2018 AGM

An AGM is ostensibly a formal meeting and, whilst it may not be the most exciting way to spend a morning, it is a constitutional requirement. It was therefore pleasing to note that a fair proportion of the membership had made the effort to attend however, for those of you who presumably couldn’t be bothered, it was your loss because, our Chairman and his committee made a huge effort to ‘spice’ things up for us this year. Whilst the main business on the agenda is a necessary chore, it was undertaken with relative speed and bonhomie so no, it wasn’t boring and tedious but informative and affable.

We are extremely lucky to have a Chair who takes his role very seriously yet conducts our monthly meetings with wit and humour so, this AGM was also relaxed, light-hearted and uncomplicated. His report was informative without going too deeply into detail and gave an optimistic look at organisational activities and initiatives which included examples of our successes and achievements over the year. This was followed by the treasurer’s report which confirmed the accounts are in order and meet all necessary requirements. The members voted to agree to retain our existing object clause and the election of the committee was accepted. Steve singled out a number of members for special praise and presented gifts to the three retiring committee members; and so the official business was concluded swiftly and professionally.

Under the leadership of our competent Chair Steve McCarthy, we have a lively, effective and motivated committee with a good sense of humour and, to reward us for sitting through the obligatory AGM agenda, they organised a communal activity afterwards. This proved to be an excellent way for members to widen their social circle and get the ‘old grey matter’ working as tables of six or less put their heads together to work out a picture puzzle and answer a general knowledge quiz. Unbelievably, three teams recorded identical scores so, to decide the winner, a tie breaking question revealed the victorious table who were each given a gift voucher. This was an extremely novel way to close an AGM and a most enjoyable one so well done everybody.

Although by necessity, Annual General Meetings are formal affairs where Is need to be dotted and Ts crossed, our meeting today was friendly, relaxed and actually fun so, for those of you who failed to attend your U3A AGM this year because you thought it would be ‘boring, dull and/or a waste of time, think again and support your branch by turning up next year.


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  2. Chrissie Larkin says:

    I think the U3A is a very worthwhile organisation and I agree that it is lead by a very efficient Chairperson and committee.
    However, whether or not I attend the AGM is absolutely my choice and I object to being described as someone who, ‘presumably couldn’t be bothered’, to attend and to be told that this was, ‘my loss’.
    I think we can be sure that many of those who, ‘failed to attend’, had their own reasons and did not necessarily think it would be, ‘boring, dull and/or a waste of time (sic).
    I object very strongly to being told to, ‘think again’, and, ‘support (your) branch by turning up next year’.
    I think that including phrases such as, ‘old grey matter’; ‘without going too deeply into detail’, and, ‘…..this AGM was…….uncomplicated’, do absolutely nothing to enhance the educational reputation of our U3A.
    I view the U3A as an organisation of motivated, active, intelligent, energetic people who are keen to continue their education. Many of us possess grey matter which is still functioning very well and I reckon we could handle a little complicated detail now and again.
    I expect to read an objective report of the actual proceedings of the meeting, not a report littered with somewhat unpleasant, patronizing, and, frankly, offensive personal opinion, supposition and invective.

  3. dawn says:

    Please do not generalise when you say people couldn’t be bothered to come. My husband is poorly and I’m not well enough to drive or walk down! We came last year and would have been there if circumstances had been different.

    • Chairman says:

      Hello Dawn – I’m sure no offence was meant by this review as we have a number of members who cannot make the general meetings for a variety of reasons. It seems it was enjoyed by those who attended and we will consider doing something similar in the future. Hopefully when your husband has recovered we will see you again at a general meeting.
      Best wishes – Steve McCarthy, Chairman
      PS I’m pleased that you can still stay in contact with West Wolds U3A through the website.

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