The Chocolate Drop Visit – Tuesday 20th June 2017

After the mini-heatwave in the days leading up to our visit, we were happy that our day for making Truffles was cooler. After a warm welcome from Andy & Roseanne we changed into our attractive protective wear and trooped into the chocolate-making room. After an interesting demonstration on mould and truffle-making, we got to work to fashion our own creations from Strawberry, Tia Maria, Baileys and Mint flavoured ganache, which had been pre-made and cooled overnight by Pauline.
Despite the demonstration making it look so easy, we soon realised there was more skill to this than at first thought and after redecorating the room and ourselves in cocoa powder and melted chocolate, we ended up with 6 delicious tasting but slightly odd looking chocolates apiece.
Whilst they cooled prior to being boxed up, we enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate and fascinating talk of how cocoa beans are grown and processed all the while being fed samples of a variety of flavoured chocolate finishing with a professionally made truffle of our choice. All in all this experience was very good value for the money.
Did you know that cocoa started out as a medicine and has been proved in several recent trials to fight dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure and dissolves cholesterol? Just a mug of good quality cocoa or approx. 60g of high quality 72% – 80% chocolate a day can bring these health benefits. Needless to say, we will start on this healthy regime immediately!
Sharon Rupp

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  1. Nadia Dawson says:

    An excellent review of what was obviously a fantastic and greatly enjoyed visit to The Chocolate Drop. Although I am really sorry I wasn’t able to join the group on the day, I am however, delighted to read of the huge medicinal value of eating chocolate. As a consequence, I will therefore continue to gorge myself on a regular basis in order to dissolve any cholesterol I might have and deter the likelihood of suffering with dementia, diabetes or high blood pressure.

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