Stage Streamed to Screen

Experience live theatre productions at the Playhouse Cinema Louth streamed from world class venues such as The Old Vic theatre, The Noel Coward theatre, The Royal Opera House, and The Bolshoi Ballet Moscow.

All events have an expert on screen preview, interviews with the important production members, and sub titles when the dialogue is not English.

The programme of events as we know then can be found via this link or can be obtained in hard copy from us.

How does it work for WWU3A?

    • We provide the list of events.
    • You purchase your own tickets from the cinema by phone, on line, or at the door. Usually around £13 per seat.
    • We encourage car share to add a social element, reduce our carbon footprint and cut down on costs.
    • When you make your choice, decide whether you are able to provide a car space or if you require transport.
    • When we can, we will connect offers of seats with those who need them.

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