Make Life Better…


No, it’s not another virus, but a process of how you look at Life, and how you might wish to take some steps to organise and enhance yours. For example:

Connect – talk to friends, and also to those you pass in the street, with a cheery “hello” email or better still, ‘phone your friends for a chat. 

Learn – again U3A is here for that purpose but at this time of lockdown search YouTube for new learning experiences. Discuss with friends what is happening in the news. Take up a new hobby – it’s never too late

Active – keep fit, walk more and briskly, ditch the car. Try to do more crosswords or games or puzzles.

Notice – look at your garden in more detail; look at the top of buildings when you pass; them by; 

Give back – look out for other people who might need some support; listen more to others who need to talk to you; make a difference in the lives of those around you

Eat well – a very good suggestion! Enjoy! Throw away the chocolates and biscuits, get out the carrots; reduce red meat, and increase the amount of vegetables; 

Relax – music, a good book, time to think; walk in the country or at the seaside; even try to meditate a while – we have the time now we are retired

Sleep – not just after lunch, but go to bed early and at a regular time; ditch the bedroom tv, mobile ‘phone or tablet.

This was adapted from work by Dr Phil Hammond – see below:



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