Chair Yoga

Traditional Himalayan Yoga Chair based exercises
A gentle mindful form of scientific exercises developed by Swami Rama of the Himalayan Tradition, ensuring a path towards holistic health, more flexible and healthy body, a calm peaceful mind and emotional stability. Using Breathing exercises, Joints and glands, Asana work and Relaxation

Classes went well in the late summer 2019, and here are some of the comments by students:
“A good teacher, very beneficial and enjoyable” Chris
“I gained much more than I expected. Very interesting and informative class.
A very pleasant experience” Averil
“Not sure what to expect but very good, informative and relaxing. I enjoyed it” Pam

If your are interested in joining the group please contact Sue: 07415 304174
Classes to start again in September, Monday morning 10.00 am at the Festival Hall.