Cycling ~ Diary

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Friday 8th December ~ The ride commenced at  10 am from Market Rasen and it was bright but really chilly with some frost on shaded areas of road.  Chris had timed the whole ride on the previous Saturday.

After a brief photocall at Buslingthorpe Manor and cycling with extra care, by the time we to joined up with Shirely at Faldingworth, we were running late.  At the  A46 ( Snarford)  I left the group to return home via Wickenby for an appointment in Lincoln. The rest of the group went on through Snelland and Westlaby meeting up with Ted at the Wickenby Airfield Cafe for 11.30.

 Wednesday 6th December ~ it was a good ride out from Middle Rasen with all bar Gordon having started together from Market Rasen. Anyway we cycled north on the minor roads to Osgodby Low Road and had a short hop up through the woods on our way to Walesby. From Walesby we crossed to Tealby on Catskin Lane before stopping for refreshments at the village Tea Rooms.

After our break, we rode back on Sand Lane to the A631 cycle path where we crossed into the woods.  Unfortunately, Angela got a puncture and whilst we were looking to repair whatever we found, Gary and Mick made there way home through the wood intending to return with transport for Angela and her sick bike.

Having slipped the tyre off the rim, almost immediately we found a nasty thorn which was quickly removed and the tube repaired.  The route back was through Dog Kennel Farm onto the Legsby Road then into Market Rasen, where we all parted company and I returned to Middle Rasen ….. 25.7 km, our longest Wednesday ride yet!

Friday 1st DecemberCancelled “ICE”

Wednesday 29th November

With the cold and some wintry showers expected, a couple of riders decided against riding today. However, we did do the planned woodland ride …. i.e. between puddles.

Fortunately, when it poured it was hailstones and they bounced off, leaving us dry. A later shower of rain did come, but by then we were comfortably inside with our refreshments. It was tea and/or coffee for the gents and an enormous  scone with butter and jam for the lady. Needless to say, the scone was not shared!
After our break we had a clear sky again and met with Chris on foot in Canada Wood, he was bravely making for Claxby. 

 Friday 24th November ~ John led us south from Tesco onto the Linwood Road today. No sooner had we started than Angela suffered a puncture, but was quick to point out it was her first and therefore her turn …… after my own double puncture some two weeks earlier. Never let it be said a lady would be troubled by a thorn in her tyre. Found quickly, the thorn was out, the  glue and patch was fixed in place and the pump primed for action. Out route was on the quiet roads to Bleesby,  Holton-cum-Beckering and the Airfield Cafe at Wickenby.

As usual we stopped, after all what else can one do?

The clear blue sky and still air were all that was needed to compensate for very low temperature, which had obviously confused a very large Buzard on the edge of the airfield. The bird made almost no effort to move, bearing in mind passed almost close enough to touch him/her before it made it latent move off. We were all astounded to see the magnificent animal so close.

It was an easy 29 km ride on a perfect day.

Wednesday 22nd ~ It was an unusually warm day (15° C) at 10 am when the two of us set off from the Jamerson Bridge in Market Rasen. We had the breeze at our backs all the way into Walesby and did not notice it was an uphill ride. Having turned in the village we descended on the moor road with a warm wind in our faces.
After stopping 10 Acres we went to the edge of Middle Rasen on Sand Lane and took Low Lane track back to the edge of Rasen.
Next week is the last of the 10 mile rides planned for November. Some have been more successful than others, but today’s was very poorly supported.
Let’s hope there is a bigger take up next week (29th Nov).

 Friday 17th November ~ Today most of us set off together from Middle Rasen. With temperatures around 4 degrees, it was cold but very bright with no wind. Chris was chilled from the off, having travelled to the start on a freezing bus.

Once we got to Vic’s house in Kirkby we were then 9 riders setting off for South Kelsey. Making our way north we did a west circuit via Kingerby and South Gullam and then an eastern loop out via Gravel Hill to arrive at Hall Farm Park from the direction of Moortown.

At Hall Farm we  were joined by Ted, so that made us a group of 10 for refreshments at table.

When Ted saw us off from Hall Farm Park, he was obviously itching to get back on his own bike and be riding at the earliest opportunity.

Good luck this Thursday Ted.

Wednesday 15th ~  we were a group of 5 meeting  riding south to Linwood and crossing west to the Buslingthorpe Bridge before taking the minor roads through Middle Rasen to the 10 Acre Cafe. We were being good …… just ordering a drink until one of the group asked for a bacon sandwich! After we had all devoured a bacon sandwich, we crossed into Canada Wood, over Nova Scotia Bridge and then into Market Rasen on the Walesby Road. 

Friday 10th November. We had a steady ride out from Market Rasen to Wickenby Airfield Cafe and Museum in brilliant sunshine with a light but cold breeze from the north west. The ride deviated from the usual route after Little London to cross from Haltham Garrs via Croppersgoss toward Hainton before turning off to the Torringtons.

It was a long ride with steady climbs for a while and headwinds as we rode west toward Holton-cum-Beckering.

But whats not to like about the cafe at Wickenby Airfield with its warm and welcoming food from the kitchen staff. And as we arrived so did Ted who is currently unable to cycle, but keen to join us for lunch.

The ride home took us through Wickenby to the Lissingley crossing and over the Buslingthorpe Bridge. On the edge of Middle Rasen we took the greenlane (short cut) to the edge of Rasen and dispersed.


  On Wednesday 8th we revisited an earlier Wednesday ride . Going out on Walesby Road and crossing to Tealby on Catskin Lane. We passed The Watermill House on Sand Lane to stop for tea and hot chocolate at Willingham Hall. The weather was bright and this time entered Dog Kennel Wood and emerge on Legsby Road before turning right on Legsby Road for Market Rasen.

 Friday 3rd November. As suggested, the ride had several starting places including Market Rasen, Middle Rasen and Faldingworth. The 8 riders came together at 10.25 on Wickenby Road in Lissington.

Villages and hamlets passed through included Stainton, Reasby, Newball, Apley, West Torrington and Bleasby Moor, as well as skirting the impressive Hardy Gang Wood, with its high stand of deciduous trees.

It was a very pretty and gentle ride taking us past the Limewoods  at Goltho before stopping for tea and other refreshments at the Corn Dolly in Wragby .

 Wednesday 1st November ~We met at 1.30pm in Market Rasen for a ride to Little London, North Willingham and from Tealby Thorpe on to the Sunnyside farm shop and cafe.

It was interesting to test, then ride across the forge at Tealby, but the narrow path that followed meant that some were more comfortable with a short walk rather than finding themselves and cycles back in the water.

After the break we extended the ride by taking the woodland path across and beyond the Nova Scotia bridge. As we turned back to civilisation and rode out of the forest we found two large deer standing ahead. But not for long!

As we entered Market Rasen it was notable that the  sun would soon set.

Friday 27th October , Paul led the group of 5 riders from  Barnetby-le-Wold to Deepdale Garden Centre, Barton-upon-Humber.

The ride began next to railway station, leaving on NCR 1 . It takes minor roads through Melton Ross and goes on via the B1206 to Burnham. The final destination “Deepdale Garden Centre”, is a few km before the town of Barton-on-Humber.

After a comfort break and refreshment, including a full breakfast for one rider, they took a more direct route back.

This ride is described as the most challenging to date, with around 19 miles of hilly terrain through the northern Lincolnshire Wolds.

Monday 23rd October,  This shorter local ride took us from Jamerson Bridge Street in Market Rasen out on the Walesby Road as far as the woodland caravan park. From there we took the woodland road  over Nova Scotia as far as the Walesby level crossing at Gipsy Lane. We turned left and crossed the busy A46 road to visit Ten Acres Cafe on Osgodby Top Road. After a welcome cuppa, we traversed the wood opposite to the Low Road. Before Osgodby we turned left passing Hill House “Horse World” and on to Skinners Lane, Middle rasen. Using the A46 cycle path we rode back to our start point in Market Rasen.

Friday 20th October ~ Chris led the popular ride from Market Rasen on  minor roads passing through small villages  like Bleasby to the Wickenby Airfield. Aside from refreshments the airfield cafe hosts an interesting air museum. The ride back takes an alternative route from Wickenby crossing from Lissingley to Linwood before Market Rasen

Wednesday 18th October ~ 6 set off on a steady ride from Jamerson Bridge to the Tealby Tea Rooms via Walesby.

Rather than ride straight back the group took the more scenic route through Tealby and crossed toward North Willingham before turning right on the cycle path toward Market Rasen. We then crossed the Willingham Wood back onto the Tealby Road and rode in together to where we started, on Jamerson Bridge. Total ride distance 16 km or 10 miles.

Friday 13th !  …… October

We were a brave bunch cycling on the 13th and a Friday weren’t we? We had 3 ride options, with distances of 14 to 28 miles, but what we will remember most is the unremitting and warm head wind which tested riders on exposed and roads, particularly before the actual start.  Three riders set off from Middle Rasen; four from Market Rasen and we met the other two at 11am waiting for us in Faldingworth as we arrived.

The basic route was then to cycle out from Faldingworth past Toft Newton and on the quiet a narrow lanes toward Normanby’s Bottle and Glass public house. It was then tea and coffee and a “Lunch in a Box” meal for everyone.

Refreshed we made our way south turning back to Faldingworth at Spridlington. Those who took the shorter ride returned to their start, but the rest peeled off through Snarford, with half the group quickly visiting the redundant church of St Lawrence whilst the rest chatted at the gate!


The journey home was easy once we had the warm wind behind us taking us swiftly past Wickenby on to the Lissingley crossing and back to Rasen.

Monday 9th October ~ Today we planned a 5 mile ride, but the idea doing something a bit more interesting than cycling out on Willingham Road was too enticing. We went off through the Ridings to Legsby Road and turned left at the corner of the road to ride up through Dog Kennel Wood.

Having emerged from the wood onto the main A road we crossed and used the cycle path to the Chocolate Drop (Willingham Hall) where Rosanna made us most welcome. Of course we did a fair bit of chocolate sampling, very tempting, made a couple of purchases and enjoyed her rich hot chocolate drink or  a cup of tea, complete with biscuits.

The route home further extended our trip through the north wood and out on the Tealby Road. A straight ride back to Rasen showed nearly 9 comfortable miles on the cycle computer.

Friday 6th October ~  Kexby and Upton

This ride from the Hemswell Antique Centre to Kexby and Upton before returning to the start via Harpswell took us on beautifully quiet roads for most of the 16 miles. We enjoyed clear big blue skys and glorious sunshine for the whole time we were out.

To take advantage of refreshments at Upton we met at Hemswell Antique Centre  at 11 ‘ish .  After the obligatory coffee and tea in the centre restaurant we got off to a bit of a late start. We were then a 10 group members setting off together, but Wilf, who could not do the whole ride, left the group early to ride back to Middle Rasen.

The rest of us crossed the A631 onto the quieter Dog Kennel Road and dropped down the steep and fast Coachroad Hill into the village of Glentworth to then ride west on the minor roads to Kexby the Upton.

The Rose & Crown at Upton made a good stop, with a variety of bar meals, snacks and served the usual drinks plus tea/coffees.

The route back took us around Sturgate Airfield to Heapham and then  we use the very minor road to Harpswell and the short but busy steep climb to the top of Hemswell Cliff  on the A631.

About a 100 meters further an I got a late puncture, just as we cut through on commercial roads into the Antique Centre (our start point) at 3 pm.

 Friday 29th September – Covenham St Mary to North Somercotes and return ……. 17 miles.

We parked and met opposite the Church at Covenham (north of Louth) for a 10am start. The earlier weather forecast  suggested light rain, but looking on the positive side, we carried rainwear rather than put it on!

Chris led us on a very interesting and gentle route riding over a bridge below the water mill and passing through a busy farmyard to visit the twin churches at Alvingham.

Riding on rather brown “green lanes” through to Conisholme and on to Church End we arrived at the Oasis Lakes cafe at North Somercoates.

After tea/coffee and selecting from the cafe menu we were off again, riding on minor roads bordering Donna Nook nature reserve.

We had the pleasure of being largely traffic free  through Grainthorpe and on the minor roads skirting the reservoir before we got back to Covenham St Mary.

Despite initial concern that rain would affect the day, we were met only by a light breeze from the west and gentle dry, mild weather.

Click to see other ride options around this area

Monday 25th Sept ~ Market Rasen to Buslingthorpe

Monday’s short ride this week was a little longer than the planned 6 miles (10km) . Cycling south from Market Rasen we crossed from Linwood toward the Lissingley Road. However, before riding back via Middle Rasen, we detoured to visit the historic medieval church of St Michael where Sir John de Buslingthorpe is portrayed as a knight recumbent in stone.

Friday 22nd September ~ Bardney to Doddington on National Cycle Routes
This was a ride with options. Some of us rode from the Heritage Centre (Station Road Barney) to Lincoln on the Water Rail Way (NCR1) and then changed the NCR64 over to Doddington Hall. Others were able to shortened their ride by joining us  at Five Mile Bridge or turning back at Lincoln after a joint refreshment break.

From Lincoln we use the cycle path beside the Fossedyke and just beyond Skellingthorpe (NCR 64) where we branched off on the new George Twigg cycle track into Doddington.

This was a good example of allowing those who wanted a longer ride (30 miles) to accommodate any part of the group who had time constraints or the need for a shorter ride.

Friday 15th Sept

 Today we chanced the weather despite an ambiguous forecast. Nine  rode off from Middle Rasen toward Osgodby led by Wilf. Vic joined us at Kirkby to make Ten.
We stuck to the planned route, South Gullum, North Owersby to South Kelsey and Hall Farm Park, where we took refreshments.
On the return journey we skirted South Kelsey on the very quiet back road to Thornton le Moor before cutting back to Kirkby and Middle Rasen. The photo shows the heavy threatening clouds with the group riding south on Gipsy Lane after their refreshment break.

Friday 8th Sept

 Sadly the heavens opened as we assembled to ride off from Middle Rasen and there being no evidence of the promised sun, we abandoned the ride.

Friday 1st September

 This ride, led by Chris out of Market Rasen went south to Linwood and west before turning north to Middle Rasen. The group were joined by Sylvia and Wilf and, unfortunately, I was obliged to leave them before they continued up to the Osgodby Low Road and took a refreshment break at the 10 Acres Cafe.

The group used woodland roads to continue the circuit of Market Rasen before returning to their Tesco start.

Friday 25th August 

Chris led a ride from Brayford Wharf, Lincoln. We used the former railway line, now a cycle track toward Newark. Our outbound journey ended with coffee and cake when we reached the Giant Cycle shop and cafe at Doddington Hall.  

Friday 18th August – 6 cyclists met at Tesco in Market Rasen at 10 am and used the regular route to Wickenby Airfield, click for details . 4 others were obliged to take an alternative route and joined up at the Airfield Cafe. We made our way back as a group, but dispersed as we neared our respective homes.


Monday 14th August – Gordon and Janis met at Tesco, Market Rasen at 2pm
This was an opportunity to exchange information on bike problems and solutions and then take a short safe ride on the cycle path out toward the Willingham Woods picnic ground.

Friday 11th August 

U3A member, Sharon Rupp,  did her sponsored skydive at 5000 m over Hibaldstow Airfield. Paul  led a group of 11 cyclists from Brigg via Cadney to the Airfield in support Sharon’s  jump.

Sharon enjoyed sponsorship totalling £500 in aid of the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance.  

The group watched Sharon’s decent from Cadney Bridge, but Ted drove to the Airfield to capture this photograph of her landing.

Friday 4th August ~ Angela is led a 6 strong ride from Tesco in Market Rasen via the Ridings  to Little London before turning east toward Sixhills. At the site of St Mary’s Priory (Benedictine) they made a left turn down toward N. Willingham. Taking the roadside A631 cycle path to the picnic ground, they took the forest road to Tealby Road and stop at “Sunnyside” the tea room and farm shop.

It was easy ride further through the woods over to the 10 Acre Cafe, for light refreshments on an extended their ride before returning to their start in Market Rasen.


Monday 31st July ~  exploring woodland routes.
The ride was “off road” from the Linwood end of Willingham Lane to the Linwood Warren ssi at Legsby Road. We rode up through Dog Kennel Woods to the Lindsey Trail and emerged onto the A631 near the Forestry Offices. We continued through Willingham Woods on little used tracks to the Teably Road before returning to “take tea” at Jossels in Market Rasen.

The exercise showed what routes were passable on road bikes and which were not. Gordon thanks Paul, Mike and Heather for their assistance

Friday 28th July 
Chris took 7 of us from Chapel St Leonards to the visitor centre at Gibraltar Point on the coastal cycle path. We had a warm crosswind with just the right amount of sunshine.

Well done Chris, sorry the “Magnificent Seven” didn’t get time for the donkey ride, too.

 Friday 21st July 
The weather was good with a strong warm breeze from the south. That meant those who cycled to the start in Faldingworth had used some puff before the ride began. Its a gentle 20km (13mile) ride from Faldingworth to Welton via Spridlington with the return via Cold Hanworth. Our break today was at The Secret Garden café in Welton. 

 Friday 14th July

It’s Bastille Day and stage 13 of the Tour de France. Unlike the French event through the long climbs in the Midi, we took the totally level Water Rail Way from Barney to Lincoln and return. This  gentle route uses a 9 mile cycle track – footpath along the banks of the Withern with a cafe comfort break  before we turned around to cycle back to Bardney.

Friday 7th July
Middle Rasen PO  or Kirkby  to Hall Farm Park, South Kelsey.
 A lovely day for a ride and I missed it. However, Chris sent a picture showing the group stopped at the roadside saying “cheese”.
This was a ride of two distances, for those meeting in Middle Rasen it was a 30 km road trip and those who met at Vic’s had a very pleasant 20 km ride.
I have yet to hear how the refreshments faired or compared to other venues but, no doubt, I will hear next week.

Friday 30th June

Seven riders set off from Middle Rasen and rode toward West Rasen before turning south through Newton by Toft, Snarford and Snelland. We took a break at the Airfield Cafe then rode back through Wickenby direct to Middle Rasen.
Weather was gentle, wind free and without the threat of rain, unlike the rest of the week.

Friday 23rd June

Today Chris led the ride south from Horncastle on the Spa Trail (5 miles off road cycle / foot path) following the Horncastle Canal into Woodhall Spa.

Over refreshments at Just Deserts Heather and John told us about their recent trip to France where they joined others of all-nations commemorating the D-Day landings.

We left Woodhall Spa to join the scenic Water Rail Way at  Kirkstall Bridge to follow the cycle path on the former railway beside the  Withern. Although we cycled just a short section the WRW it is navigable with some breaks from Boston through WoodallSpa to Bardney and then on to Lincoln . 

From the former Stixwold Station we turned back north on the quiet country roads leading to Sandy Lane and the Spa Trail back to Horncastle.

Friday 16th June

Chris took us on a 3 hour ride around Market Rasen.

Starting at Tesco we passed through Linwood and up to Middle Rasen and Osgodby Wood having stopped at 10 Acre Café for tea and light refreshments. These elevenses included Angela’s cholesterol busting egg on 2 fried bread, my egg and bacon sandwich and a rhubarb tart and custard for Chris.

We then completed a woodland circuit of Rasen, going through Canada Woods and then Willingham Woods on the Lindsey Trail and down through Dog Kennel Wood, then back into Market Rasen on the Legsby Road.

Friday 9th June

Today we cycled in North Lincs on minor roads north of Scunthorpe.

We stopped in Alkborough for refreshments and to visit Julians Bower. The site of a medieval maze with views  of the confluence of the rivers Ouse and Trent with the Humber.

Paul, who led the ride, had tried the published route going from Burton-on-Stather the previous week, but lengthened it a littel by commencing in Flixborough village.

Friday 2nd June

This weeks ride was steady and local starting from Middle and/or Market Rasen and dropping down toward Little London, then up toward Six Hills. We rode over to North Willingham for refreshments and cycled back through the woods from the picnic ground. Some returned to Market Rasen by road and others crossed further through the woods to Middle Rasen.

Friday 26th May

After last weeks cancellation of our trip to Rutland Waters yesterdays ride in brilliant sun took us through the quiet country lanes from Market Rasen to Holton-cum-Beckering and Wickenby Airfield Café/ Museum .

Whilst scantly dressed in a stretchy cycling top, I had noticed my growing paunch and was forced to declined the call of a bacon bap. Even on brown! I had a slimming cream scone with strawberry jam instead.

On the way, at a very early stage, we had one mishap when Martin’s crank lost a nut and he was forced to stop. There was no repair option for the group, just a gentle walk back for Martin from the other side of the golf course on Legsby Road. I’m sure Martin was sorry to leave us to continue without him, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

That said, as we returned toward Lissingley Crossing after lunch, Ying’s back tyre perished. We tend to have repair kit for tubes, but not tyres. So two riders waited with Ying whilst the rest completed the ride back to Tesco and Chris came out with transport back for both bike and rider.

That was two breakdowns in one day, we’ve had punchers but never a breakdown……. No problem though!

Friday 12th May

The day promised rain, but even that could not be relied upon, so we had fine weather for a ride of 29km with some hills commencing with Mt Sixhills! Climbs are not our usual choice ……. of course we could have taken the more level route, a track to Hainton via Holtham Garrs, had it not rained the night before.

We had a few stops between Market Rasen and our destination, the pub at East Barkwith and that was just as well, we arrived on the stroke of midday, just as the pub opened for lunch. Don’t get the idea we later wobbled off, lunch included a very large pot of tea for 5 and the others had coffee.

On the way we stopped to admire the soft toys displayed in the bust stop at South Willingham. Whilst the assembled group of 8 showed off the occasional touch of Lycra, the 9th took out his phone for the obigatory snap.

The journey home was without any climbs, via East Torrington, Bleasby and Legsby.

Friday 5th May was another fine day.

We rode out from Middle Rasen to Spridlington and Normanby by Spittal for lunch at the Bottle and Glass.

Friday 28th April we cycled Barney to Lincoln return, with a Fish and Chip lunch at the Heritage Centre

Friday 21st April – Hall Farm Park from Middle Rasen via Kirkby cum Osgodby

This ride was 33km from Middle Rasen, a bit longer than we though, so there was some benefit to the majority who met at Kirkby. Over coffee, cake and bacon rolls we discussed next weks ride Bardney to Lincoln on the Water Rail Way returning with an option of fish and chips at the Heritage Centre.

Photo shows the group taking a breather at the junction with Gipsey Lane on the Owersby Road outside Thornton Le Moor.


Friday 14th April

Heather leads. The group met in Willingham woods cycling to 10 Acre cafe which being Good Friday was closed. A little more peddling.  Returning to our faithful Sunny Side Up for refreshments before returning to Willingham Woods.

Friday 7th April
Brigg to  Hibaldstow Airfield Cafe via Cadney

Well, we got the weather wrong for this ride ….. overcaste. That said, it was a wind free with moderate temperatures. Low cloud meant we did not have the pleasure of seeing the skydivers in action. Sitting with us in the cafe, they waited for the high pressure to break the cloud, bring blue sky and a bit of sun. And it came that after noon, alas ….. too late for us.

Friday 31st March
Market Rasen to Wickenby

This week Chris and Ying led the ride out from Market Rasen. It was cross country through Holtham Garrs to the Hainton – Torrington road before arriving at Wickenby Airfield Cafe for a late breakfast, early lunch.

Chris’ photo shows us mounting up to return via Lissinglea and Linwood.

Friday 24th March
Middle Rasen /Kirkby to South Kelsey

They tell me it was the sunniest day yet and no wind. Unfortunately I couldn’t go, but they enjoyed a leisurely ride up through Thornton le Moor to Hall Farm Cafe at the edge of South Kelsey. Our group was made most welcome and fed well on cake. Ted is said to have indulged in an extra slice!

The ride back went through North and South Owersby before dispersal at Kirkby for home or riding back to Middle or Market Rasen.

Friday 17th March
Middle Rasen to Normanby-by-Spital

Today we were 8 against a strong breeze from the west.The steady wind was lighter than promised, never the less it did slow our progress somewhat between Faldingworth and Spridlington.

En route we stopped to look at the Brightwater Green Burial Meadow near Saxby before a well earned rest at The Bottle and Glass, Normanby by Spital sometime shortly after midday.

Our ride back was wind assisted, just what was needed after a longish lunch.

Friday 10th March ~ visit to the Churches at Buslingthorpe and Snarford

We were a group of 11 riders with a 22 km route covering these two redundant churches, both with some medieval content. The weather was good again and this time we started in Faldingworth with a few riders cycling to the start from Market Rasen.

Our first stop was at St Micheal’s Buslingthorpe with its early stone tower and later brick edition. Inside the Church is one of the earliest examples of Engish military memorial brass depicting Sir Richard Boselyngthorpe who died around 1340. This is thought to make him the son of Sir John de Buslingthorpe, whose stone effigy lies in the Church.

The second stop was at St Lawrence’s Church, Snarford, with its many and interesting alabaster carvings, including the lifesize figures of Sir Thomas St Paul and his wife, c1580. They were members of a dynasty of rich lawyers.

Other family are evident in similar form toward the rear of the Church, including children and Sir Geaorge and his wife Frances who look down on visitors fashionably dressed, each propped on an elbow.

Educated and refreshed we retuned the Faldingworth.

Friday 17th February
This week’s ride out was planned by Paul. Thanks Paul, it was a perfect day for cycling and skydiving too ……. and what a view!
……. Having met at the leisure centre cafe in Brigg for 10am, the five cyclists had a steady ride down to Cadney on a very quiet road. We crossed the Ancholme on the narrow bridge in sunshine (see photo) and dropped into the Skydive Centre in Hibaldstow for a cuppa and as we arrived we saw skydivers landing in formation.

In the cafe we watched the next drop from prep’ to decent. On screen they showed views from 15000 ft via a live headcam; amazing, especially as the Red Arrows came into shot.
Our steady ride back by bicycle (20.5 km) felt somewhat tame.

Friday 10th February
An interesting ride with no wind and a cool temperature, today we had a short but varied ride. And it was not just the terrain which provided excitement!
We started with large flakes of snow, like wet and cold kisses from a yeti …… Not that I have had that pleasure. Then a clear period followed by a spell of dry snow, like the tiny beads enjoyed by skiers.
Fortunately the ground remained free from snow or ice, so we rode on quite buoyed by the experience. (see photo)
Ted warned that the forest tracks had been churned by recent works, but we dodged the mud and made good progress round the wooded areas and back into Market Rasen.
A large mug of tea or coffee at Jossels was our reward for what will be a memorable 50 minute ride.

Friday 20th January
Our planned excursion via Holtham Garrs and Croppersgorse had 2km of mud and was, therefore, unusable with too many hidden potholes! I think we can keep that one for another day and fair (dry) weather.
Anyway, at 10am today it was fine. We rode out on minor roads in brilliant sun taking the lanes through Legsby down to the Airfield Café and Aviation Museum on the far side of Holton-cum-Beckering.
It was posh coffee, we had individual caffettiera brewing at table whilst watching light aircraft take off and land. Of course, I consumed the obligatory bacon role.
We came back on minor roads via Wickenby, Lissinglea and Linwood before using the cycle path back to Tesco, our start point, and 17 miles later.


18th November 2016

Money well spent at Thornes Bee Hive specialists on honey soap and  fantastic meal in their staff restaurant

A full stomach to battle the gale force winds on our return journey 18 miles (total)