General Data Protection Regulation

You cannot fail to have noticed all the noise about the new General Data Protection Regulation and no doubt you have been bombarded by emails from organisations, some you didn’t even know existed, concerning your data. We haven’t changed how we handle the information we hold about you – we’ve always respected your privacy and made sure that the information we have is kept as securely as possible.

Below are links to our new Privacy and Data Protection policies as required by law. In brief we hold your information securely; we only share it with HMRC for Gift Aid purposes and with National U3A for delivery of their publications; we update your information annually or whenever you inform us of changes; and we hold financial information for six years (Charities Commission and HMRC requirement).

And that’s about it but if you really want to know what’s under the bonnet then click on the links below to read the small print…

Our Privacy Policy

Our Data Protection Policy

If you have any questions regarding our policies then please contact us using the online form. Thank you – Steve McCarthy, Chairman

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