An Evening with the Upstart Crow

Our most recent visit to the lovely Louth Riverhead Theatre found us for the first time sitting in the Studio, just as comfortable as the main auditorium but very intimate indeed – the players were almost standing on the toes of those in the front row!

‘The Shakespeare Revue’ was the evening’s entertainment, billed as songs and sketches by names including Alan Bennett, the Monty Python team, Victoria Wood, Noel Coward (a diverse range of talent!) and more.  The resultant sketches, monologues and even pantomime style songs were a witty combination of the works of the Bard of Avon and these latter day writers – many a laugh came from the audience, and one has to admire the ability of the Louth Playgoers team to remember so many lines.  What a tour de force!

For me, it brought back many memories of English Literature studies all those very many years ago, but this was so very much more humorous and enjoyable.  Well done to the performers for a great evening which left us chuckling and looking forward to the next Monday’s final edition of the Upstart Crow himself.  Like the Chairman’s comments on the scarcity of members visiting Lincoln Uni’s Open Day recently, why do so few of our members join in our entertaining visits to the theatre?  You invariably miss out on a treat.

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