West Wolds Expeditionary Force Safely Home.

Our force of fourteen members undertook a weekend expedition to foreign parts, seeking suitable natives for missionary purposes.  Very tall Netherlanders were encountered, but did not prove too hostile, even as they gazed down upon us. Very small  persons were also encountered, in very large quantities, but were tamed without too much trouble.  They cherished a love of a small weapon held at arm’s length on the end of a stick, and appeared to gain much amusement from looking at these objects …  presumably some quaint oriental fetish?  Reuters report that these persons are being found in ever growing numbers all across the Continent, and were also encountered on the ferry returning to England.

Boarding Ijsselmeer boat at Medemblik

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Tales of a Lorry Driver

It’s been a while since we had such an animated, vibrant and hilarious speaker as Len. The time raced by as he entertained us with his ‘behind the scenes’ tales and anecdotes of his days whilst driving delivery lorries for Smedley’s of Wisbech and then as a self-employed furniture remover.
After driving a mobile shop for his parents grocery business, he quit to realise his dream of being a lorry driver, satisfy his love of the smell of diesel and the A1 and, dispel his father’s somewhat warped opinion that all lorry drivers were thieves, liars and womanisers !!!
He recounted several humorous incidents in which he was involved whilst delivering for Smedley’s including the eventful day he tried to deliver six cases of peas to a Tesco store. Unfortunately for him, his days were numbered and in 1971 he was made redundant however, ever the entrepreneur, he bought a van and started up a business delivering fresh flowers from Spalding to Brighton market. Whilst doing this, he was often asked to pick up and/or deliver furniture so, spotting a gap in the market, he set up his own removal company.
Once again, Len shared funny story after funny story of incidents which occurred whilst he was removing furniture including getting his lorry stuck under a bridge, being conned by a bogus Naval officer and finding a collection of risque photographs in a piano. Having built up a very successful removals and storage business, Len eventually retired after thirty-three years however, this was very short-lived as, after four days, he bought a minibus and set up a travel firm. Fourteen years later, he retired for the second time and is now a stand in school bus driver when not collecting and building with meccano.
Len doesn’t drink or smoke, has successfully beaten bowel cancer and has never won an award however, he’s very, very proud of the knitted medal he was given by an 86 year old customer and held it up for us all to see. His zest for life is infectious and his tales were truly captivating.

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Lincoln University – Help Required

University of Lincoln are looking for more people who are living with Diabetes who would be happy to give a short talk to some of their Pharmacy students about their experience. Students will be keen to hear about your diagnosis, what treatment plans were put in place and some information about your ongoing medical care.
Two dates are available as follows:
Tuesday 17th April
2-5pm or
Thursday 19th April
Reimbursements and car parking will be provided
If this is of interest to you or someone you know and you would like to find out more then please contact our Participation Worker:
Lucy Picksley on Tel: 01522 886251 or Email: lpicksley@lincoln.ac.uk

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Golf Taster Event

A merry band of 9 arrived at Market Rasen Golf Course on 2nd April ready to work off the excesses of Easter on the driving range. The golf pro Dan greeted us with hot drinks then explained in clear and simple terms the basics of hitting a ball with a club.
Once we had grasped the theory we had a masterclass in the correct grip, given a basket of balls and were put to practising what we had been shown.
Some participants quickly showed a talent for getting both lift and distance, some admitted previous experience, and others started slowly but progressed nicely with repeated practice and Dans 1:1 coaching during the session.
Despite varying levels of success, the group all enjoyed themselves, declared the morning good fun and we all had a laugh.
Dan was a very good coach, had a sense of humour and could explain things very clearly and gave us novices confidence with his encouraging manner.
Details of Dans lessons will be at the General Meeting for those interested.

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Cultural Visit to Halifax.

It started out a mizzly sort of day. Thankfully all of the 26 who were attending arrived well on time and we set off on the 2 hour journey to Halifax. As we arrived it was raining gently but thankfully it ceased as we broke into two groups and started our tour of the Piece Hall.  Our guide, Peter, was very informative and tried his best to keep us out of the wind as he regaled us with information about the manufacture of cloth, its importance to Halifax as a developing town and the history behind the hall.

The Grade I listed building is absolutely unique. It is the sole survivor of the great eighteenth century northern cloth halls, a class of buildings which embodied the vital and dominant importance of the trade in hand woven textiles to the pre-industrial economy of the West Riding of Yorkshire, from the Middle Ages through to the early nineteenth century.

Dating from 1779, when it was built as a Cloth Hall for the trading of “pieces” of cloth (a 30 yard length of woven woollen fabric produced on a handloom). The Piece Hall was the most ambitious and prestigious of its type and now stands in splendid isolation as the only remaining example. It is one of Britain’s most outstanding Georgian buildings.

In an ambitious and exciting new chapter, The Piece Hall has been re-imagined as a new cultural and commercial centre having recently undergone a £19 million conservation and transformation programme, incorporating a visitors’ centre, shops, eateries and other businesses.

After our tour many of us headed for some warmth and refreshment and there were numerous establishments within the hall and surrounding town.

By 2pm we all met outside the Victoria Theatre for a performance of Swan Lake by the Russian State Ballet of Siberia.

As the promotion material stated, “The greatest romantic ballet of all time is brought to life by Tchaikovsky’s haunting and unforgettable score”. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed the performance not only of the ballet company but also the orchestra which accompanied them.

As we boarded our bus and made our way home the sun was shining on the picturesque dales. There were comments on the physical prowess of the dancers and Brian noted that perhaps Dawn may be thinking of introducing some new moves into Keep Fit group.

I think myself and others really enjoyed the social, architectural and cultural aspects of this visit. Thanks to Brian for once again for producing a Grand Day out.

Lucie Kew.

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Important News Flash!

A block booking of tickets has been made at LOUTH RIVERHEAD THEATRE, Victoria Rd, LN11 0BX,  on THURSDAY 03 MAY to see SWINGERS (previously known as Orgasm).  Price £10.00 per person.  7.30pm.

Apparently a bit cheeky!! So possibly not for the less open minded members?  Travel by car (own or share) and keys may be swopped at the theatre ….

Contact me asap to get your name on the list for a place, and pay me (not West Wolds U3A if writing a cheque) at April Monthly Meeting, or when you see me.

Brian. 01472 852273 or briandgill@btinternet.com.

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Spire Handmade Chocolates – Lindsay Gardner

Image result for spires chocolatesLindsay set up her business as a chocolatier in her home kitchen in 2012 with help from The Prince’s Trust. Since then, her business has gone from strength to strength and just recently, she has moved into The Chocolate Studio alongside Duffy’s Chocolates in Humberston. Here she has more space to work and, not only sell her delicious products, but also run classes and workshops for lovers of chocolate.

A chocolatier buys chocolate as an ingredient whereas a chocolate maker such as Duffy, makes chocolate from scratch. All chocolate is made from cocoa beans which are handpicked and carefully roasted to bring out their flavour; they are then broken into small pieces (nibs) and added to a granite grinder. Over the next couple of days, additional ingredients are added to the grinder until the liquid chocolate is ready to be poured into moulds.
As a chocolatier, Lindsay receives her chocolate as buttons which are easy to melt in air heated tanks for about 12 hours. It is then tempered or reformed to the right consistency until the structure becomes shiny, will snap easily and pour smoothly. Using freeze-dried fruit, she can create up to eight different flavours which are then piped into chocolate moulds and left to cool; the result, is filled chocolates with a flavoured centre. Lindsay has recently added to her repertoire and designed moulds in the shape of an alpaca and a polar bear which are also proving to be very popular.

Not only was this talk most interesting to listen to but, it was also a feast for the eyes and the taste buds as Lindsay passed round samples for us to look at and savour. In addition, she adorned her display table with a selection of her lovely wares which could be purchased.

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Valuation Event

A number of our members met today bringing a variety of bags, boxes and parcels with the sole intention of having family heirlooms valued by two professional auctioneers.
The valuers were kept busy from just before 10 am until the final keepsake had been valued just after 1.30 pm.
The items ranged from fob watches to oil paintings and everything in between. Despite some people having a long wait to be seen everyone took the time to catch up with friends. The whole event was helped along by the tea, coffee and cakes supplied by an enthusiastic team.

We are grateful to Sharon Rupp for all her organising skills and the sleepless nights she experienced worrying that it would turn out OK. We shouldn’t forget that these events don’t just happen – they take effort, commitment and dedication. Thank you Sharon!

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Details below of two exhibitions this year which may well be of interest to many of you.

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On Wednesday 18th July, a visit has been arranged for members of U3A and also of the Market Rasen Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club, to go to the new Bomber Command Centre at Canwick Hill, Lincoln.  After lunch, a visit will also be made to the RAF Memorial Collection at Wickenby Airfield.  The InternationalBCC comprises exhibitions, gardens and the spire memorial which can now be seen atop Canwick Hill, near RAF Waddington.

Full details and costs for the coach, entry fees, donation to Wickcnby etc should be available shortly.

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University Research – Help Required

Do you pay for your own care?
Are you over 65?
Do you have carers that help you at home?
Do you pay for your care yourself?

We are researchers and want to find out how easy or difficult it is to find the right kind of help. Would you be interested in taking part in an interview to talk about your own experiences of finding and paying for help?
We would like to interview you on three occasions and there will be about six months between each conversation. Interviews can take place at your home or at a location close to you.
After we have collected people’s experiences and views we will produce a report which local agencies can use to gain a better understanding of the challenges and benefits of paying for your own care and help.
To find out more please get in touch:
The researchers in your area are Claire Markham and Mo Ray

If you would like to talk to Claire or Mo
Telephone: Claire – 01522 886121,
Mo – 01522 886289
Or email: cmarkham@lincoln.ac.uk or mray@lincoln.ac.uk

Project funded by: The Wellcome Trust

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Laptop Sealed Bids

The sealed bids for the three laptops were opened in front of two committee members after the General Meeting on Thursday 8th February. There were five bids in total. The committee had already decided the sale price would be the lower of the top three bids to make it absolutely fair. The laptops will be sold for £61.50 and the winning bidders will be informed by Tuesday 13th February.

If you have any questions please contact me at chairman@westwoldsu3a.org.

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Mental Health Nursing Programme

We are engaged with University of Lincoln and from time to time they ask us to help with their courses and students. Currently they are looking for assistance with their Mental Health Nursing Programme – see below:

As part of our Recovery Focused Care module (Mental Health Nursing programme) we are planning to run a workshop that explores “Open Dialogue”. This is a quite radical but effective way of working, particularly for people who have unusual experiences or beliefs typified as “psychosis” who have not previously welcomed traditional Mental Health Services. Further information about Open Dialogue click here…

We are looking for service users or carers who have experiences of psychosis who might be comfortable exploring this approach with our students.

We value your input and as such offer to reimburse for your time.
If this is of interest to you or someone you know and you would like to find out more then please contact our Participation Worker:
Lucy Picksley on Tel: 01522 886251 or Email: lpicksley@lincoln.ac.uk

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Christmas Wordsearch Answers

If you want to see the answers to the Christmas Wordsearch in the December Newsletter, click here…..

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Antiques Roadshow Valuations

Antiques Roadshow

We all enjoyed the presentation by David Palmer at an earlier Monthly Meeting, and he is willing to come back to see us, accompanied by a colleague. They will give you a valuation on your prized possessions, and talk to you personally about what you have brought along. This is a real exclusive for us, so please show your support! Each item you bring, up to a maximum of three per person, will be valued for a fee of only £3.00. Amazing value, so get digging in Auntie’s drawers and see what you can bring to light!

Sharon Rupp

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