Art Appreciation.

Reformation Meeting Monday 25th March

After a break our group is hoping to re form and we are suggesting that we meet every 3 months to start with.

We need at least 6 members to make this group viable, so if you are interested in Art please come and join us on Monday March 25thin the Hub, Union Street from 2.30pm-4pm for coffee and a chat about about reforming the group. Peter will give us a talk about Art in the 20th century before and after WW1.

Monday 24th June 

            Trip to Normanby Hall to see the Art in the house. If the group is big enough then I can arrange a guided tour and talk.
More information and confirmation in May.

Monday 30th September 2.30 – 4pm

Visit to The Collection or a talk hosted locally TBC

Monday 30th December 2.30 – 4pm

Review the situation and hopefully plan for the year ahead

co-ordinator Caroline Foster