to be a member, please complete a Membership Form so that we have up-to-date details for you. Click here for a copy of the form for you to print, or you can pick up a paper copy at our next general meeting  in the Festival Hall, Market Rasen.

Please return the form with the annual fee of £17 per person (cheques should be payable to “West Wolds U3A”)

  • By post to Shelley Franklin, Grange Cottage, Grange Lane, North Kelsey, Market Rasen, LN7 6EZ;
  • Bring it along to a  general meeting; or
  • Hand it to your Group Co-ordinator or to any Committee Member, who will pass it to me.

Kind Regards

Shelley Franklin
Membership Secretary
West Wolds U3A

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West Wolds members delight Spilsby U3A

Our U3A Market Rasen Ukulele Band and our Turkish Delight Desert Dancers attended the Spilsby U3A 10th Anniversary celebrations on the 14th September. Both groups delighted the audiences with their entertainment: the Ukulele Band were gaily decorated in hats and waistcoats of many colours, and played two sets with a variety of numbers, to everyone’s delight.  Do they have any photos to display?

The Turkish Desert Dancers, likewise attractively dressed (almost!) in veils of many colours, swirling skirts and jingling jewellery, were introduced by the Sultan, Mustafa Kupoftee, and hindered by their smelly, downtrodden camel herding slave, Abdul.  Their costumes brought forth applause when they entered the Hall, and on completion of their dances, the ladies were loudly clapped and cheered as they left the stage.  They even managed to get some of the local members up to join in the veil moves at the end of the concert, much to the delight of all in the Franklin Hall.  Well done, West Wolds members, for taking your skills and entertainment out to the wider world in Lincolnshire!  Next stop the Albert Hall, London?

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Committee Member Nominations

Every year the committee is elected by the membership. The nominations are open to all current members of West Wolds U3A. To be nominated you will need to be proposed and seconded by current members. For a nomination form please contact Pam Crooks ( All nominations must be received by the end of the October General Meeting.

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IT Workshop

There will not be an IT Workshop during September. The next session will be Tuesday 30th October at 10 am. If you wish to attend please let me know the subject or issue you would like help with. Best wishes Steve

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The History of Dennetts Ice Cream by Robin Dennett

Dennetts Ice Cream company was started in the 1920s by Robin’s grandparents who had a dairy farm. Using milk from their herd of Lincoln reds/Friesians, Arthur and Mary Dennett sold milk by the pint along with butter and cheese and ultimately ice cream but, with no freezers in those days, it was a case of make it and sell it immediately!! As the popularity of their ice cream grew, they decided to sell the farm and concentrate on making ice cream along with their son Eric.

During WW2, Eric served in the RAF and, whilst on tour in Italy, he discovered the secret of Italian gelato so, when he took over the business in 1948, rather than just selling vanilla ice cream, he started adding Italian flavouring. By now commercial freezers were available which made it possible to store ice cream in bulk so, armed with an assortment of delicious natural flavours, he took his ice cream to sell at seaside resorts along the Lincolnshire coast. Sales skyrocketed because it was still a new concept to have flavoured ice cream, and the Company’s reputation rapidly spread.

Dennetts now sell approximately 400 litres of ice cream on a daily basis and although vanilla is still the most popular, they also offer over 30 different flavours. The milk and cream is bought in from just one dairy thereby ensuring the butter fat content always remains consistent; their range also includes frozen yoghurt and frozen sorbet.

In 1995, Dennetts opened an ice cream parlour in Lincoln’s Bailgate which is run by Robin’s wife Claire and, when his father Eric died sixteen years ago, Robin took over as the Company’s Managing Director; his mother Joan however, still likes to visit every day to ‘keep an eye on things’. Robin and Claire’s son and daughter have also now joined the Company so the family tradition will continue for a fourth generation.

Dennetts ice cream is delivered in refrigerated vans all over the County and, has won many awards over the years however, Robin maintains that the best publicity is by giving demonstrations, attending shows and word of mouth and, judging by the amount of lick smacking that could be heard after we had all chomped our way through a delicious bowlful of three different flavours, his reputation for producing excellent ice cream will be broadcast yet wider as it was indeed very yummy!!



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AGM Proposal

At the AGM you will be asked to vote on whether we retain our existing object clause set out below in section 1 or adopt the National U3A object clause as set out in section 2.

Section 1 (Current Object Clause)

[i] to advance the education of the middle aged and older people (who are not in full time gainful employment) in the Western Wolds of Lincolnshire and its surrounding locality.
[ii] the provision of facilities for leisure time and recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the above persons in the interests of their social welfare.

Section 2 (National Executive Object Clause)

The advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work, by all means including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.

The committee recommends we retain our existing object clause (section 1) however this decision will be taken by members attending the AGM on Thursday 8th November at 10.30 am.

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First Aid session – Part 1.

Some 25 members recently attended a Red Cross led half day session on essential First Aid knowledge.  Arranged for us by Sharon as one of her unique experience events, the tutor was Isabel Wyatt, who travelled from Grantham to lead us through some basics of what to do when we encounter someone who needs help.  Whilst the initial need is to call for professional medical help, we can all lend assistance through better knowledge of  cardiac resuscitation, what the defibrillator can do, getting the patient comfortable, in the correct position to free the tongue and such matters.  A truly worthwhile couple of hours well spent, and the next session is scheduled to be held on 5th March next year.  Don’t miss that one!

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Harrogate & RHS Harlow Carr day trip

A new day trip has been created to take place on Friday 23rd November 2018.  Depart Tesco Market Rasen 09.45, return depart Harlow Carr c. 19.30.  Free time in Harrogate for shopping, lunch etc, then to RHS Harlow Carr to see their GLOW illuminations of the gardens.  Stroll around the gardens, lake and walks to admire the winter setting.

Full details and Booking Form available at September Monthly Meeting on Thursday 13th September.  Cost £24.00 pp RHS Members, £28.00 pp non Members.

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A Train Of Thought

On 22nd August we went for a long day out to Co. Durham, firstly to the specially built factory (in my day it was known as a ‘Works’) to see where Hitachi Rail EU is building electric and  diesel bi-mode trains for Scotrail and other UK rail franchisees – presently GWR and LNER (see how the old names are being re-born!).  At a presentation we learned about the Hitachi work ethic which has been introduced to the Geordie workforce, who have several weeks training after a long recruitment process.  Not a matter nowadays of grabbing a spanner and getting on with the assembly process.

And what a process that is!  In a huge, clean, quiet environment, men and women go about their appointed tasks of creating brand new trains, starting with body shells which arrive from Japan or Italy.  We were amazed at the miles of copper piping and electric cabling which is carefully added to each coach – then the interiors can be completed.  We even had to add overshoes to our safety footwear (all our gear can be seen in the group photo) in order to enter a completed GWR coach where we tried the seats and walked the carpeted floor towards the driver’s cab.  We won’t get into another of those!

After an excellent lunch at the County Inn in the actual old village of Newton Aycliffe, we carried on to the historic railway town of Darlington.  First off we spent an hour in the Head of Steam Museum, originally the Stockton & Darlington Railway station.  Lots of rolling stock, artifacts and displays to enjoy and absorb.  Then another highlight of the day – access to an historic carriage & wagon Works built in the mid 19th century, and where now a new build steam locomotive, an LNER design of the 1930s for heavy Scottish traffic, is being recreated by a small and highly skilled team of engineers (including a young lady from Europe).  This is traditional heavy engineering – thick steel plates, lots of heavy lifting, cutting and drilling, but with modern day refinements not available to the builders those years ago.  The original plans have even been computer scanned to allow the work to be as accurate as possible.

A tired but happy group of us returned to Market Rasen at the end of a twelve hour day, having seen much that members of the public could not see.  A U3A learning day – and enjoyable.

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U3A 2019 Diaries

The 2019 U3A diaries are now available. They can be ordered individually online from the national U3A website or via West Wolds U3A.

In September I shall take orders [together with payment] for those members wishing to purchase via West Wolds U3A. The price of a diary is £3 each. There may possibly be a discounted price of £2.50, if sufficient orders are received.

David Oliver 

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Introduction to Beekeeping Event

Following the successful tour of Thornes Beehives in July, West Wolds U3A were offered the opportunity to attend an ‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ morning by Thornes own Apiarist Sasha. Due to holidays and clashes of dates, a select band of 8 attended on 14th August. Starting off with an introduction on the history of beekeeping, the different types of bees and terminology, we got down to the serious business of beehive types and their construction, bee life cycle and the types of bee in a hive and their function, the waggle dance, hive health, treatments and feeding, and the beekeepers year.

After a coffee break with delicious cakes provided yet again by Sandra, we donned our Bee suits causing some amusement as we looked like astronauts on a space walk and went outside to open and inspect some of the hives on site. It was very interesting to see in real life all we had learnt about; spotting the different types of bee, inspecting the frames for signs of health, checking the cells for eggs and grubs, and watching the Queen. It is easy to see how this hobby can become addictive, as we all thoroughly enjoyed our morning.

Another of these Introductory Tours will be arranged in April next year; please look out for sign-up sheets at the General Meeting from February onwards.

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Badminton Opportunity

Lincoln U3A Badminton Group is open to visitors.

The group meets every Friday between 1.30 and 3.30 at Riseholme College on the Showground Campus. There are vacancies within their mixed ability group for anyone who has played Badminton before (not suitable for complete beginners).

If you would like to participate please contact Roy Shooter on 01522 684355 or

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Tax, Care and Toy Boys

Tax, Care and Toy Boys or, future proofing your assets

Chris Dingley is a solicitor/ legal practitioner who specifically deals with Wills and probate and, in less than an hour, he worked hard making us all mindful of some of the tasks we need to do on an annual basis to ensure our ‘estate’ (or our money, property and possessions) is properly taken care of when we die. This is a complex and quite emotive subject but one which we all need to tackle head on. His ideas and suggestions were thought provoking and possibly a wake-up call for some or music to the ears of others.
He suggested putting in place a package of bespoke documents to include a Will, Trust Funds, succession planning, powers of attorney, insurances and lifetime gifts to ensure peace of mind and protection against Care Home fees. In the event of incapacity or death, your assets will be dealt with effectively, with minimum fuss and, without leaving chaos and heartache for loved ones left behind, not to mention an unnecessary tax bill.
While it’s impossible to plan for every eventuality, making a Will ensures your estate passes to those you want it to and as tax-efficiently as possible. If you die without making a Will, your estate is dealt with according to the Rules of Intestacy, so legislation decides what happens to it all. Once drawn up, it’s important to regularly review and update it as any changes in your family structure, location, status or physical and mental health can have a big impact on it.
Chris covered a number of issues relevant to us all so, if you want further information, click on this link to read more in depth detail.

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Due to a lady having to cancel her booking for this trip, she is offering it to anyone who would like to take her place, free of charge; everything has been paid for.

Three days of visits, and two nights in a country house hotel, two lunches also included, and all entry fees!  What a bargain for some lucky person.  More rooms can be booked (doubles only now) at £366.00 pp (£75 single occupancy supplement) if more members or guests wish to join the existing happy band.

Contact Brian: brianthecamel39@gmail. com.

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Two places have arisen for this visit on Wednesday 22 August due to cancellation for health reasons.  Departure from Tesco Market Rasen at 07.30.  Cost £40 pp.  If interested please contact me and I will forward you the flyer with all details if you do not have it.  Brian.

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