Gardening Group Visit

On Sunday, September 1st, members of the Gardening Group enjoyed a visit to Hall Farm, Harpswell, which was open in aid of the NGS charities, for the final time this year.
It was also free seed-collecting day which was a real bonus.

This garden is very large and includes a wild meadow; numerous beds full of flowers and shrubs; little corners of woodland; many hidden sculptures; unusual paths; many areas in which to sit and a short lake walk.

The co-owner, Pam Tatum, was very welcoming; her house was open for marvellous teas; dogs were allowed in the gardens and there is a blacksmith working in one of the converted barns. His items are for sale and include some gorgeous metal stand-alone flowers of varying heights.

Some of us were nearly drowned in a torrential rainstorm but it passed as quickly as it had arrived and left us to enjoy the day.

Chrissie Larkin

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