West Wolds Expeditionary Force Safely Home.

Our force of fourteen members undertook a weekend expedition to foreign parts, seeking suitable natives for missionary purposes.  Very tall Netherlanders were encountered, but did not prove too hostile, even as they gazed down upon us. Very small  persons were also encountered, in very large quantities, but were tamed without too much trouble.  They cherished a love of a small weapon held at arm’s length on the end of a stick, and appeared to gain much amusement from looking at these objects …  presumably some quaint oriental fetish?  Reuters report that these persons are being found in ever growing numbers all across the Continent, and were also encountered on the ferry returning to England.

Boarding Ijsselmeer boat at Medemblik

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2 Responses to West Wolds Expeditionary Force Safely Home.

  1. Brian Ward says:

    This was just a taste of the trip, and the photos hopefully told their own story. Didn’t want to take up too much space with written comment, but point taken. More photos of the flowers at the Gardens will appear in the June Newsletter.

  2. Nadia Dawson says:

    Appreciate this is a subjective review Brian but, would have liked to have read a more comprehensive account of where you went and what you did rather than the inimical details which singled out the height of the locals and the ethnicity of your fellow tourists; the photographs however, were excellent.

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