Lincoln University Request

University of Lincoln is looking for assistance with a couple of initiatives as follows:

COPD/ Lung Disease patients sought for University study sessions

The University of Lincoln are always looking at ways that service users can be involved in sharing their real life stories to enhance the student learning experience.

This participation activity is something that is done in a variety of ways across the School of Health and Social Care. As part of the Paramedic Study programme the university is asking for patients that live with COPD / lung disease to come to the campus and participate in a simulation day. This activity would involve patients performing very simple tasks that will enable the student to make a patient assessment.

The University is desperately in need of people that have suffered a stroke to come and talk about their experiences with our Physiotherapy Masters students. Do any of our members feel they could relate and be willing to help at all?

If you are interested in either of these initiatives please contact Lucy Picksley Participation worker via email

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