Poisons for Medicine Review

Mirthy are the company who we are using to deliver online talks. Every Thursday they offer free talks which anyone can sign up for on their website mirthy.co.uk – scroll down to find the selected Free Talks and register.

Last Thursday ‘Poisons for Medicine’ was broadcast which was full of startling and amusing facts about the weird and dangerous so-called medicines from the 19th century. To banish fat and stay slim, one could buy ‘sanitised tape worms’ to ingest and to cure toothache in children ‘Cocaine Toothache Drops’ were available.   Morphine, Arsenic, Strychnine, Cannabis and alcohol were all main ingredients in a range of treatments for (among other ailments) rheumatism, morning sickness, ‘women’s troubles’ and as a cough remedy. In a twist of irony, the cure for drug addiction was … Heroin!

Apart from these free talks, we are also arranging a monthly talk exclusively for West Wolds U3A members, the next being on Thursday February 11th at 10.30am entitled ‘Mad as a Hatter’ which I hope you have received the registration link for by now.

If not please let me know speakerfinder@westwoldsu3a.org

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  1. Nadia Dawson says:

    I really enjoyed the free talk entitled Poisons for Medicine and was prompted into researching some of the so called chemists. Thanks Sharon.

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