Prue Roux talks to You …

Good day, cooks!

At this time of battening down the hatches and helping each other, I thought you might like to have some tips on healthy eating from Prue Roux, the Domestic Goddess.  Rather than open another box of digestive biscuits, why not try your hand at something exciting in the kitchen?  Whether alone at this strange time or with your partner behind you (careful of any touching!), anyone can knock up something special with only a little effort.  Here we go with something I made earlier:

From the fridge, I took three medium carrots, a left-over half of red onion, a large red sweet pepper, a small red chillie pepper, two small potatoes, the remains of a clove of garlic, a bunch of coriander leaf, some vine tomatoes getting towards the end of their life and some spring onions.  All these were scraped and chopped as necessary, and bunged into a casserole dish.  Then I added thyme and dried Italian herbs, a small tin of chopped tomatoes for liquid and colour, and a tin of (light) coconut milk to supplement the water also added.  Finally, it all went into a pre-heated oven at about mark 5 to take a slow cook for about a couple of hours.  It made two good portions, to be served with some nice nutty brown rice.  Yum, yum.  Michel said it was very tasty.

To make best efficient use of your oven whilst on, why not also make a succulent dessert of some kind?  I knocked up (being a Domestic Goddess), an apple crumble, with two ageing apples and cinnamon, cloves etc.  Now it has browned nicely, it is ready for consumption, so I will away to enjoy it, after which a small doze in the sunshine of today might well be the finishing touch …  and not a drop of alcohol in sight!

Watch out for more expert recipes and a helping hand from your own U3A Domestic Goddess, always ready and willing to give advice and encouragement to You, the Friends of Prue!  But also please feel free to send in your own special recipes for the benefit of one and all.

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  1. westwolds says:

    There’s something missing in the recipe and I can’t quite put my finger on it… yes, I know what it is – meat. Sounds delicious Brian and in this time of shortages we need to be using the odds and ends we find in our cupboards. I’m tempted to tell you about the peanut butter and marmalade roulade I made the other evening but it would all be a lie and beyond my imagination. Keep the coming my friend. Steve

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