Institute of Advanced Motorists Webinar

There is a webinar being offered by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, to support those of us who have not done much driving over the last few months. There will be one session at 10am on Wednesday 26th August. The session will last for 40 minutes plus questions. There is room for more participants.
The session is in 3 parts: 
  1. Are you ready to get back on the road? Many people will only have taken short trips on local roads or may not have driven at all. It’s estimated that half a million people have taken their cars off the road during lockdown (SORN). 
  2. Is your car ready for the road? How to carry out a Health check for your car. 
  3. Are other people ready for the road? Observation skills will be very important: cycle lanes will have appeared; there’ll be more pedestrians and people jogging; people stepping off the kerb to observe social distancing; more people speeding. How to Observe Anticipate Plan

To register for the meeting contact

To join the Zoom Webinar please read the instructions by clicking here…

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