Chairman and Website Administration
Steve McCarthy: 01673 308364

Business Secretary, Third Age Trust Contact and Neighbourhood Representative
David Oliver: 01673 880188

Eunice Hughes: 07794 683096

Membership Secretary and General Meeting Reception
Lyn Henry: 01673 843851

Vice Chairman and Groups Coordinator
Ken Howitt: 01652 678490

Speaker Finder
Sharon Rupp:  01673 857390

Visits and Press Liaison
Brian Ward: 01472 852273

Shelley Franklin:
(Assisting Treasurer)

General Meeting Coordinator
Mary Howes:

Magazine and Posters
Brian Ward: Editorial
Terry Fancis: Production

Co-opted member:
Paul Davison: 07746 626482

Non Committee Support
Margaret Foster (General Meeting Catering)
Linda Brighton (Welcome Organiser)