Challenges 2019 Archive

December 2019 – Christmas Lights

November 2019 – Wildlife & Birds

We decided on a natural theme this month with Wildlife & Birds, but most of us found that getting photos of anything but birds was difficult in Lincolnshire, however one of our members went out to Donna Nook to see the seals.

October 2019 – Autumn

The theme of this month was the natural Autumnal colours of our countryside, as Summer bleeds into Autumn.

September 2019 – Negative Space

We went for a more technical theme for this month. Negative space simply refers to the area that surrounds the main subject or subjects in your photograph. The technique of using negative space effectively is about creating the right relationship between the main subject and a background that almost feels like it is receding.

August 2019 – Harvest

August is the time of Harvest, so we were out and about trying to shoot all aspects of this busy and colourful time of the year


July 2019 – On The Beach

As it got hotter in July we decided to head for the beach to get our photos.

June 2019 – Transport

In June we all went out and tried to find the best pictures of Transport, this stretched us as we all found different types.

May 2019 – Bridges

Our May theme was Bridges of all kinds

April 2019 – New Life

In April we decided on a theme of New Life in all its aspects


March 2019 -Lighting and Still Life

We also set one of our alternate weeks sessions to explore lighting and photographing Still Life. We brought in various still life items and lighting equipment such as reflectors and lighting umbrellas and spent the afternoon trying different aspects of lighting with still life and faces.

March 2019 – Trees

 I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree– as said by American poet Joyce Kilmer in 1913, so for our March challenge we chose to photograph Trees in all their forms. We hope we managed to get some lovely photos, enjoy!

February 2019 – Sunrise/Sunset

As at this time of the year you don’t have to get up too early or too late to see the Sunrise or Sunset, we decided to see what we could photo, some of our group went the extra mile to catch the best skys we could see.

January 2019 – Street Photography

In January we decided to try our luck at Street Photography, with a variety of styles and results.