AGM Agenda/Minutes

West Wolds U3A
In Market Rasen Festival Hall
Thursday 10 November 2016 – 09:45 for 10:30

Draft Minutes (To be approved at 2017 AGM)

1. Apologies were received from: Pam John, Eunice Hughes and David Kew.

2. The minutes of the 17th AGM held on 12 November 2015 were approved.
Proposed by Bryan Storey and seconded by Barry Dukes.

3. Adoption of the 2015 AGM Minutes
The membership agreed that the minutes of the 17th AGM be adopted.

4. Chairman’s Report
The Chairman, Gail Dennis, thanked the committee for their support and hard work and wished the new committee well. She thanked the outgoing Quarterly Magazine Editor and co-opted member of the committee Geoff Goddard together with Mandy Murphy who had regretfully withdraw from the committee due to ill health.  Fortunately Shelley Franklin had agreed to be co-opted to make up a full committee.

5. Treasurer’s Report
a) As the Treasurer, Eunice Hughes was unable to attend the AGM, the Secretary (David Oliver) read out a short statement prepared by the Treasurer, The statement included the fact that membership subscription receipts were down compared with November 2015 which equated to approximately 25 fewer members renewing their membership. It was requested that members of West Wolds U3A should endeavour to pay their membership subscription by 1st September each year. As the membership fee was increased for the year 2015/16, the Treasurer saw no reason to increase fees for 2016/17. The committee would be investigating the feasibility of membership fees being paid by Standing Order.
b) The audited accounts were available to view on the WW website.  The Examiner of Accounts (Bryan Storey) agreed to answer any queries regarding the published accounts during or after the AGM. There were no questions raised during the meeting.
c) The Chairman in the Treasurers absence thanked Bryan Storey for examining and preparing the accounts.
Barry Dukes proposed that the statement of accounts be accepted and was seconded by Val Walsh. Acceptance of the accounts was agreed by the membership.

6. Election of WW U3A Committee
The following members have been nominated to serve on the WW U3A committee for the year 2016/17: Heather Barratt, Shelley Franklin, Terry Francis, Lyn Henry, Mary Howes, Ken Howitt, Eunice Hughes, Steve McCarthy, David Oliver and Brian Ward.
The West Wolds membership was asked to vote for acceptance of the proposed nominees to the committee, the proposed names were agreed by the membership.
Bryan Storey requested that the Chairman explain how responsibilities for roles on the committee were selected. The Chairman explained that at the next WW U3A committee meeting on 05 December 2016, the committee would agree and appoint a new chairman, with further official responsibilities decided and agreed by committee members. If other office holders were required in addition to the committee, a member of WW U3A would be invited to serve on the committee as a co-opted member.

7. Election of Examiner of Accounts
The Chairman proposed that Bryan Storey should continue to be the Examiner of Accounts; seconded by Steve Field.

8. Thanks to the Outgoing Chairman
David Atkinson thanked the Outgoing Chairman (Gail Dennis) for being such an excellent chairman and for the conscientious and caring work she had undertaken on behalf of WW U3A as Chairman for the last three years and as a member of the committee prior to that. The sentiments were heartily endorsed by all.

9. The date of the 2017 AGM
The date of the 19th AGM will be Thursday 09 November 2017.