University Research – Help Required

Do you pay for your own care?
Are you over 65?
Do you have carers that help you at home?
Do you pay for your care yourself?

We are researchers and want to find out how easy or difficult it is to find the right kind of help. Would you be interested in taking part in an interview to talk about your own experiences of finding and paying for help?
We would like to interview you on three occasions and there will be about six months between each conversation. Interviews can take place at your home or at a location close to you.
After we have collected people’s experiences and views we will produce a report which local agencies can use to gain a better understanding of the challenges and benefits of paying for your own care and help.
To find out more please get in touch:
The researchers in your area are Claire Markham and Mo Ray

If you would like to talk to Claire or Mo
Telephone: Claire – 01522 886121,
Mo – 01522 886289
Or email: or

Project funded by: The Wellcome Trust

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