Chairman’s Newsletter May 2020

Hello WWU3A Members

How are you all keeping? Safe and well I hope and enjoying our lovely Spring weather. I have turned part of our garden into a “Cyprus by the pool” sunbathing area for myself and our dog Belle! If we can’t actually go to the beautiful island I can lie here and pretend we are there when I have a spare, few moments. The only thing I am missing is a waiter to bring me cocktails or Frappuccinos; but heigh-ho you can’t have everything I suppose!
Whatever you are doing to keep yourselves amused and energised I do hope you are enjoying it. I have also taken up Speed walking again; last time I did it I mixed it up with jogging but I can go further and feel better with just the walking so am keeping fit and healthy and enjoying the great outdoors at the same time.
However, I know that some of us aren’t able to get out and about but we have discovered on You Tube a series of “Scenic Running Posts” which mean you can go onto anywhere in the world and walk or run virtually, through countryside, cities, along beaches, the list is endless!! Yesterday Terry “ran” through the streets of New York, one of his favourite cities of our world. The walks/runs have different timings too so you can take from around 15 minutes up to over an hour for your particular excursion. If you remember the Wii machines of a few years ago, they had a similar feature where, as an avatar you were able to run a specified animated walk or run through a set number of trails; with the You Tube app you can go anywhere your heart desires!! Just click onto You Tube and type in the search engine Scenic Runs.
I don’t know about you but whilst I have always loved baking and cooking, I am longing for the day we are allowed to eat out in a café or restaurant again! Luckily during the past few weeks we have discovered that some of the restaurants and pubs in our area are offering takeout meals for collection or delivery.
Last Sunday we had a delicious Sunday Lunch from Caistor Lakes 01472 859626. We chose to collect our meal and were pleased to discover that during our collection, there was no contact with their staff members, meaning both they and we were safe.
The Blacksmiths Arms at Rothwell, 01472 371300 are also offering a takeaway service as are The Albion Tearooms in Market Rasen, 01673 844777. Also, if you like a touch of spice, The Gate of India in Market Rasen are offering a collection/delivery service on 01673 844366. And finally, for your taste buds delight Oxford Street Chip Shop is now open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings 16:30 – till they run out, and Saturday lunch 11:30 – 14:00.
Do let us know if you know of any other food collection or delivery services in our area and we can spread the word.

How did you get on with David & Jo’s General Knowledge Quiz this week? I am ashamed to say I was terrible and too embarrassed to send in my results but it was great fun trying and I am looking forward to our next quiz and see if I can do any better next time and dare to send in my answers!
If you have any news from your groups which are still operating, albeit at a distance, or anything you think your fellow members might be interested in then do please either put it on WWU3A website or send it to me at and we will add it.

Stay safe and well and all best wishes.
Linda Brighton
Chairman, West Wolds U3A

Contact details: 01673 843925 or 07762385929 or

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