Committee Calendar

• Committee informal induction
• Review Action Plan
• Membership – Remove names of members who have not renewed for following year.
• Membership – Provide list of current members to key committee members.
• Direct Mail – Submission window for TAM Issue 5 databases (check website for dates).
• Discuss West Wolds 20th Anniversary
• Set date for coordinators meeting
• Set date for new members gathering
• Membership – Ask Group Coordinators to check their members have renewed/received membership cards.
• Festival Hall – Contact Market Rasen Town Council to book hall for meetings
• Direct Mail – Statement with closing balance sent to U3As.
• Quarterly Budget Monitoring
• Direct Mail – Submission window for TAM Issue 1 databases
• Assess equipment replacement
• Finance – Payment of invoice for Direct Mail
• Finance – Membership subscription to Third Age Trust
• Direct Mail – Submission window for TAM Issue 2 databases
• Quarterly Budget Monitoring
• Review Action Plan
• Membership – New members joining from June onward to be issued with membership card to expire 31 August of the following membership year.
• Finance – Submit Gift Aid claim for subscriptions received for last membership year
• Finance – Remind Group Coordinators that a summary of group income & expenditure is due at end of August
• Membership Renewal reminder
• Membership – Submit article for September newsletter reminding members that renewal is due on 1st September
• Membership – Print stock of Membership Forms
• Membership – Get membership badges printed
• 20th Anniversary update
• Object Clause proposal for AGM
• Display Christmas Lunch details at General Meeting
• Membership – Ask Group Coordinators to remind members that renewal is due from 1st September
• 20th Anniversary update
• Membership – Reminder about renewals at General Meeting
• Direct Mail – Submission window for TAM Issue 3 databases
• Quarterly Budget Monitoring
• Finance – Add total income & expenditure from Groups to accounts.
• Finance – Prepare accounts for audit.
• Membership – Issue badges to members as they renew membership
• 20th Anniversary update
• PAT Testing Reminder
• Direct Mail – Submission window for TAM Issue 4 databases
• Finance – Prepare Treasurer’s Report for AGM
• 20th Anniversary update
• PAT Testing
• 20th Anniversary update
• Quarterly Budget Monitoring
• 20th Anniversary update