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Co-ordinator: Paul Ettridge 01472 398921 or 07916 910023 paulettridge28@gmail.com
This very popular group meets at the Middle Rasen Village Hall @ 10:00 on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

It offers an opportunity, through listening to various speakers, to further your knowledge of local history and, during the summer months, members go on field trips to places of interest.

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  1. Nadia Dawson says:

    PS thanks to Paul for organising the visit.

  2. Nadia Dawson says:

    I very much enjoyed my recent ‘field trip’ to Joseph Nickerson’s Memorial Gallery in Rothwell. Never have I seen such a huge and comprehensive collection of personal photographs and memorabilia for one person ( in quite a confined space too) but then he was regarded as “one of the most innovative agriculturalists of the post second world war era” in addition to being a very successful and well known farmer, entrepreneur, conservationist, author and shot.
    I was somewhat disappointed that Bill Emms, the current estate manager, was unable to give a more detailed profile of JN because, if you hadn’t ‘read up’ about him beforehand, some of the memorabilia might have lacked meaning or understanding. I myself knew JN was highly respected by the farming community having
    created his own wealth after developing The Nickerson Seed Company, Cherry Valley Ducks and The Cotswold Pig Company however, I didn’t realise that Rothwell came to be regarded internationally as a model farm and was visited by many from all over the world.
    JN’s reputation as a shooting legend is renowned and he is recognised as one of the top shots of his generation so, it is no wonder that my son and husband are always so keen to shoot, beat and pick up at Rothwell whenever they can however, I’m very pleased that I am now much more aware of the impact this man made as an agriculture pioneer.

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