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A presentation on Age UK Lindsey by Liz Brooks(Project Manager) and Lin Wood(Volunteer Coordinator) was reviewed by Nadia Dawson

Liz started her presentation by giving us some background information on the charity which is independent but a brand partner of the national Age UK charity. Age UK Lindsey shares the Age UK aim which is to promote and improve the well-being of older people but, what sets them apart is that all the money raised in the Lindsey area ( which is twice the size of Greater London and includes East Lindsey, West Lindsey and North Lincolnshire) is spent locally.

Age UK Lindsey has been supporting local older people by delivering a wide range of services both in people’s homes and in the community for thirty years. Its HQ (and shop) is in Horncastle however, there are 8 other shops situated within its area which, in addition to selling a huge variety of goods are also access points as the staff have the knowledge to be able to signpost people requiring additional help, guidance and information.

The need to offer a variety of services for older people and their carers was nationally recognised by Age UK so it has established a number of strings to its bow which include offering information and advice, befriending, keeping people connected, working in partnership with other organisations, developing seasonal projects, running their charity shops and establishing opportunities for volunteers; these people are the beating heart of the charity as they support and deliver its services, man its shops and undertake its projects.

Because of its size and changing demographic, the Age UK Lindsey area comes with numerous challenges; the biggest one being that currently, 28% of the ‘local’ population is over 65 and this is expected to rise significantly by 2028 so, with the added burden of financial constraints, government policies and changes in health and social care, there is an even greater need for the older population to have their well-being supported to ensure they can continue to be independent and have a voice in their own community.

Age UK Lindsey are financially supported by donations from the public, income from charity shops, legacies and charitable grants as well as fundraising events throughout the year and, they use this money to provide free, independent, consistent, relevant and effective advice to the older people in East Lindsey, West Lindsey and North Lincolnshire.

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