Challenges 2021 Archive

How we challenge ourselves in the group… Our Digital Photography Group decides on themes to expand our knowledge of the use of cameras and Photo editing software such as Photoshop Elements or other programs to create the best results. December 2021 – Christmas Lights/Food and Symmetry The month of December saw us endeavouring to photograph the magic of the Christmas period from food to lights, and a second theme of Symmetry. Christmas Lights/Food Symmetry November 2021 – Four challenges were taken on by the Group In November, the members of the group took up any of four challenges, ‘Fireworks’, ‘Bad Weather’, ‘Moving Water’ and ‘Night Sky’, some members offered photos from all four, others just concentrated on one or two of them. We show them at our meetings and critique them, hoping that positive comments can make us better photographers. Fireworks Bad Weather Moving Water Night Sky October 2021- Autumn Colours’ and ‘Intentional camera Movement’ October started to bring the change in the leaves and plants to show their Autumn Colours so we all went out to find them where we could. As an alternative technical theme, we tried our hand at ‘Intentional Camera Movement’ where the camera is moved up and down or side to side or twisting around a central focus point. Autumn Colours Intentional Camera Movement September 2021 – Harvest & Textures In September our first challenges included Harvest in all different forms, most of the farmers had already finished in the fields, but we used our imagination to look for different types of Harvest where we could. For our second technical challenge we looked for photos of textures in every different way. Harvest Textures August 2021 – Still Life & Summer Before the year progresses  into Autumn, we decided to get out and get summery photos, but when we couldn’t get out we went for  the technical challenge of Still Life. Summer Holidays Still Life July 2021 – Roses & Perspective In July, as we were looking at the lovely flowers in our gardens, we chose Roses as a general subject, and tried to look at Forced Perspective as a technical challenge, but this is a difficult subject to do on your own, the best example of Forced Perspective is Pat Hage’s Bird on a house, and Suzanne’s Grandchildren on a Bantam, but we received some normal perspective shots as well. Roses Perspective June 2021 – Cricket Ground Outing For our first Post Lockdown outing a few of the group had a walk around the Market Rasen Cricket Ground to see what we  could find, then some people offered photos from Brian’s task calendar on the theme of ‘Gardener at work’. The Cricket Ground ‘Gardener at Work’ May 2021 – ‘Shadows’ & ‘Shoot from the Boot’ For May we chose two themes, Shadows, and Shoot from the Boot to use different techniques. Shadows Shoot From the Boot April 2021 – Rain showers and water in all its forms Who would have thought when we chose the theme of rain showers and water this month, that it would be one of the driest and frostiest Aprils on record, so it was hard to get any photos of rain showers, but we persevered up till the last couple of days, even reverting to looking at water in other forms such as snow or hail, or stretches of water such as lakes and waterfalls. March 2021 – Spring Has Sprung in Full Frame This month we had a combined challenge, Spring has Sprung and using Full Frame, filling all the photo with beautiful spring flowers we have seen January & February 2021 – Frost and Minimalism For 2021 we have started off with two challenges, Frost and Minimalism, over the first two months of the year, this is because of the lockdown we haven’t been able to get out and about too much in the field. Frost Minimalist

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