AGM Proposal

Details of the AGM are now available by clicking here…

At the meeting you will be asked to vote on whether we retain our existing object clause set out below in section 1 or adopt the National U3A object clause as set out in section 2.

Section 1 (Current Object Clause)

[i] to advance the education of the middle aged and older people (who are not in full time gainful employment) in the Western Wolds of Lincolnshire and its surrounding locality.
[ii] the provision of facilities for leisure time and recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the above persons in the interests of their social welfare.

Section 2 (National Executive Object Clause)

The advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work, by all means including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.

The committee recommends we retain our existing object clause (section 1) however this decision will be taken by members attending the AGM on Thursday 8th November at 10.30 am.

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