Creative Writing Contributions

We have had a number of items submitted under the Creative Writing Challenge. To read them click on the links below:

South Darenth – Janice Adams
When Harry Met Bob – Janice Adams
The Rainbow – Julia Francis
Feeble Excuses – Michael Robinson
Lost… and found – Mike Clendining
Steam Train to the Horn of Africa – Mike Clendining
Lush – Susan Flower
Retirement Holiday – Sue Toyne
2 Metre Etiquette (50 words or less) – David Atkinson
A Leisurely Breakfast – Shelley Franklin
Lockdown – Vincent Hunt
1st June 2020 – Sarah Paul
If you would like to see your writing on the website then please send them to

Many thanks for all the contributions made so far.

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1 Response to Creative Writing Contributions

  1. sheila says:

    Just read the ten very varied creative writing items.
    What a talented bunch you are! Thank you for sharing
    your creativity. I’m useless at that sort of thing but I really
    appreciate the time & effort you have made to support
    the challenge. If we have an AGM this year perhaps you
    could read out your pieces. They are worth a public
    airing. Thank you all!

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