Our Photo Challenges

How we challenge ourselves in the group…

Our Digital Photography Group decides on themes to expand our knowledge of the use of cameras and Photo editing software such as Photoshop Elements or other programs to create the best results.

We have decided that this year we will set monthly challenges and extract one to three photos from each month starting in September to put in the 2021 Digital Photography Calendar.

We also have a long term challenge which we do all year, click here to see the results.

June – Double challenges

As we couldn’t go far in Lockdown we decided to choose two challenges that we could do close to home, ‘In My Fridge’ and ‘Paths’. Members were able to choose to do either or both.



May – Look to the Sky

Because we are unable to go very far on the ground at the moment, this month we all agreed to ‘look to the skies’ for inspiration, taking photos of cloud formations and the lovely blue skies we have been enjoying.

April – Spring Flowers

As we are all ‘enjoying’ the lockdown, we decided to choose ‘Spring Flowers’ as a theme that we could all manage to see in our gardens and surrounding areas.

March 2020 – Animals

Our theme in March included animals of all kinds, some of us were able to get out before the Coronavirus lockdown, others had to be creative within their own homes and gardens.

February 2020 – Close-Ups

January 2020 – Variations on Tea

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