Cycle Rides with Chris Owen

Two Covenham St Mary circuits

Parking at Covenham St Mary, ride east on Newbridge Lane into Treasure Lane and Fen Land (Grainthorpe Fen) , at the point we arrive at the A1033 , it offers north and south bound circular routes.

The north ride makes it about 14km in total

We cross A1033 into Church lane and left on Butt Lane and High St in Grainthorpe. Ride north on A1033 to Wragholme. Turn west on Wragholme Lane and Firebeacon Lane and eventually on to Bull Bank passing the Covenham reservoir to the north, before turning south back into Covenham

Riding south is a 28km ride

Going south on A1033 takes us through Ludney, possibly leaving the main road at Barrows Gate which winds west of North Somercoates and Church End to pick up Pickathorpe Lane before turning right on reaching South Road. We turn right again at Billings Gate which takes us west to Scupholme and then on Marsh Lane into South Cockerington. Then we continue toward North Cockerington, through Alvinham, North End, Yarburgh and thus back to Covenham.

Ride suggestions from Chris

Covenham to Oasis Cafe 1

From Covenham..park by Covenham St Mary church or opposite to it.. cycle for approx half a mile north to the edge of the village  and turn right   down  Grange Lane to Grange farm..Reservoir on your left.At Grange Farm follow the bridle path to the right of the farm down a bumpy track which leads to Louth Canal..turn right for approx 150 yards till you reach the bridge to Biergate farm and Biergate lane..Ride down the lane to Grainthorpe .Cross over A1031 turn right then first left into Chapel Lane..(Grainthorpe cafe.. WATTS for Tea is right 200 yards down A1031 )

From Chapel Lane turn right onto the High Street and follow that to Butt Lane.At the end of Butt Lane follow the road round to the left(north  east)..Marsh Lane.Follow Marsh lane NE then north abouth 2 miles..wood on left..then the road swings east then south east down Holmes Lane thru Holmes Farm.( Grain stores on either side ) and you come to Bank End junction with Eau bank Rd..Go straight on..South East along Cemetery Road..until it reaches Churchill Road..Right in Churchill Road..and ride to Keeling Street ..A1031

..Nags Head pub is at this junction for food and drink..

Turn right into Keeling Street and head half a mile SE to Oasis Lakes fishing..left into there to the cafe.

Return  the same way..about 18 miles..about 16 miles of this route  is generally traffic free apart from tractors etc..all flat..

Covenham to Oasis Cafe 2

You can return a different way which can also be a completely different ride.

Start at Alvingham Water Mill..there is a small car park..visit the site of Alvingham unusual because two  ancient churches are side by side in the middle of nowhere..

From the Water Mill go north down Abbey Road  to Highbridge Road..turn right into Highbridge Road and follow this all the way until it becomes a bridle path..head towards the Wind Turbines..the bridle path reaches a gate and you have to walk this bit for 200 yards ..wind turbines on your left..The track becomes a metalled road and you ride thru Fen Farm..and now it is Fen Lane..Take the right fork to Lowgate Road and Conisholme Village. (there is a bridle path to another Fen lane on the right but this can be muddy and overgrown)

At the junction with the A1031 turn right and head north for 400 yards to the first right – a small road that leads past Eau Bridge farm to the North Somercotes to Louth Road – cross over and head to Church End and follow the road round past the school to Keeling Street A1031. At this junction turn right to Oasis Lakes and the cafe.

Retun by the same route  about 15/16 miles and again virtually traffic free apart from 400 yards on the A1031 which can be bypassed if you take the bridle path I mentioned.  All Flat.

Covenham to Oasis Cafe combined ride 1+2

You can combine the first ride from Covenham to the Oasis cafe with the second one ..Covenham ,North Somercotes, Conisholme and Alvingham..and back down the road from Alvingham to Yarburgh and so to Covenham St Mary..about 20 miles..

Pubs at North Somercotes(2) and Grainthorpe and cafes at Grainthorpe and North Somercotes..

I honestly think we would find these routes very good because there is so little traffic..

Cleethorpes ~ Chris will lead a cycle ride  starting at 10 am from the  Cleethorpes Country Park (off North Sea Lane, DN35 OTG) Car Park.

The route will be of mixed terrain on bike paths, quiet roads and a few paved areas. At around 15 miles it takes in the  Humberston Fitties, the sea front and as far down as the Grimsby Docks.

Be assured Chris is has a gourmet’s knowledge of the many cafes on the sea front and will enjoy sharing the culinary delights available on the day.

Please let Chris ( know you you would like to take this ride.

Other local routes ..

Fotherby, Little Grimsby, Covenham to Grainthorpe (as described in the first route) and return thru Yarburgh or Austen Fen to Covenham Little Grimsby  Fotherby…

Cleethorpes to Tetney Lock pub..12 miles plus..

North or South Cockerington to Salltfleet ( 2 pubs and a cafe there) and a nice view of the marshes.

Alford to Chapel St Leonards..etc..

Other areas if you want..

Howden to Selby return…

Selby to York return..