Baumber Walled Garden visit

On June 5th a group of members visited Baumber Walled Gardens. How did I not know about this magical idyll before? This is truly a wonderful garden with a surprise round every corner.


It has been created from completely overgrown scrubland by Sonia Elton with husband, David. The garden is a calming, restful place where anyone can come and just be. There are a huge number of stunningly different areas in which to sit throughout the garden.
Sonia explained the history of the garden, telling us that it is extremely unusual in that it has a double wall. Sonia is continually experimenting and, consequently, learning as she goes along.

There are flower borders in colour coordinating drifts arranged in the centre of the garden and wooded areas between the walls.

There are also numerous small, ‘dwellings’, including a tiny summer house, complete with its own solar panel which helps to run the lake filters; a larger, all glass summer house, complete with an array of deckchairs; a tepee; a marquee in which numerous craft courses are run; a dwelling resembling a large shepherd’s hut and a huge Oriental structure. There is even a driftwood life guard high chair!

Throughout the garden there are numerous fascinating sculptures and treasures that Sonia has collected. There is a place for everything. It all fits in. The large lake abuts the ‘beach’, complete with beach huts, boats, grasses, sand dunes, and a crocodile…….

There is disabled access, which is being extended, accessible parking and a toilet for the disabled.

Many of our members made good use of the very well-stocked plant stall.
Special mention of the patios, the glass bottle walls, the false windows in the high wall, the fantastically decorated tropical house and the cakes!








It was so good to meet such a very successful gardener who has had no formal training but who is willing to try new things and, therefore, accept failures but continue onwards.
Sonia opens her garden for free, although a contribution to named charities is welcomed.
Sonia especially encourages people who feel lonely to visit, meet others and enjoy the garden.

The garden is dog and child friendly and hosts various events and concerts.
Thanks to Sharon for organising our trip. I will be visiting again very soon, preferably when all the puppies have gone, so I’m not tempted…….again….

Chrissie Larkin

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