The Market Rasen and District Small Bore Rifle Club – Tuesday May 14th

The Rifle Shooting morning at Market Rasen Rifle Club at Lammas Leas Road was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Initially there was a brief talk on the history of Shooting clubs which were popular after the Boer War and also the history of the Market Rasen Club, which was established in 1907, following government sponsorship of gun clubs to improve skills started in the Boer War. The Clubhouse was initially built for the Home Guard dating back to 1939 which was initially at De Aston and later relocated at Market Rasen in 1946, now with a fully functional shooting range purposely built at the rear of the premises.

The club boasts as one of its members Daniel Richardson who holds the title of Lightweight Sporting Rifle Champion and for a small club of 16 members, has won many championships

All joined in to try different rifles and later  small arms under expert tuition from two experienced Rifle Club Secretary Tom Murtagh assisted by another member called Keith.

Weapons included .22 calibre Rifle cartridge shooting, .22 calibre P.S.P … A High Pressure Pneumatic Air Rifle running at circa 3000 psi. , shooting at targets at the range on a semi competitive nature all interspersed with Biscuits, cakes and refreshments in the clubhouse; they use a variety of ammo e.g.  .22 cartridge; 4.5mm steel ball bearings etc. and many telescopic sights including laser. There is plenty to try out on a visit here.

Later on there were opportunities to try firing BB replica guns such as the M40 semi-automatic Machine gun, a Luger Pistol and a Beretta Pistol.

Other replica guns were also on display such as a Webley Pistol and Colt 45 revolver.

All in all a good friendly atmosphere and visit, arranged by Sharon Rupp.

The Rifle Club is open Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm to members and visitors for a small charge.)

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Article by Alan James

Photos by Terry Francis and Sharon Rupp

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