Discovery Group

The Discovery Award is an internationally recognised award scheme with bronze, silver and gold levels.  We set ourselves the task of undertaking 4 challenges of our own choice – no pressure, no time limit, no competition, no need to go out of our comfort zone if we don’t want to.  The four challenges are, 1) to start a new hobby or interest, 2) to do something which keeps us physically active, 3) to do something which helps others or our community, 4) to undertake a ‘journey’ which can be actual, like a holiday, or mental, as in finding out more about something you are interested in.

You set your own level, do it whenever you can, do the challenges one at a time or several together as you wish. And of course we are part of the U3A with all its support, which makes doing the challenges even easier.

And apart from supporting each other, we are a social group.  We go out together for a meal, to a play, or an afternoon out somewhere, -whatever we decide that as a group we would like to do.  If you are interested and would like to find out more contact Mary Howes on 01673 849554, email

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