Our Photo Challenges

How we challenge ourselves in the group… Our Digital Photography Group decides on themes to expand our knowledge of the use of cameras and Photo editing software such as Photoshop Elements or other programs to create the best results.

We have decided that this year we will set monthly challenges and extract one to three photos from each month starting in September to put in the 2022 Digital Photography Calendar.

We also have a long term challenge which we do all year, click here to see the results.

July 2022

Our themes for July was ‘Reflections’ and ‘White on White (or Pure White)’, this enabled us to be very artistic and proved to be quite a challenge. Some members also submitted their favourite photos of the month


White on White

July’s Favourite Photos

June 2022

For June 2022, our members challenges were to take photos in ‘Black & White’ as the technical challenge and to take photos of ‘Passengers’ of all kinds, and also to submit their ‘Best Photo of the Month’ including any Jubilee scenes.

Black & White


Best Photos of the Month

May 2022

In May 2022, we chose two themes of ‘Frame within a Frame’, ‘Favourite Place/Things’ and also some members of the group submitted their Best Photo of the Month selection. The group had a road trip to Lincoln to get as many Frame ideas as we could.

Best Photos of the Month

Frame Within A Frame

Favourite Places/Things

April 2022

For April we had two challenges, ‘Spring’ and a technical challenge of producing ‘ Lens Flare’ Some members also entered their Best Photo for the month


Lens Flare

Best Photos of the Month

March 2022

Our march themes were ‘Umbrellas’ and the more technical challenge of ‘Macro’ photography, this brought out the innovative tendencies in everyone, using full size DSLR cameras to mobile phones which now are almost as good.


Macro Photography