Sue Cadman – an original Les Dawson Roly Poly

Originally from Birmingham, Sue started dance school at the tender age of 2 and performed in public for the first time aged just 3. From then on, she became totally hooked and put all her effort into passing dance exams and entering competitions rather than applying herself to her school studies. As a consequence, her academic results suffered but, at the age of 15, she qualified as a dance teacher and, after leaving school, secured a part as a dancer in a pantomime in Coventry. When the season ended, she got a job with a Flying Ballet Company and humorously recounted some of the antics she got up to in the two and half years she was with them.

To progress her career, Sue then joined the Old Time Music Hall in Leeds and did some touring cabaret however, when her expanding waistline eventually prevented her from comfortably fitting into her costumes anymore, she decided it was time to retire and set up her own dance school. As a Fellow of the International Dance Teachers’ Association, many of her students have achieved success in top London shows and in television and, she herself, has also appeared in numerous well-known TV programmes including Crossroads, All Creatures Great and Small, Poldark and Angels. Her professional career has spanned over forty years however, the highlight of it was undoubtedly the twenty-eight years she was a Roly Poly dancer on the Les Dawson show.

Sue is an extremely entertaining speaker and an accomplished raconteur but, her talk this morning is just one of many she gives on her longstanding and varied career so, fingers crossed she will return to divulge yet more amusing tales of her life in show business.

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  1. Chairman says:

    Great review for an unquestionably superb speaker. Several people came up to me afterwards to say she was one of the best speakers they had seen.

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