Monthly Speaker Program 2017

January 12th Taste Of Lincolnshire by Neil Curtis (Butcher)
February 9th Auctioneering – David Palmer
March 9th Life In The Music by Andy Smith – songwriting & multi instrumentalist
April 13th Gerry Burrows – Goodnight Children – Everywhere
May 11th Susanna Wesley – The mother of the Wesley family from Epworth Old Rectory by Cath Fordham
June 8th Cancelled
July 13th Terry Wogan’s Hair Weave and other stories by Grahame Keal
August 10th Safer Driving – Roger Hicks and Ashley Behan of Lincoln IAM Road Smart
September 14th Wildlife Photography by Geoff Trinder
October 12th The Real Queen Mother by Jean Townsend
November 9th AGM
December 14th Christmas Customs with folk musicians Tom Lane, Nigel Creasey and Terri Clarke authentic local voice to the songs