Ground Force – U3A Style!

On Monday, 19th. August, 19 members of the Gardening Group arrived at the home of Mary, and the late Roger, Howes, in Middle Rasen.
Mary and Roger bought this property with the intention of spending a great deal of time, ‘doing it up’. This included undertaking a huge amount of work on the land. However, plans had to be changed as Roger’s health deteriorated.
We concentrated on the large areas around a part of the house and followed a list of jobs that Mary had prepared for us.
Throughout the day, from 9.30am until 6pm, we attacked the widespread wilderness with great enthusiasm, swapping jobs as the day progressed.
Some people stayed for an hour or so; some stayed all day.
The entire day was an amazing experience, being able to help someone so popular, getting exercise, being outside and chatting together with other members, some of whom had not met each other before.
Mary provided a constant stream of coffee and tea and Marguerite had baked some lovely scones and a lemon cake.
We made quite a difference to the areas we worked on and everyone seemed very pleased that they had done a worthwhile day’s work.
Hopefully, there will be another date in the future…

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