We Will Rock You – The Event

The U3A trip on 16th January to “ We Will Rock You” at Hull New Theatre

The trip was organised by Brian Ward.

The coach  collected us at Market Rasen then Middle Rasen at 10.0 am. We arrived at Hull with time to shop before the 2pm afternoon performance.

Some of us met up at the friendly Greek Restaurant near to the theatre where we passed the time with several litres of red wine and excellent Greek food and lively conversation.

The show was superb and the audience was packed and  enthusiastic.

It started with a blast of  breath-taking vocals from the  two main characters, Galileo Figaro and his female lead Scaramouch.

Ben Elton has woven his story around 20 of Queens greatest songs. It tells of a group of  “Bohemians” who, living in a Big Brother sort of the future,  who are trying to restore the free exchange of thought, fashion and live music.

The show is fast-paced and the songs are blasted out. All the main characters have extremely strong vocals.

When the show was over we were all left wanting more. After the final curtain call the words came up, asking did we want to hear Bohemian Rhapsody. (This song had not been sung during the play).

Of course we did , the whole audience roared YES.

The final rendition was both emotional and heart-breaking. Many of us were in tears.

The whole day was a really wonderful experience. Thank You Brian.

Catherine Whelan

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