See Around Britain

This week is National Volunteer week. As you know West Wolds U3A depends on many volunteers to make it successful. Here’s another opportunity to volunteer and be involved in something worthwhile.

See Around Britain

We are a registered charity which has set up a website,  with the intention to provide photographic and detailed written information regarding a large variety of public venues throughout the UK. The information we provide gives a brief description, along with contact details, transport information and accessibility information so that potential visitors, including those with disabilities, can decide whether or not a venue is suitable for their particular needs.
The charity currently has a number of exciting volunteering opportunities available and we feel they could be of potential interest to your members. In particular, we are looking for volunteers to write venue descriptions to accompany the backlog of photographs of various venues and/or submit photos or videos of new venues themselves, all of which can be done from home and online via our website. There are online video tutorials available to help volunteers, but we can also provide additional support via email if needed.

If you feel this would be of interest to you, we would be really grateful to hear from you (contact email address: or Alternatively, you can register their interest and join directly via the website’s volunteer section at the bottom of the About Us page,

Please direct all enquiries to the above contacts and not to West Wolds U3A committee members.

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