2020 Reports

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2020 Cycling Reports

2020 started well with a trip to the Secret Garden Café on Friday 3rd January. Five (Angela, Wilf, Gary, Chris and Gordon)of us set off from Middle Rasen and joined two more (Ted and Mike) at Faldingworth. The forecast was for fine weather, but the reality was that although we coud see clear sky in front of us all the way out to Spridlington we failed to get the benefit. However, the cloudless sky emerged as we entered Welton and we enjoyed the warmth of a bright sun on our return trip through Cold Hanworth. Never the less it was a splendid day with 22 miles ridden and we all enjoyed the opportunity for a blow after the Xmas / New Year break.

Wednesday 8th January Angela took 5 of us (Angela, Sylvia, John, Gary and Gordon) on a 20 mile ride down past Legsby to the site of Collow Abbey, East and West Torrington then Holton-cum-Beckering and the Café on Wickenby Airfield. A number of other cyclists were using the Airfield as a stopover. Our route back took us to Wickenby and Lissingley before crossing to Linwood and back to the start in Market Rasen. We enjoyed a moderate 11 deg and bright skys.

Friday 10th January was cool but thankfully, because we were making for the Humber Bank, where exposure can test the best, it was bright sun. We parked up in the Leisure Centre (Grimsby) and rode off, largely on cycle paths to Healing, Stallingborough and then along the Humber Bank to the fish Docks. We saw a fair amount of bird life as well as some spectacular scenic colours before arriving after a 16 mile ride at the Jubilee Café.


Its not that Wilf was on his own, but with just 5 riders, Gary, Paul, Chris, Wilf and Gordon, we just couldn’t get everyone in the one picture! 


Thanks to a hearty meal at the Jubilee Café, our return to the start had the benefit of some full tummies. The day’s ride was perhaps a touch over 22 miles, but we took a few detours to enjoy our excursion look at our industrial heritage as well as the wildlife.

Chris, who was leading, tells us that at a point on the Humber Bank near Stallingbourough where we saw people fishing,  it is believed to be the point where the Pilgrims left to sail to Holland from England in around 1608 .

Wednesday 15 th January  was a steady ride out for five regulars, Gary, Angela, Sylvia, John and Gordon. From Market Rasen we passed the racecourse where we were able to greet Michael, a resting member of the group. We continued south via Legsby to East Torrington before turning toward our destination, Holton-cum-Beckering and the Airfield Café. As we turned toward West Torrington we could see that the cloud would break soon, but it was delayed and we didn’t get the benefit of full sun and blue sky until later, when we left the café. We had an easy ride home, via Westlaby and Lissingley, with bright sun and an light following breeze.

Thursday 16th January … we have a report from Geoff and Lynne .. You’ll be pleased to hear that we have today had our first bike ride in Portugal, see attached pic.

Doesn’t really compare to England as you can see. We did have to endure some sand and mud (yes I got lost! Found the beach and a riverbed I wasn’t looking for!) as well as the usual hills and potholes. Consolation was two beers and toasties for 4 euros afterwards

Friday 17th January … Chris reports “Five cyclists turned out for the ride..Paul..Wilf..Gary ..Angela and Chris..We rode to Sixhills onto Ludford and had an excellent 25 mph descent down to Binbrook.. The B17 cafe we went to  had a very good menu and vegetarian breakfasts, bacon buns and a panini with brie and cranberry were ordered.. The service was quick and cheery..and prices were good..

We stayed about an hour and then took the same route back to Rasen.. Near Ludford it started raining and became a lot colder…temp of only 5c..The descent down to Rasen was into the rain and a strong headwind..and progress was slow..

On Wednesday 24th Jan Angela had the company of Sylvia, Shirley and Gordon for the usual ride to Wickenby Airfield. It was an enjoyable ride which was a little misty before our stop, but brightened as we made our way home.

The Friday 26th Jan ride, from Middle Rasen to Rand with Gordon, was joined by Wilf, Gary, John, Paul, Angela, Chris. Shirley met us on Spridlington Road, that was after West Rasen and before Snarford.  We crossed the A46 to Snelland and dropped down to Fulnetby on the Clay Bridge Road.

Our stop was at the Thorne beehive factory in Rand. Their restaurant/café served full meals, plus some grand 3/2/1 snacks as well as soups, sandwiches and other less calorific options. The photo shows us leaving Thorne’s in brilliant sunshine to return to Middle via Holton-cum-Beckering, Bleasby Moor, White House Corner and Linwood.

Wednesday 29th  Angela led Sylvia, Gary, and Gordon on a fairly short pedal out to Tealby and across to Walesby before heading into the breeze on the Moor Road to Ten Acre Café. After teacakes and tea we crossed into Osgodby Wood and spied out our future off road options. From the Low Road we returned to our start using the back roads into and through Middle Rasen

On Friday 31st January  Gordon rode out for the first mile, but Paul, the day’s group leader, continued with the remaining four cyclists and completed an enjoyable ride, despite predictions of rain and tempest!

Setting off into a stiff breeze up Linwood road, we bowled gently through Bleasby and Legsby on quiet lanes before crossing the A631 at North Willingham and taking the cycle path down to Willingham Woods. Since we were all riding hybrid bikes it was no problem to explore the new landscaping around the Willingham Ponds and cross over to Tealby Road via Forest Tracks. A welcome tea and scone awaited us at Sunnyside Up where we admired the new fishing lakes and bird life before taking the sandy track across to Woodlands Caravan Park and Nova Scotia Bridge. It was pleasant riding through the woods and return via Middle Rasen to our starting point at Tescos.

February 5th … was a bright cool day for our usual Wednesday ride. Sylvia, Helen, Gill, Gary, Chris and Gordon started from Jameson Bridge Road and dropped down to Linwood, then crossed over to the Lissington Road before turning right for Wickenby and then Westlaby and the Airfield Café.

After a break we rode on to West then East Torrington and turned for home through Bleasby, Legsby and Little London. It was a comfortable ride of a little under 20 miles.

Friday 7th … We (John, Glary, Shirley, Paul, Ted, Chris and Gordon) started with a cuppa at the Heritage Centre in Bardney. Shortly after 10am we were off to a pretty chilly ride on the Water Rail Way to Lincoln. We saw Cormorants, Swans, Herons, Little Egrets, and the usual ducks plus a Merganser; all busy feeding or searching the banks of the Withern and the adjacent navigation canal. The sun was promised for 10am but the very cool damp mist was with us until we stopped at Bridge House Café on Waterside South. After the break we had a warm sun but the wind was steady against us all the way back to Bardney. John and Heather were waiting for us at the Heritage Centre, so a few of us spent a pleasant half hour chatting before making our way home.

Wednesday 12th was bright but breezy. We were a small group of 4, Sylvia, Angela, Gordon and Gary. The route took us as far south as Bleasby Moor and then back through Bleasby and Legsby to the Golf Club for a break. We retraced our route back a mile to take the track into Dog Kennel Wood and over to Willingham Road before crossing Willingham Woods to the Tealby Road and our start point, Jamerson Bridge.

Friday 14th was a challenge for all 7 of us (Gary, Angela, Ted, Paul, Wilf, Martin and Gordon). we rode south from Middle Rasen to Lissington against an unrelenting head wind. I think its fair to say we were not sorry to turn west toward Wickenby after those first 4 gruelling miles. The rest of the ride was fairly steady. We went down through Sainton by Langworth and off to Scothern before taking the road to Nettleham.

Gordons confusion on where to stop led us to take a local lady’s advice and use The Tea Cosy, a little café on The Green, with a variety of choice including soup, fresh cooked food and what appeared to be exotic home baked cakes.

Our route back gave us the benefit of a wind assisted passage, taking us up to Scothern, on to Welton and back through Faldingworth.

Wednesday 19th had five riders (Angela, Gary, Sylvia, Chris and Gordon) and was less windy than the forecast suggested. Never the less we took the easier route south via Legsby to Holton-cum-Beckering and on to the Airfield Café. After our stop it seamed cooler; possibly explained by the arrival of light rain which stayed with us from Wickenby all the way back to Market Rasen (via Middle Rasen).