Lincoln University LiGHTS Event

A car full of members went to visit Lincoln University for the Lights research open day. It was disappointing that out of 330 members only 4 other people wanted to attend a free event.

It was largely aimed at school children so we were advised to turn up after 1 pm when the schools would be leaving. Some of the “attractions” were overblown and a little disappointing. I did like the two lecturers who were demonstrating 3D scanning and printing. They did haven’t a printer on show. I challenged them to scan my face which they amusingly did, unfortunately the scanner cannot cope with a beard or moustache so it loses a lot in translation. Maybe a death mask?

This external booth was demonstrating the way people became astronauts and the work that took place on the International Space Station.

Unfortunately we didn’t see the end because it was 6pm and time to leave. We made our way back to the car and headed for home.

As an overall showcase for the university there is room for improvement but it was a worthwhile afternoon.

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