2020 Reports

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2020 Cycling Reports

2020 started well with a trip to the Secret Garden Café on Friday 3rd January. Five (Angela, Wilf, Gary, Chris and Gordon)of us set off from Middle Rasen and joined two more (Ted and Mike) at Faldingworth. The forecast was for fine weather, but the reality was that although we coud see clear sky in front of us all the way out to Spridlington we failed to get the benefit. However, the cloudless sky emerged as we entered Welton and we enjoyed the warmth of a bright sun on our return trip through Cold Hanworth. Never the less it was a splendid day with 22 miles ridden and we all enjoyed the opportunity for a blow after the Xmas / New Year break.

Wednesday 8th January Angela took 5 of us (Angela, Sylvia, John, Gary and Gordon) on a 20 mile ride down past Legsby to the site of Collow Abbey, East and West Torrington then Holton-cum-Beckering and the Café on Wickenby Airfield. A number of other cyclists were using the Airfield as a stopover. Our route back took us to Wickenby and Lissingley before crossing to Linwood and back to the start in Market Rasen. We enjoyed a moderate 11 deg and bright skys.

Friday 10th January was cool but thankfully, because we were making for the Humber Bank, where exposure can test the best, it was bright sun. We parked up in the Leisure Centre (Grimsby) and rode off, largely on cycle paths to Healing, Stallingborough and then along the Humber Bank to the fish Docks. We saw a fair amount of bird life as well as some spectacular scenic colours before arriving after a 16 mile ride at the Jubilee Café.


Its not that Wilf was on his own, but with just 5 riders, Gary, Paul, Chris, Wilf and Gordon, we just couldn’t get everyone in the one picture! 


Thanks to a hearty meal at the Jubilee Café, our return to the start had the benefit of some full tummies. The day’s ride was perhaps a touch over 22 miles, but we took a few detours to enjoy our excursion look at our industrial heritage as well as the wildlife.

Chris, who was leading, tells us that at a point on the Humber Bank near Stallingbourough where we saw people fishing,  it is believed to be the point where the Pilgrims left to sail to Holland from England in around 1608 .